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FFtactics- Tips

      These tips come straight from my playing tactics, so if they aren't the best, I'm to blame. Use them if you want, don't if you don't.

  1. Fight!! You need to fight to get JP and Experience! I know bar jobs are nice, but you don't get experience and I know I always get more JP in one fight than one bar job. And while waiting for your people to get back from the bar job, you'll probably get in one or two fights.
  2. Attack your own men. If you need JP and need it fast, kill all enemies but one, and make sure the last enemy has very little HP left, then start attacking each other. When people start getting low on HP, cure yourself. That gives experience and JP, too! Yes, it takes awhile, but it's a great way to go up levels FAST. Try it sometime.
  3. Keep your items. Don't go selling your weapons and armor as soon as you buy better ones. You may need them later for another Job Class, or if those dang thieves steal your armor. So keep them! After awhile you may sell them, I'm sure you'll have enough money to buy new stuff (I know I do!)
  4. Have a six man party. Have five people kick ass, and have the other one O.K. Use this person during Bar Jobs. You'll thank me when Gafgarion or some other boss kills off one of your favorite people.
  5. Do NOT add monsters to your party. All they do is reproduce! And they can't have jobs, so they aren't very good. Soon they will have reproduced so much that when you try to add people to your party they won't let you.


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