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Massage Therapy
by Ivan and Elizabeth

We are located in
Woodstock, Georgia

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What To Expect During Your Massage Session

Where will I have my
Massage Session?

Your massage will be administered in a clean, private, comfortable room in our facilities. If you prefer, we also have mobile massage available. For an extra fee (depending on distance), we can perform your massage in the comfort of your own home.

Which parts of the body are typically included
in a Massage Session?

A full body massage consists of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, chest (for men only), stomach, buttocks, legs, and feet. Before you get started, speak with your therapist about the desired outcome of your session, and let him or her know of any modifications that you would like to make.

For how long will my Massage Session last?

A full body Classical Massage lasts approximately one hour. The Relaxation Massage can extend up to 90 minutes. We also offer a half hour massage, which covers only a few areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, and head, the back, or the legs and feet.

Will anyone be in the room as I disrobe?

No. You will be given ample time to undress, comfortably position yourself on the table between the sheets, and fully relax before your therapist will enter the room.

What should I wear during my Massage Session?

Massage techniques are most effective when the client is completely unclothed, due to the benefits of enabling the circulatory system to work freely. These benefits include, but are not limited to: boosting your metabolism, stimulating your blood flow while reducing your blood pressure, and strengthening your immune system. However, as the clientís level of comfort is of utmost importance, you may choose to wear any amount of clothing that you feel appropriate. Remember that you will be modestly covered at all times during your session.

Will I be properly covered throughout my Massage Session?

During your session, you will be modestly draped with a sheet. At no time will any part of your body be exposed unnecessarily. Only the area of the body being worked upon will be uncovered.

What types of lubricants will be used?

We use massage creams that are light and easily absorbed by the skin, which leaves your skin feeling refreshed, not oily. We carry several different kinds that are used to alleviate various problems, both muscular and skeletal. Speak with your therapist beforehand and he or she will assess what will be optimal for you.

What should I do after my Massage Session?

Drink plenty of water! A good massage will release toxins stored in your muscles, and though you may feel relaxed directly following your massage, without plenty of water to wash away those toxins, you may experience soreness in your muscles the following day.

Is there any reason that I would not be a good candidate for massage?

Yes. Itís extremely important that you speak with your therapist before your session about any medical problems you are experiencing. In many cases, a message can help, but not in each case. If you are under medical care, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor before scheduling your massage session.

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