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There are many HAYES families living in the United States. Some have an English or Scots heritage, others a German heritage. My Family as many other Hays or Hayes families originated in Ireland. My HAYES ancestor came to America from Ireland about 1817. Through marriages with families that came to America as early as 1620, a unique blend of family history has been created. As you will see when you go through this history, you will find families from England, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Scotland and Norway. Descendants of all of these families are living in many areas in the United States. Some of my ancestors were Walloons, Huguenots, Palatines and Mayflower and Winthrop Fleet emigrants.


Hayes Coat of Arms


My Direct Ancestors 

My Family has ancestors from many European countries. The primary countries are the Netherlands and England. This web page contains the names of 836 persons that I have been able to identify in my direct line. The names of over 2,000 persons who immigrated to America are included in the name file. Wherever possible I have tried to provide a lineage back to an immigrant ancestor. Places of origin and the names of the ships on which they came to America will be added as I find the information. I am related to 16 persons who were on the Mayflower. In addition there is information about 28 other persons who were on the Mayflower. There were 102 persons who survived the crossing on the Mayflower. To see a table listing the persons that are included in My Families, click here. Additional material will be added the next time I update the family pages.

Click Here to List Family Names The names of all of the families that I have researched may be accessed on this page. The names are repeated in each of the 4 sections of information, Family Pages, Pedigree Pages, Notes Pages and Decadency Pages. Different information about a person is found in each section.

There are 86,380 persons listed here. When I started working on My Family about 28 years ago, I had the names of less than 1,000 persons. There are 29,302 families and 14,437 surnames listed on the website. Additional names will be added as I continue my research. The names of living persons are included, but there is not any information about them. Questions or comments are always welcome.



I have ancestors that came to America from the Netherlands as early as 1624. Some family members were living in New Amsterdam when the English took over in from the Dutch in 1664. Others lived in various counties of New York State. Some lived in the Kingston area of Ulster County. The Fort family started in Albany. There were also members of My Family who were living in Schenectady at the time of the 1690 Massacre. Other members lived in lived in Rensselaerswyck and Rensselaer County. Finally, My Hayes Family came from Ireland about 1817 and settled in Saratoga County, New York. Some members of that family later moved to Fulton County, New York. Below are links where you may find additional information about 10 of the counties in which My Family members lived.

Places Families Lived


I have summarized the Baptisms and Marriages for the persons who attended the following churches:

Albany Dutch Reformed Church


Kinderhook Reformed Church


Schenectady Reformed Church


Kingston Reformed Church




Huguenots & Walloons

There is a considerable amount of information available about the families that are a part of My Family. Included here is a little information about some of those families and where to find more information

 Mayflower and Winthrop Fleet


Mayflower Families in MY Family


Winthrop Fleet

The Winthrop Fleet left England in 1630. President John Sanford, came to America on the Lyon in 1630 as a part of the Winthrop Fleet. He was the first the President of the Rhode Island Colony. He married Bridget Hutchison in Boston, Bridget was the daughter of Ann Marbury and William Hutchison whose family was banished from the Massachusetts Colony for religious reasons in 1638.


Mayflower Passengers


I also have 16 family members who were on the Mayflower in 1620. They were the families of John Alden, Francis Eaton, Stephen Hopkins, George Soule, William Mullins and 2 children of Richard Warren. Others came to America in the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. Descendants of these families lived in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Information about the families that came from England and settled in New England may be found at: New England Genealogy or at: Mayflower




There are many families for which I need additional information to go back one or more generations. This has been caused by not having the maiden names for the wives of some ancestors, the lack of historical information or not having tried to do any European research for many of my families. Look at the names on this page and let me know if you have any information about any of these people. 




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