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Plan your Halloween route to visit all the people you know in your neighborhood. Check to see if there are any local regulations on trick-or-treating hours and leave early so you'll return before dark.

Even though an adult will be going along, put the children's names, address and phone number on their sacks-just in case.

Pick up some friends along the way to form a lively group. In between houses, you can sing Halloween songs and practice walking the way each costume character would. By adding a musical instrument to someone's Halloween character, your group can "serenade" your favorite neighbors.

So, get out and enjoy spreading the joys of Halloween. Have fun and be sure to say "thank you" to every treat-giver.

Don't forget to read and sign the contract with your parents shown below!!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!!!


This contract entitles the holder to trick-or-treat on Halloween under the following conditions:

1. Trick-or-treat with a parent or a group of friends.

2. Plan a safe trick-or-treat route.

3. WALK-don't run-from house to house.

4. Stay off the street or road.

5. Look to the right, then to the left, before crossing a street.

6. Go trick-or-treating in the early evening if possible; take a flashlight with you if it is dark.

7. Wear a costume that won't get tangled around your feet and legs. Avoid wearing a mask, which can make it hard for you to see. Instead, decorate your face with makeup or face paints.

8. Wear a light-colored costume that will be easy to see at night. Or put some reflective tape on your costume, shoes, and hat.

9. Never enter a strangers house!!!! Say "please" and "thank you" to the "treaters"!

10. Have a parent or another trustworthy adult check your treats before you eat them.

_______________________________________, pledge to have a safe and happy Halloween by practicing the safety tips listed above.

Parents: Print this Halloween contract and have your child(ren) sign it. Be sure to discuss each of the safety rules. Add your own insructions to the list as needed.

Enjoy your night of trick-or-treating!!!!

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