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Westport, nearly top of the West Coast, unspoilt small town New Zealand. Map by Travel Map by Travel

We spent Easter 2000 in Westport, and were impressed with the town - clean streets, friendly locals, and quite a few points of interest.

The road to Westport.

The overhang shown in this photo is still in existence. The road narrows to one lane before passing underneath the rock. A frightening experience for those of us used to the motorways of Auckland!

The Coaltown Museum is a must-see in Westport, with loads of information, a ship (complete with sound effects), a brewery, a coal mine, and lots more. Little known for researchers who turn up in Westport is that the town was part of the Nelson Province for a time, and so many records are held in Nelson.

Also a must-do is a trip up the coast to Karamea - small town extraordinaire! On the way, stops at the abandoned coal towns including Denniston are vital.

My links with Westport are through Henry JACOBSEN, who was the first signal-man in Westport.

The banks of the Buller River, looking towards Westport.

Henry's brother Andreas also lived and died in Westport, and is buried in the old cemetery.

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