Kitty Tease Cats in Action

       If I had saved all the testimonials I have received concerning the Kitty Tease they would reach the ceiling.  At one time I had enough pictures, that people had sent me of their cats playing with the Kitty Tease, that I could have filled several albums.  As it was I did manage to cull out 2 fat albums that I took with me when I was doing the cat show circuit.  Those albums were a hit with the people attending the cat show.  My hat goes off to the thousands of people that took the time to write me over the years.  Some of those stories made me cry but most made me laugh or smile at least.  That is one of the definite benefits of the mail order business, getting to read all those nice letters.  Here is a sample of some of the pictures that I have received.


My very special "Blue Point" (Applehead) Siamese
The very first "Kitty Tease" kitty.

This cat will wait for hours in front of the closet because it can smell the Kitty Tease in there
"Riley" from Moreno Valley, CA has his special place to take his capture.

"Morgana", New York Mills,
NY, will just not let go of the
Kitty Tease.

Between "chester" on the back and "Laser" on the post they are going to get that Kitty Tease .
"Molly Matilda" shows true concentration.  Doesn't matter what it looks like because to her it's alive.
"Chloe", Neptune, NJ is taking her "prey" upstairs to her own private spot for some finishing touches.
"Euripides, Ft. Washington, MD walking with pride with her prey.
To her its "alive" and now hers.
"Pookie" Bailey from Columbus, OH won't let a little thing like sheets get in the way of  that "Butterfly"
"Morgana" Ravay from New York Mills, NY just will not let go no matter what. Sometimes cats will even growl.
"Rocky Raccoon" from Lowell, MA.  I just had it now where did it go? Cats will play anywhere

"Miss Kitty" doesn't care at all what it looks like.  All she knows is that its alive and and trying to get away.


The NYC "Jump" champion.  Just goes to show you how mush effort a cat is willing to put out for that "bug".

"Maggie" Garcia from Baltimore  climbing the fridge after that "bug"
Linda Barry's Medford, NY cats ganging up on the Kitty Tease
"Tawny" Kvu from Alexandria, VA just will not let go.
"Purz Amanda Ann" from rochester, MI isn't through playing yet and knows where that Kitty Tease is.
The Kitty Tease is for "people" too.  Cats just naturally put on a show and enjoy showing off for you.
"Pinball" has learned to walk on the rod, which makes the "bug" move then she pounches on it.
The Tedrow cats, from Tampa, are attacking the whole thing.

Winter or not, these Maine Siamese are getting all the exercised they will ever need.

Linda Barry from Medford, NY knows how to keep her guys happy.

"Rahja" just can't jump high enough for that Kitty Tease, at least for now.
Just another 1/4 inch and its mine.

If outside cats can be fooled by the Kitty Tease somebody must be doing something right.

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