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Welcome to the "Crazy about Snowglobes"
Webring Homepage.

I am always amazed of the beautiful graphics
that are made. I have started this
webring to bring others together to share what they
have learned. And want to show off there
art. When I learned to make snowglobes a few
months ago, I didn't know they were so addicting.
Thats why I wanted to form this webring.
Because I'm Crazy about Snowglobes. Are You?
I hope that
you will want to join.

Want to join Crazy about Snowglobes Top 100

      How to Join

1.Your site must be family friendly

2.  You may join the Webring if you create snowglobes with PSP, Photo Impact or other graphic programs, or have PSP tubes or tutorials for snow-globes...

3. You must put the URL to the page the webring fragment is on..

Copy and paste the HTML fragment you receive in the mail (after you apply)  to your web page. It is important that when you put in your site URL, you put the  page the Netring will be on, otherwise it will break the ring..

* You only have 7 days to get the code up on your page,
otherwise you will be automatically removed from the
queue and will have to submit your site again
and you will be issued a new ID number.

Submit Your Site To Crazy about Snowglobes
Site Title:
Site URL:
Site Owner:
Email Address:
Site Description:

After you have added the fragment
to the site you have submitted, you can email me
Sassyand I will add you to the ring.

If Your already a Member Crazy about Snowglobes NetRing,
You May Login Below To Edit Your Site's Information such as
Title, URL, Description, Contact, Email, etc.
Ring ID:
Site ID:
Site Password:


Don't you just love them.

Wanna Join?

This Crazy About Snowglobes site owned by: Sassy.
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The globe base on my Crazy About Snowglobes
was furnished by: Silvana
Check out her site for some wonderful graphics.