Swedish Interview Part 2

Host: So Erich wants to know, who is the woman in Engel in Live aus Berlin?
Till: It’s my sister and my girlfriend too.
Christoph: ….and it’s his daughter too
Till: No – no, no – no, a joke
Host: Who is it then?
Till: We don’t really know. It was casted by a special idol we had these Walt Disney person and yeah, and some people cast her. We just talked to her two lines and that’s it. That’s the way it is if you screen this video shit.
Host: Alright, do you Schneider have a musical education?
Christoph: Not really, I’m an auto….autodidakt, I did it all by myself and we rehearse and rehearse and play and a lot of bands and….
Till: He’s a machine, he’s playing for 8, 10 hours a day, he’s really…. Host:…..like a drum machine? Till: He’s a drum machine, a drum machine yeah, you can say that.
Host: And what about your singing – are you born with that talent?
Till: Oh, I’m educated a lot (nodding) since I was born, I’m singing especially in the bath tub (laughs) Host: But you practise the drums, the whole sort of….often, …..
Christoph: Sure, I’m practising a lot and….
Host: We got a pretty serious question here from a guy who calls himself MP. What do you think about MP3 and Napster?
Till: I hate it. My opinion is, nothing is for free. It’s, I think we have to find a solution that music is not expensive as it is now but I think nothing is for free, that’s my opinion and otherwise I like the procedure – go to a record shop – buy a CD. It’s too easy, in my opinion – go home and load the stuff down and then you have to go somewhere, you have to deserve it, buy a record, stuff like that. That’s my opinion. Schneider likes the Napster stuff.
Host: You do?
Christoph: I think it’s an interesting development and I like the idea that you don’t need the music industry to distribute music. As an artist you could put your stuff on the Internet and reach the fan in a direct way and I think those technics gonna change the world and changings are always good.
Host: Maybe except for in the beginning when it’s all new, of course, for people.
Christoph: Yeah, I think the industry is gonna find a way how they can sell music, definitely, so – let’s have a bit of anarchy for a short time.
Host: So Faldar wants to know – Do you ever feel that your music and lyrics are misunderstood and if so, on what way?
Christoph: Who asked this question?
Host: Faldar…..Faldar….
Christoph: You have no idea where he’s from?
Host: No, I don’t
Christoph: Okay
Host: But do you feel you’re misunderstood sometimes?
Till: people understand the music or misunderstand it, there’s nothing between and it’s good like it is. I’m very comfortable with that. People think about music and something, how they react, yeah, some reaction comes up and that’s my intention to make music.
Host: What do you say Schneider?
Christoph: Ja…out lyrics they are very open. You could interpret them how you want and usually people doesn’t like it, they wanna have a clear thing and they wanna know – what can I think about this, what they mean. I think people have to think about our music and our lyrics.
Till: (out of shot) What the fuck….! (he’s spilled his drink)
Christoph: …and for some it’s hard to do this but it’s the way of Rammstein and we don’t care about what we’re doing (Till is pouring water into a glass next to his mike and clinking ice cubes) We like that people have to change, to react how they want………so……..sometimes, er……yeah… (Till making gurgling noises and burping into his mike)….we’ve been misunderstood…..and he’s a faggot
Till: No I’m not. No (slapping Chris)
Host: Till, what we said, what song, about the song ‘Sonne’
Till: (Into his mike) For all the girls out there, I’m not a faggot. What….?
Host: ‘Sonne’ ?
Christoph: It’s about faggots
Till: ‘Sonne’ actually was a job. There is maybe everybody knows the Klitschko Brothers, they are boxers and one of these brothers came up and, who’s idea Rammstein can make a song for march in, enter the ring and he’d like to have a song like this from Rammstein but it was done and he don’t want it anymore, so it became the fairytale, video-wise.
Host: And the video, actually we’ve got the video here for the song, so lets have a little look at it.
Till: Probably a good idea.
----‘Sonne’ video---- Host: Alright, fantastic video – ‘Sonne’, what was it like doing that video. I mean the whole thing, was it a nice experience?
Till: (nodding) Yeah.
Christoph: We had a lot of fun and it was very hard to get off the black paint, the paint, the black colour.
Till: …and we’re acting so good there. We were really good!
Host: You’re really into it. I would say you’re really in that video.
Till: We’re really proud of that video.
Host: I have some more questions from the viewers out there and Stelli wants to know – how come you chose to cover ‘Stripped’ by Depeche Mode?
Christoph: They ask it for the tribute album – Music for the Masses, Tribute to the Masses, or what was it called (looking towards Till for help) and so we were very happy and…we did the cover version
Till: We’re very proud they mention us in their autobiography, that’s the best cover version ever happened was the Rammstein.
Christoph: We are big Depeche Mode fans.
Till: Oh yeah, yes…..oh yeah, definitely.
Host:Would you say you’re even influenced a lot by Depeche Mode with the music?
Christoph: Yeah, we’re influenced from a lot of stuff, so Depeche Mode as well.
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