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Apologies for lack of updates. Have been quite busy.

Please see CSKnet to see what I've been up to.

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STI (This site) may be moving, but will definitely be having a major overhaul...

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    MAIN • What's New?

October 6th, 2003(8:41 PM)

  • Still in Singapore, since January. Still having difficulty getting my Employment Pass
  • In Singapore, loving the country
  • Project with 6 Continents Hotels cut short
  • Flew out with Mom to Portland, Oregon, to visit with my sister and her family. Have fallen in love with this city yet once again - I can do with a less rainy and a bit more warm of a climate, but overall I dig it...And am seriously considering a move up here - have even gone on several interviews...
  • Flying back to Atlanta tomorrow and then...
  • On the 8th, flying out to Singapore, to visit with Sabrina & experience the richness of the country and her many different cultures, peoples, & sights; and even hoping to land perhaps a job.
07/16/2002 (12:00 AM)

  • Online Portfolio is down...Sorry - the server went down and lost my stuff - then the Laptop fried
  • Working a short-term contract for 6 Continents Hotels
  • Found out that my friend & teacher, Allen Pittman wrote his books on Hsing-I and Bagua in the Ravinia courtyard, behind where I am currently working my contract. :)
  • Still desperately seeking a permanent job...
  • Been doing some Yoga Nidra lately.
  • After J.Read finally got his boyz together, and decided just to do vocals, they started getting serious. I'm helping out with the web part. Check it out over here.

  • Just submitted an article to an Online martial arts mag., and will be putting it up here soon.
  • The Wulin Atlanta Training Group is practicing pretty hard for Chinese New Year demonstration - coming along quite well.
  • Am trying desperately to get back on with EzGov, a company I use to work for - and am studying JavaServerPages to get in there
  • Began seriously studying the general programming language, C - which has turned out to be a very wise decision
  • The 2001 International Wushu-Kungfu Festival and Championships in Orlando, Florida, August 9 - 12 (during my birthday!) were pretty damn great! I came in 2nd place in the Chin Wu Quan, and even met some Northern Shaolin practitioners from South America. Florida was a blast too :)
  • Just got back from Shawn Liu's "Shaolin/Taiji Spirit" Tournament - Had a great time! And got to meet Master Siu-Fong Evans, who was an absolutely awesome taiji competitor!
  • Check out the What's New With Me link on my Bio. Page
  • My good friends, Jason and Shirley, got hitched! Check out their Website.
  • Check back for more updates soon!