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Last year when I took in two puny looking little
ones, I decided to experiment with mixing my own
food, and the on vitamin requirements, and the opinion
of my vet, this is what I came up with.

One 5 lb pkg of regular ferret diet (any will do, I use
Marhall Ferret mostly) One 3.5 lb bag of Kitten Chow (no fish flavor) One bag for  cat urinary tract health, usually 3.5 lbs bag and a 3.5 bag of Petsmarts Cat no hairball formula food.

Mix all together, and it makes a large bag that my
ferrets all love, and everyone I give this recipe
to, notices a difference . I noticed a week or so after
use, their coat was much shinier and softer. And they
love the taste, and in the end its cheaper and more
economical than expensive ferret foods.



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