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Conyers Ferret Referral and Information Service

Atlanta, Georgia

Heidi Brumbelow
(770) 388-7601

Please note that this site and our services are strictly a referral and information service. We have a list of both those who want to surrender ferrets, and adopt them. We will gladly set you up with one of these. Please keep this in mind. Thanks- CFRIS

My site is designed to give ferret knowledge to those who are new owners or prospective new owners. The life span of a ferret is mostly 6-7 years on average. Some have lived to beyond 10, although they are considered to be senior citizen by 5. 

They are quiet animals, and will make noises that sound like chattering and cackling, they make this sound when happy or excited, sometimes, they make a hissing sound when surprised, don't let their little sounds and noises puzzle you, it's their way of communication. 

Ferrets do have a musky odor, but with keeping their bedding clean (you can wash it with no dye and perfume detergent) and bath about once a month, more than that will activate their scent glands, and they will smell worse. You don't have to buy the expensive ferret shampoos, I recommend Baby shampoo, it works just as well. 

For the ferret diet, you can use high in fat and protein cat food, or the many ferret foods on the market, however, do not use dog or puppy food. It doesn't have taurine which ferrets need for eyes and heart health. In addition, ferrets can develop hairballs, and unlike cast, they can regurgitate them, three times a week, they need laxatone, which comes in a toothpaste tube, it lubricates their insides so they can pass the hairball, this is very important

Ferrets are much like kids, and you will have the ferret-proof their main room to play. Keep cups, rubber objects, electrical cords, foam pieces, houseplants out of reach, they can chew any area off some dangerous objects and get an intestinal obstruction requiring surgery. So please be careful, don't feed a ferret: chocolate, nuts, milk, or dairy products. They do love grapes and raisins. 

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