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The following form may be used as a guide for writing an evaluation of academic progress. Although this represents a complete evaluation, only Part 1 of this form would actually be necessary to comply with the compulsory attendance law in the state of Georgia. Since the purpose of the progress assessment is to help the parent evaluate the current year and plan for the following year, a more complete evaluation might be beneficial.

The Association would like to stress that the law does not require this evaluation to be submitted to anyone (i.e., local or state authorities) but that it is to be kept on file for three years.

Yearly Evaluation Form

  1. Briefly list (or discuss) the skills your child has demonstrated and any weaknesses shown in each area during the school year. List the principle texts or resources used, if any. You may refer to the scope and sequence charts, curriculum guide, or textbooks.
  2. You may want to list all or some of the year's field trips, write about one or more field trips, or explain how your field trips contributed to your child's overall learning experience.
  3. Relate any signs of maturation or development you observed in your child during the year. (Example - oral enunciation, self-discipline, riding a bike, skating, truthfulness, consideration, etc.)
  4. Explain how your child's thinking and reasoning skills have developed during the year. (Example - logic, cause and effect, how and why, etc.)
  5. List some books your child has read and enjoyed.
  6. Attach samples of your child's work in the basic subject areas.
  7. Note any areas that were of special interest to your child that you would like to encourage him to pursue.

Another option to this type of report would be a portfolio. In this file you can place a copy of your child's best writing for the year, any awards or certificates, evaluations from any tutors, music, art or other instructors, a current picture, detailed math, science or history projects, a running book list (with annotations by the child), pictures of your child engaging in service projects, dramatic presentation, and then add an academic work evaluation...sort of a report card, and list of the curriculum you used for the year. This seems to speak of the whole child and can be something they help develop over the course of the year.

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