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Whoever said Seek and Ye shall find was NOT a genealogist!

My name is Shannon, I live in Lilburn, Ga and this page is dedicated to all the "BRICK WALLS" out there. This site was built about 10 years ago and has since moved here Adams of Gwinnett County, GA . I will be leaving this page here so that google will pick it up, but it is not being updated, updates will be done on the new site so please join me there.

I have spent years and years beating my head against mine. It seems as though no one out there is connected to my family at all. So If anything you see connects with you in any way please contact me. The follwing picture is of Tandy Key Floyd Adams and family. It was taken in 1910 and is the oldest photo in my collection. Tandy was the grandson of Elijah Adams.

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