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This site was built about 10 years ago and has since moved here Adams of Gwinnett County, GA . I will be leaving this page here so that google will pick it up, but it is not being updated, updates will be done on the new site so please join me there.


Photos courtesy Shannon Stewart..............................................................................Photos courtesy Shannon Stewart

Grave of Elijah Adams.................................................. Grave of Amanda Adams

The inscription on Elijah's tombstone has become weathered an unreadable, but records from 2-19-1939 show it read as follows:
Was born 25th of May 1805
And died 23rd of Oct 1857
He was for sixteen years a consistent member of the M.E. Church, ever an affectionate Husband and indulgent Father. Faith was triumphant in his death, sweet is the memory of such for we know they sleep to live again

Records from May 1947 show Amanda's read as follows:
Born Oct 15, 1815 and lived a consistent member of the M.E. Church 41 years Died May 30, 1878

Once you have located an ancestors grave you may wish to do a rubbing of it. Rubbing can in some cases help you to read inscriptions which you cannot readily make out just by viewing it. Below are some guidelines to help in the process.

1. Make sure you know if the cemetery is on private property and if it is get the permission you need so no one will think you are trespassing. Also, don't try to do this a night it is possible your actions may be misconstrued by law officials.
2. Old tombstones can be delicate so be very gentle. These are loved ones of someone so treat each stone as if it were your own.
3. Make sure to gather all your materials and garbage when you are done. Also leave the stone clean.


1. Brush,it needs to be soft like a toothbrush or shoe polish brush.
2. Paper, White or rice paper works best.
3. Black or gray chalk. It can be messy but if you're careful it makes a very nice texture. Flat black crayons and rubbing wax are the most common.
4. Scissors or exacto knife.
5. Masking tape
6. Small spray bottle and a soft absorbent rag.
7. If you use chalk you will need Chalk spray. Krylon makes the best.


Once you have found a nice tombstone you need to make sure it is clean. Use the soft brush and remove dirt and debris from the surface. Be gentle, and respectful, if the it looks as if you might scratch the tombstone then move on.
After you get most of the dirt off spray it with the bottle and then wipe with the rag. Let the tombstone become perfectly dry before you go on. Cut the paper larger than the tombstone itself and wrap tightly around the stone. Tape it very securely so that it doesn't move, if the paper moves when you start rubbing you will probably have to start over.
Start rubbing on the outside edges and make yourself a frame of sorts. You don't need to rub real hard, you can always make it darker by going back over it but you can never make it lighter. You should start to see the patterns emerging at this point.
Once you have the darkness down to your liking carefully spray the paper down with the Chalk spray. Be careful not to get any on the tombstone. When it is dry you can remove it and trim it in the shape of the stone or leave a border around it. This is all there is to it. Practice with it and develop your own style.

ADAMS FAMILY BIBLE(First entry 1777)

Photos courtesy John Awbrey ........................................................................................Photos courtesy John Awbrey

Grave of William Thomas McConnell ............................................. Grave of Arminta M McConnell


Will of Amanda M Adams recorded in Book D page 191 7-3-1878
Transcribed by Shannon Stewart 3-27-1998
Georgia, Gwinnett County

I, Amanda Adams, of said state and county do make this my last will and testament.

Item 1
I direct that my body be buried at Fairview Church in said county in a decent and Christian like manner, also that my grave be plainly fixed up with Stone Mountain granite.

Item 2
I give to my son Jasper M Adams all of my worldly goods and valuables of every king whatsoever (except as herein after directed) including the rents of my dower lands out of which he shall pay my burial expenses and the fixing up of my grave as before mentioned.

Item 3
I give to my son E.D.D. Adams (note..Elija) my large famiy bible and to my daugher S.L. Cowan(note...Sarah)my gaberdine dress, my cloak and my straw bonnett and all my shoes and stockings. If my sons desire it they are each to have one of my garments to keep in remembrance of me. The balance of my clothing is to be equally divided betweeen my three daughters, S.L. Cowan, A. McConnell(note..Arminta), and M. Johnson(note..Mary).

Item 4
For sacramental purposes I give to my church, Martins Chapel my small lined table cloth.

Item 5
I hereby revoke all former wills made by me and appoint my son Jasper M executor of this my last will and testament.

Amanda M Adams (signed with an X as her mark)

signed, sealed, published, and declared by A.M. Adams as her last will and testament in our presence who signed the same as witnesses at her special instance request in her presence and in the presence of each other this 3rd August 1877.

Descendants of Elijah Adams (pg.2)
Cemeteries in Gwinnett Co (pg.5)