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Sunil Kumar:
President,Founder,Chief Instructor

Sunil began practicing and studying yoga in 1970 at the age of five.He has been teaching classes continuously to both Indian and Western students since 1982.Sunil is fluent in English and has extensive knowledge of both posture and pranayam.This includes yoga for helping bodily ailments,curing disease,improving the functioning of the organs and for achieving optimum overall health.Along with taking care of well being of the physical body (temple of the soul), Sunil also teaches Pranayam and other techniques for increasing the vital energy (Prana) in the body.In words of Kevin Brown, Australia (completed 1000hour Teacher Training Diploma Course):'Sunil is genuine,extremely amiable, honest, sincere, kind, sensitive and thoughtful.His eyes radiate love and purity and he has touched the very core of by being through example'
Training and Degrees:Year Certification in
1994 Bhartiya Yoga Education Institute, Gorakhpur
Certification:One yr. intensive course
Topics covered:Yoga asanas,Sanskrit,Hindi,Yoga Theory,Health Sciences,English
1994 Central Yoga Institute,Varanasi
Certification:Yoga Bhushan(TITLE) and Degree.One yr. intensive course
1988-1992 Benares Hindu University,Varanasi
B.A. in Psychology
1987-1994 Indian Yoga Federation,Varanasi
Degree:Six Year Iyengar Yoga Corse
1998 4 week course
at Benares Hindu University

Seminars & Programs:Year Attended as
1996-97 National Yogasana Program
All India Yoga Culture Federation-Coach
1996 Gandian Institute of Studies
Value Education Training Program- Yoga Instructor
1995-96 National Yoga Program
All India Yoga Culture Federation- Cheif Instructor
1994 20th Uttar Pradesh State Yoga Championships
Uttar Pradesh Yoga Association- Awarded First Place

Location in Varanasi Training Available In
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