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451 degrees Fahrenheit: The temperature at which paper burns. From Ray Bradbury's breakthrough novel of censorship and its eventual effects on society, Page 451 is dedicated to the protection of any and all "controversial" literature.


Our last poll had a great response. The question, asking how much censorship should be allowed in public schools, provoked 1,190 responses, a fantastic turnout. The votes were as follows:
Absolutely none: 49% (593 votes)
Only a little: 31% (377 votes)
Moderate: 14% (167 votes)
Most objectionable material: 1% (20 votes)
Any objectionable material: 2% (33 votes)

Thanks to all who participated; please take the new poll below!

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Free speech heads for the Supreme Court

The fight for online free speech goes now to the Supreme Court.
Follow the link to read about our victory and the road ahead of us.

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