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Freedom of Religion...but Freedom From Religion?

The Constitution guarentees us, as American citizens, the freedom to practice whatever religion we choose in whatever manner we choose. But are we free not to worship? Political officials are required to swear in. The Pledge of Allegiance states that we are "One nation, under God." Although we are not required to run for public office or salute our country, shouldn't the Constitution allow us these privledges without mandating that we all believe in a higher power in order to do so?

Contrary to popular belief, Americans with Atheistic beliefs are not terribly sparse; approximately 11% of Americans claim to have no religious beliefs. Although school prayer is not legal in most states, many school boards (like mine) require a thirty second Moment of Silence, which is to be used for "silent reflection." In other words, to pray.

Although we must be sure not to abolish the rights of those who do choose to worship, we must be aware that there are people who wish to worship in various ways or not at all.

E-mail me for more information on school prayer (it will be on the site soon, but it will take a while).

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