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Magdalena is back (at last)!

By mixing high balls with drop shots and relying on a powerful forehand, Magdalena Maleeva managed to destabilize her 24-year-old opponent on Sunday, depriving her at the same time from her first ever title on the WTA tour.

It seemed that Anne Kremer had done the hardest part when she took the first set, having broken at 4-3 after Maleeva had been up 40-15 on her serve. The Bulgarian quickly reacted by rapidly taking the next five games (5-0) without allowing Kremer to win a single point on her first two service games.

From then on, Magdalena Maleeva never let her opponent get back into the match by constantly keeping her under pressure. A double fault from Kremer allowed her to break serve as she was 3-2 up and cruise to victory.

"I'm very happy, but I'm exhausted. I almost feel dead", commented Magdalena Maleeva.

Many thanks go to Christophe Lepigeon for this article. Cheers mate! For more info about Maggie, please join Maggie Mail!

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