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THE Maleeva site!

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A tribute to Maggie and her wonderful career

Hi everyone and welcome to the site dedicated to the greatest family in tennis history! Maleeva fans can keep up to date with Maggie's results in the latest news section (see below) and I'll try to keep you all informed of Maggie's results etc via my Maleeva mailing list! You can find all the latest news and photo's of Maggie there. Plus there's the Maleeva newsgroup for more photo's and info! Also, please check out Maggie's new website Magdalena thanks! Anyhow, I hope to keep updating this site with the latest news and info on Maggie, so visit this site often! Sorry if some of the links on the links page are out of date, I'll attend to that in due course! But here's what this site has to offer:

I hope you all enjoy this site and will return often. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions about this site, or with questions about the Maleeva's, I'll be happy to hear from you : ) I can be contacted via Maggie Mail! Good luck Maggie and all the best!

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