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Jared & Rebeccah

If you hear music you are listening to "I Finally Found Someone". If you can not hear music click the below button entitles "I Finally Found Someone"

I Finally Found Someone

Jared & Rebeccah, April 4!

Jared & Rebeccah

Here they are in July 4, '98 in front of the Mt Timp LDS Temple!

Being Goofy on the 4th of July!!

Jared taking a nap on Becky's sweet!

Jared & Becky, April '97...a few weeks before Jared pop's the question.

Jared & Rebeccah were married August 22, 1997, in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS temple.

The Beautiful Mt. Timpanogos Temple

Jared and Becky's at the Temple on their wedding day

The Whole Family at the Temple

Another of Jared & Becky at the Temple

These are a few pictures that Highlight Becky & Jareds Reciption. It was held in UVSC's beautiful Courtyard.

(from left to right)Rachel M., Alicia, Melissa, Becky, Kara, and Rachael B. This picture was taken at Jared & Becky's reception

(from left to right)Debbi & Keith (Jared's Mother & Father), Becky & Jared, Karen & Jerry (Becky's Mother & Father)

Jared & Becky are expecting a little baby boy in February. Check out Kaelten Jared's Pooh Page by clicking here...