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Kaelten Jared

A Boy is...
Trust with dirt on his face
Beauty with a cut on his finger
Wisdom with Bubblegum in his hair
and the hope of the future....
with a frog in his pocket.

Hi there! I see you've made it to my site! Let me introduce myself I am Kaelten Jared and I am 3 years old! I was born Febuary 8, 1999. I sure am growing up quick. I am 33lbs and I am about 41 inches tall! I love ANYTHING to do with cars and trucks. In fact "car" was one of my very first words. I say so many words now, and my speech is very clear. I can say my ABC's now too! I also love sports, and I am awesome at Basketball. I usually spend my days riding my bike or scooter. Or chasing my two cats around the house. Mommy doesn't like when I do that though. I also love to watch Bob the Builder, Rolie Polie Olie, Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, PB & J Otter, and Stanley! I am defintely a boy through and through. I love getting into everything and making as many messes that I can! I am alos a great BIG brother to my baby brother Koen. I can make him laugh harder then anyone! Well thanks again for stopping by and be sure to check out my littlest brother Koen's page!