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Magic News

In the News

-5/20/98-The new Magic expansion,Exodus, will be the start of card changes. The expansion symbols on each of the cards will either be gold, silver, or bronze depending on the rarity. If the expansion symbol is gold, then the card is a rare, if it is silver, then it is an uncommon, and if bronze, then it is a common. Also near the artist's name the will be a set number for the card (like a 45/180,where the 45 is the number of the card and the 180 is the number in the set). This will help many collectors in knowing the rarity and the total cards in the set.

-7/13/98-A Magic:Unglued card set is planned to come out in August.

-7/13/98-The Next Magic expansion called Urza's Saga is said to be released in October. When the Expansion enters the tourny scene the Mirage block will be removed from T2 causing a major effect on the T2 tuornament.

-9/26/98-Its finally here! The full Urza's Saga spoiler is at . Go and check it out!

-11/11/98-Anthologies was released a few weeks ago. Click Here for the card list.

-11/11/98-New Urza's Legacy info. Go to Mtgnews UL info for more about the sequel to Urza's Saga.

-12/18/98-Tolarian Academy and Windfall were banned as of Dec. 1st, meaning the Academy whiners are happy and the Academy players are whining.

-1/4/98-Urza's Legacy will be released in Febuary.

-1/5/99-Sixth Edition will bring some rules changes to Magic. Some of these include:
*The removal of interrupts, making all former interrupts instants.
*Normally functioning tapped artifacts, killing the winter orb combo.
*No damage prevention phase, but you'll still be able to prevent damage.
*Changes in the mana pool, like you'll now be able to play a spell and then tap your lands for it.

-1/5/99-Coming this spring, the first line of Magic action figures will appear. The first line will include a Serra Angel, a Talruum Minotaur, and an Orgg. The toys will be made from the makers of the Duke Nukem toys.

-2/9/99-Full Urza's Legacy Spoiler! Check it out here.

-2/9/99-Urza's Destiny info is already out!

-4/20/99-Full 6th edition spoiler revealed! Check it out here.

-5/20/99-Check here for a partial Urza's Destiny Spoiler!

-5/26/99-Full Urza's Destiny spoiler available! Check it out here.

-7/10/99-WOtC is now jacking the price of boster packs from $2.99 to $3.29, starting with the next expansion: Mercadian Masques

-9/10/99-WOTC is sold to Hasbro(the toy company) for $325 mil. Click here for press release.

-9/25/99-Almost full Mercadian Masques spoiler! Check it out here.

-10/9/99-MM is out! Full spoiler in cardlist section!

-11/7/99-Nemesis cards already! Check it out right herehere!

-12/28/99-More Nemesis Cards.

-1/23/00-Full Nemesis Spoiler. Just click here.

-4/22/00-Here is some info on the new set Prophecy.

-4/27/00-Here is some info on new Prophecy cards.

-5/4/00-Prophecy Spoiler. Check it out!

-9/16/00-The Invasion Spoiler in in. Check it out Here.


Thanks to:Mtgnews, Inquest, Top Deck, and anyone else who helped.