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Adam's Magic Library

This is a page that has plenty of information on Magic: The Gathering. On below pages you will find spoilers, decks, webrings for other Magic pages, and more. I hope you enjoy this page.

-News-Torment is out. I added spoiler and checklist to the cardlist section. Also, I need to start adding more new stuff, so if you got a good writing ability and you want to say something about magic, email me an article. If its good I'll post it and even put a link to your site below your article.

Table of Contents

  • What is Magic?
  • The Colors of Magic
  • News
  • Decks
  • Combos/Strategy
  • Magic Cardlists
  • Apprentice 32
  • The History of Magic
  • Magic Slang
  • Card Orgins
  • Card History
  • Links
  • Webrings

    Confused about what a card does? Write the card name here and you'll see the color, casting cost, and all the text on the card!

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