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Magic Slang

So you go to a local tournament to play and in the middle of your game your opponent says "I'll burn you 8". You stare at his and you say "WHAT??" Well now you won't be so confused because I have provided you with MAGIC SLANG.
General Slang

COP-Circle of Protection. As in Circle of Protection:Black

Burn-A direct damage spell. As in Fireball.

Combo-A combination. Which is a multi amount of cards(mainly two)used together for a certain purpose.

Power Nine-The powerful out of print cards. These are the Black Lotus, all the moxes, Timetwister, Ancestrall Recall, and Time Walk.

OOP-Out Of Print. Cards that are not printed anymore

Spoiler-A greatly powerful card with a good casting cost

Pump-To increase a creatures toughness or power

Weenie-A small creature. Like a 1/1 or a 1/2.

Mill-A card that puts cards from a players library into their graveyard. Like a Millstone.

Cantrip-A card that lets you draw another card along when u cast it.

Fattie-A large creature. Like a 4/5 or a 7/7.

Pitch-Spells-A spell that can be cast for free if the caster does an ability required by the card. An example is the powerful blue card called Force of Will.

Proxy-A card that is written on(usually a land) to replace another card. This is usually only used if the player does not want to damage a rare card.they own.

Specific Cards

Hippy-Hypnotic Specter

Mox Monkey-Gorilla Shaman

Mana Bird-Birds of Paradise

Blinky-Blinking Spirit

Fat Moti-Mahamoti Djinn

Tim-Prodigal Sorcerer

The Book-Jayemdae Tome

Mana Elf-Llanowar Elf or Fyndhorn Elf

Sara-Serra Angel

Sex Monkey-Uktabi Orangutan

Academy-Tolarian Academy

Bob-Beast of Burden

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