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Card orgins

Have you ever wondered what the orgins of certain card were? On this page you will see where some card's names come from.

-The Moxes-The word mox is Latin for soon. So the Moxes were probaly named this because of the mana they get soon, hence the name.

-Candelabra of Tawnos-Well the picture gives it away. Candelabra comes from the Latin word candelabrum which means candelabrum or candle stand.

-Library of Alexandria-Ah the Library. Alaexandria was an ancient Egyptian city. Named after Alexander the Great it became an important city. In this city was the great Library of Alexandria which held a plethora of information. The Library is considered of one the ancient wonders of the world.

-Pestilence-This name also comes from a Latin word. The word is pestilentia which means plague.

-Sol Ring-Sol is Latin for sun. So this is the sun ring.

-Consecrate Land-Again another Lain word consecrate come form the latin word consecrare which means to dedicate. So this card means Dedicated Land.

-Simulacrum-comes from the Latin word simulare which means to pretend.

-Clockwork Avian-Avium is the Latin word for bird. So this is the Clockwork Bird.

-Tithe-Tithe is a term used that came from in the Middle Ages when the church took one tenth of a persons income.