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This is my first homepage, and it will always be under construction, so bear with me while I get the bugs worked out and keep coming back for new and exciting developments.

The purpose of this homepage is to share with the net a few of my favorite things.... I have a quotes page, a links page, a Latin page, a page of philosophy and poetry, an Arthurian legend page, an Arthurian legend People and Footnotes page, a page devoted to all of the books that I have read, a Spanish page, a page devoted to the novella that I have written, my First Oration Against Fate, a tetralogy of pages devoted to the semi-serious nature of virtual particles, a Virtual Hades, a page where I publish my short stories, my high school valedictory, a page about the Junior Classical League, a page of quotes from Greek class, a page of quotes from Latin class, and of course, a dragon page to explain the domain name of this homepage.

So, enjoy the site and e-mail with ideas, suggestions, etc.

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