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My Collection of Terrible MIDI songs

Here we go. This is a start to my collection of crappy midi songs. I just quickly whipped this up, its nothing fantastic yet. Have a listen to the songs and have a laugh.

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Here is my collection

Doctor Worm

Someones pathetic version of the TMBG song. I made better music on my Granny's hammond organ when I was 3 years old.

Smoke on the water

A bizarre version of the golden oldie.


Space Quest 1 Theme
A sickening 'jazzed up' version of the theme for Space Quest 1. Get ready to cringe.


You Give Love a Bad Name

Gee, Bon Jovi is bad enough. But this is AWFUL. Whoever made this CANNOT keep time!

The Safety Dance

Another song where the person has all the time keeping skills of a slug. And why would anyone want to make a MIDI of this song?!


Who's the Boss Theme

I'm not going to even bother.