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Cats Bum

<<< A page designed to laugh at other peoples expense... >>>

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NOTE: For those of you who actually come here regularly, let it be known that I will be doing a complete overhaul of this site in the near future.



While you're here, come check out my
Collection of Terrible MIDI's page!

The purpose of this page is so that I can basically make fun of people and things I find all over the net. I am an argumentative antagonistic little s*%t, so I'll warn you now.... If you are a trendy geek, a feral yobbo, a conservative politician or a christian fundamentalist of any kind, its probably not in your best interests to stick around, as people like you are my favourite target.

I am also very immature, so its probably not a good idea to try rational argument with me, because the typical response you'll get will be something like GET STUFFED POO POO HEAD!

Here's an overview of what you will find on my site...

  • Introduction page - Nothing special, not worth reading so don't bother. Wasted bandwidth.
  • About me (and more) - Another self indulgent 'about me' page. Anyway, it's a boring and embarrassing read so stay away, unless you want to know about everything that I hate.
  • Starflight game - an old fav game that I played long long ago. I thought I'd write something about it, not that anyone who never played starflight will actually read it.
  • Jokes - really dumb jokes, Why not. You never know, you may actually laugh at them. I did, which says something disturbing about my personality.
  • Worst Internet sites - this is my favourite and the reason I made this website in the first place. My father, friends and I like to explore the Internet and look for people we can give s@$t and here is a list of some places I particularly like. You'll laugh your head off, I promise!
  • Worst MIDI - As a crappy musician, I can really appreciate the bad MIDI file. I love to find songs that are so incredibly stupid that it makes me appear like a really talented musician. These MIDI's really SUCK!
  • Sensible Links - Well, you know....., sooooooo




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Date Last Modified: 12/1/98
Don't mail me if you have anything that ISN'T juvenile to say... Onlystupidity on this page and mailing address thankyou....

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