Welcome to The Buffy/Angel Gallery. The gallery contains a little bit of everything. If you like great pics, fanfics, fan art, link libraries, and cool character related web-cliques, then this is the place for you! Just see for yourself . . .

Welcome to The Buffy/Angel Gallery!


LAST UPDATED January 11, 2003

I've been having some problems lately with this site, I lost alot of files and emails, so please read the above notice if you have any questions/problems. Thanks! Now accepting new members in ALL cliques, so if you have your own BtVS or Angel website please join. Awards section is now open, nominate your site today! New Add-A-Link form. Add your link today . . . We have a new quiz site that is now open, Lucky 19! For the latest updates just go [here]
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More great pics, fics, & more . . . I'm making some quizes, so look for them soon!
Welcome to The Buffy/Angel Gallery!

NOTE TO VISITORS: sometimes certain images have trouble loading, so if an image dosn't come up please hit refresh to view them . . . there are NO broken links/missing images. Please sign the guestbook while you're here too. Thanks!
So look around and check back often . . . Happy

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