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The Anglican Episcopal Church in the United Kingdom

What are we?

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About the Anglican Church Inc.
Declaration of Principles
The Book of Common Prayer 1662.
The Proposed Book of Common Prayer of 1928.
The Order of Holy Communion, or Mass 1549.
Project Canterbury

The Anglican Episcopal Church is the UK branch of the Anglican Church, Inc.

It was founded in 1996 to provide a home for orthodoxy Anglicans disenfranchised by the changes within the Church of England. In Churchmanship the AEC is very varied but strictly Prayer Book in its inspiration, and expression. Everyone who is commited to the cause of Traditional Anglicanism is welcome to join us, and to take their part in the ministry and mission of the Church.

The Book of Common Prayer 1662 and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion are our doctrinal standards. The 1549 Order of Holy Communion and 1928 Prayer Book are also authorized for use, and 'An English Prayer Book' (which is best describes as a modern language 1662 Prayer Book) may be used with the permission of the ordinary where pastoral needs dictate.

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