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Best lil' Awards Ring on the Net

This Awards Ring has a panel of 5 judges (3 women and 2 men) that evaluates sites based on creativity, design, spelling, graphics, content and layout. There are four awards: Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze that we award to sites meeting our criteria. Your Site will receive one of theses awards if you are added to the Ring. We will also have a monthly Superior Award of Excellence for a site deemed best of the ring! Plus a Top Site Award for the site that recruits the most new members, which will be awarded monthly also! Important: see General Requirements below!

Best lil' Awards Ring on the Net
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Best lil' Awards Ring on the Net
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General Requirements

  1. Personal Sites only and in English or an English version. Grammar and spelling MUST be correct.

  2. We do not accept sites that have vulgar language, nudity or are not acceptable for family viewing.

  3. You must have an Award Program

  4. If you are admitted to the ring and your award is not rated, you MUST submit your site to Focus Associates for a rating!

  5. If the HTML fragment is not placed on your Awards Page you must provide a link from that page to your Awards Page, NO exceptions!

  6. When you submit your site all 5 of our judges will visit your site to evaluate it. If for some reason you are not added you will receive a detailed explanation as to why not.

  7. Your site MUST be more than links, a line up of photo's or click to graphics.

  8. If you are using someone else's graphics you must give credit to them. Graphics must be uploaded to your own site. Bandwidth theft will not be allowed or awarded.

  9. ALL links MUST work and it would be nice if your site offered a frames-no frames choice.

  10. Your Site should be nicely designed and easy to navigate.

  11. Your contents should be plentiful and interesting to read. Your graphics should be of good quality. Your pages should load in a reasonable time.

  12. Show creativity in your contents and graphics.

  13. If signing your guestbook is a requirement for winning your award you are NOT going to be admitted into this ring or win an award.

  14. If in winning your award it states that you will not evaluate or award a site that has music, you WILL NOT be admitted to this Ring or receive an award.

  15. We are looking for very special and exceptional sites and only those deemed so will be admitted to this ring or win an award.

  16. Anyone admitted to this ring that is found to be racist or bigoted WILL be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!

  17. Anyone admitted to this ring that has a problem with another member should bring it to the attention of the judges panel ASAP. Any members found to be rude or disrespectful to another member WILL be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.

  18. If you receive an invitation from any of the judges to join please consider it an invitation to join the best on the net!

  19. The decision of the judges panel on any matter is FINAL and can not be disputed. If you disagree with the decision please do the polite thing and withdraw from the Ring.

  20. This Ring is being created for the best of the best and that not only includes your site but how you conduct yourself as a person. If you think you are a better person and can be rude and demand more because you have a higher rated award you are dead wrong, because you are not wanted in this Ring with that attitude and such actions will cause you to be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! We want the best sites created by the best people that can conduct themselves in a professional manner at ALL times! Truly the best of the best!

  21. Admitting you into the Ring in no way means that we support or agree with the content of your site!

This award is only for sites that are within our Webring. It's to be voted on by site members only and given to the best site in the ring on a monthly basis.

This award is also only for sites that are within our Webring. It will be awarded to the site that recruits the most new members to the ring during the applicable month.

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