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Gohan's DBZ page

IMPORTANT!: I've decided to no longer update this page. I may update it some but not often. Last updated: Febuary 17, 1998 at 7:56 am EST

Dragon Ball Z Started out as a manga but has climbed far beyond. It's anime,video games,music CDs,toys,books,scrolls,13 movies and one of the,no perhaps THE most popular anime of all time! Akira Toyama really made a good descion when he made super saiyajin 2 and Gokou turning SS3. Their are countless things that make Dragon Ball Z my favorite anime! Some are the things like the Freeza and Buu Saga. This picture shows all the saiyajins up to the Cell saga (also Piccolo)

DBZ's popularity is astounding! I can't wait for the second season My favorite saga is the Cell Saga. Well I must go. Be sure to visit my image arcive and Metal Fighter Miku fanfic. (more coming soon!)

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