Metal Fighter Miku
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Metal Fighter Miku

Chapter 1
Lights of all colors flashed across the Tokyo Big Dome. The crowd cheered anxiously.

announcer: It's time for both teams to enter the ring!

The eliminators wore green armor and had brutal and cheap tricks up their sleeve. The first eliminator, destroyer entered the ring.

announcer: Metal suits, put on!

The Pretty four jumped up and put on their Metal Suits. Sayaka enters the ring. *The bell rings* Destroyer tried to throw a brutal but slow punch, but Sayaka easily ducked under it and used a piledriver. Destroyers energy and damage went down about a third.

announcer: The destroyer tags over to dominator!

Pretty Sayaka dodged a kick attempted by dominator, and tried to uppercut dominator as a counter move, but dominator moved and used a high knee to the abdomen. Sayaka went down.

announcer: Pretty Sayaka is out of breath! Will she be able to recover in time!?

Dominator tried to pin Sayaka but only got to a 2 count before Sayaka forced her off. Sayaka tagged in Pretty Nana. Nana jumped up and used her weak point search. her weak point was her head. Nana grinned. (I have a chance to test my new special move) Nana flipped towards her.

Nana: "Nana lightning kick!"

Nana got in a low air kick position and electricity formed around her Metal Suit, then the kick hit dominator and the electricity shocked her and threw her into the turnbuckle. Her energy bar went down to only a little energy left.

announcer: Nana hits her with a new special move! Dominator trades off with the Eliminator herself!

Nana tried to find her weak point. it was her left hip. Nana attempted to hit her with a blazing kick to her left hip but Eliminator dodged, grabbed Nana's foot, picked her up by it and threw her down on her head.

announcer: Oh! Pretty Nana is in big trouble!

Miku: Nana-chan!

Before Eliminator could attack again Nana tagged off with Pretty Miku.

announcer: Pretty Nana tags off to the Neo-Pro Wrestling Queen, Pretty Miku!

She entered the ring and charged at eliminator. Eliminator shot a rocket fist at her Miku jumped above it. Eliminator shot 3 more Miku moved out of the way of all of them. She moved so fast that Eliminator couldn’t see her. She stopped behind her.

Miku: Miku Invincible backdrop!

Miku slammed her on the matt. Her energy bar was out! *bell rings*

announcer: The winners of the match, The Pretty Four!

_______________________________________________________ *T.V goes off* It is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine: (Pretty Miku, I will regain my championship belt. But first I must defeat Yohko Shibano. Sapphire, prepare yourself!)

_______________________________________________________ The next day in the Neo Budokan....

announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen its time for Sapphire’s one-on-one match with The Star wolves, Hime Pegus.

Sapphire: (Pretty Miku, I will defeat you after I take care of Aquamarine. Hime Pegus is no challenge at all. Perhaps....she’ll suprise me and put up a little fight)

Sapphire grinned evilly* *bell rings* Hime started throwing her killer claw at Sapphire. yet, Sapphire easily was dodging all her attacks. Sapphire finally got tired of it.

Sapphire: This is Pathetic childsplay.

Hime: Shut up and fight me damn you!

*Sapphire laughs*

Sapphire: As you wish.

*still chuckling evilly* Sapphire dodged a punch and grabbed her.


Sapphire started spinning as if she was going to do the moon light hurricane but jumped up and brought a upside down spinning Hime down hard. Sapphire pinned Hime.

computer referee: 1.......2......3!!!

announcer: Incredible ladies and gentlemen! You saw it with your own eyes! Pegus Hime didn’t even hit Sapphire!!! _______________________________________________________ Somewhere in the crowd.....

Ginko: She’s gotten even better.

Sayaka: She’s at least twice as strong. Hime’s energy bar was almost totally out in one move.

Nana: Miku.... are you sure you can handle her if she beats Aquamarine?

Miku: I think so Nana-chan.....

Ginko: Aquamarine’s next match will be soon. Miku, you'd better train hard.

Sayaka: Ginko, don't worry about Aquamarine, we need to concentrate on our match.

Miku: .......I guess.

Nana: Miku snap out of it. You seem like your in another world. Don’t worry, remember what you say, *in a Miku impersonation voice* All you need to beat anyone is hard work, or in other words just train hard.

Miku: Yeah, your right Nana, The Pretty Four will take down anyone in their way!

Ginko: Sayaka don’t worry about our next match. it’s a match with The Lady Ninjas. We’ve beat them when we weren’t very good, their no problem.

Sayaka: Have you forgotten Ginko? We beat them in a city brawl. We don’t know how good they are in the ring.

Ginko: Yeah in the city battle they ambushed us and had an advantage and we still won. Either way I guess we shouldn’t underestimate them.

Miku: Yeah, Underestimating someone can cost you the match. Anyway, lets go guys. ______________________________________________________

Ch.2 coming soon!


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