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Site Name: Kane-UnMaskeD
Site Born: April 12, 2004
Webbie: Jack W.

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Journey Into Darkness:
The Unauthorized History of Kane

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September 7, 2005

Journey Into Darkness:
The Unauthorized History of Kane

Kane has always been a dark, complex, and haunted man, and fans have always been drawn to him. They have wondered what
caused his pain and suffering. What was his motivation? Instead of basking in the glow of the spotlight, Kane has shunned attention. Kane did not utter a single word for the first years of his career. In a time when Superstars scream for attention, he drew in the masses with only his presence. Journey Into Darkness is the story of a boy who suffers an unspeakable childhood tragedy, losing his family in a fiery blaze. This left him alone and at the mercy of strangers, who whispered about this friendless child who must be cursed. Follow Kane into a terrifying place that few would dare to go -- his life
Kane's new book is now available at book stores &
Augest 17, 2005

Kane-UnMaskeD is Forever Champs's site of the month! Thanks to Ruby for this wonderful & Honorable Award ^^ Also added new Wallpaper & 2 new afiliates

- Beautyqueenmaria
Augest 1, 2005

Few weeks ago Edge beated kane in a Steel Cage match on Raw thanks to his briefcase. This past Monday, Edge once again defeated The Big Red Machine courtesy... of the Briefcase! Well this Edge/Kane feud ever end... and how would it end...
July 4, 2005

    Kane and Edge had one hell of a match at Vengance in Los Vegas CA. During the match Snitsky tried to screw Kane over by interfaring but the big red machine somehow over came the obstacles and beated Edge 1,2,3 after dodging a knockout blow from Edge's briefcase that ended up hitting Snitsky and then the monster connected the the finishing chokeslam.
By the way, happy July 4th Independance Day!

- Vengance Caps
June 29, 2005

    Edge and Lita were supposed to get married on RAW. While the priest was finishing up the wedding vows, Kane popped his head up threw the mat and grabbed Lita's leg and the wedding became hell. Kane was about to slam Lita threw the mat but Edge saved her and carried Lita up the ramp. Kane then trashed the wedding set and helped the priest on his feet to only Tombstone him as a messege to Lita and Edge. The Big Red Machine had a mic and delivered this messege...
"Edge, Lita, I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

- Raw Caps

Vengance Caps Soon...
June 13, 2005

    Last week Kane was suppose to have a match to get things off his mind but was interupted by none other than Edge. The match is set, at Vengance it's going to be Edge vs Kane in Los Vegas. But this week on Raw Kane had a match with Sylvain Grenier and unleashed some of his anger with 3 chokeslams before pinning the Quebec boy. Before Kane can set the pyros off, Lita came out and called out Snitsky and says it really wasn't all his fault, it was Kane's fault. Lita then brings out Edge and said instead of waiting, they are going to get married next week on Raw for the whole world to see.
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June 2, 2005

    It was another painful ending for Kane. His wife Lita wants a divorce. Not just that, the Big Red Machine had to witness their wedding ring (that Kane gave to Lita) flushed down the toilet. Somehow Kane had the strength to keep all that anger and pain inside of him, but for how long? Sooner or later the monster will snap and hell will unleash. Lita and Edge will regret messing with the devil.
- Raw Caps
May 21, 2005

    Last Monday was the final match of the Gold Rush tournament. The winner gets a shot at the World heavyweight Championship the following week. It was a tragic ending for the big red machine. Lita screwed her own husband up by causing him the match and a shot at the title. Not just that, Lita and Edge disgustingly kissed on the stage.

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May 13, 2005

    This past week on raw Kane advances in the Gold Rush
tournament after beating Chris Benoit 1-2-3. Next week it will be the match that determines who will be the No.1 contender for the World Heavyweight Champion. Kane's next opponent is none other than 'Mr.Money in The Bank' Edge.

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May 4, 2005

Eric Bishoff announced that there will be a tournament which he calls "Gold Rush". It just happens that Christian was lucky enough to be in the tournament. But unfortunately, his first opponent was none other than the 7-foot tall Monster, Kane! Christian's chance at becoming the World Heavyweight champion went down the drain as he fell victim to the Chokeslam from hell.
April 26, 2005

Today is Kane's 38th birthday

April 22, 2005
During Raw this past week, Lita was confronting Trish and said "Payback is a bitch". Once again, Lita sends Kane to do her dirty job. But things turned out not what we expected. Viscera came out and was attacking Kane on the ramp when Trish was running for her life. Viscera took the fight into the ring and gave the monster a huge Samoan Drop followed by a 480 pound+ Big Splash.
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April 12, 2005

Today is the website's one year anniversary. Thank-you to all you wonderful fans who are the reason why Kane-UnMaskeD is still going...Thank-You...and don't forget Glen Jacobs's birthday is coming up April the 26th!!! Also Happy Birthday to Amy Christine Dumas/Lita. Her birthday is on April 14th.

A Sweet RAW Moment...
April 9, 2005

Wrestlemania 21 was one hell of an event! The 6 men ladder match was one of the most exciting match on the card. Edge walked out the winner after pulling down the briefcase from above and earned a title shot that he can have anytime he wants up to Wrestlemania 22. Speaking of Wrestlemania 22, it's going to be live in Chicago next year!

Thanks to all those fantastic and wonderful fans that wanted me to update the site. I thought of maybe closing down the site. It is still here because of the dedicated fans!
Also added brand new affiliates... some great websites that you should check out.
Raw Caps
March 15, 2005

After beating both Christian + Tyson Tomko in single matches, Kane was put in a handicap match against both superstars. Tyson Tomko was put away with a chokeslam after Christian cowardly walked up the ramp. When the match was over, Christian ran back down to ringside and pulled out a ladder from under the ring but then dropped it and ran back up the ramp when he saw Kane coming towards him. Kane then got in the ring with the ladder and gave Tomko a shot to the head just like Tomko did to him last week. Later on during the show, Gean Snitsky told Lita that he's going to finish what he started with her. After Evolution interfered in the Snistky Batista match, Kane came down and helped Batista cleared the ring of Evolution. It was at this point that Triple H told Batista who his opponent will be for next week. It was the man standing behind him, Kane! Next week, "The Animal v.s The Monster". Should be an interesting match as two of the most powerful men in WWE go at it.
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