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Part 7

Xander woke slowly reaching out with his senses so he could check everything was fine, frowning when he heard his counterpart, Spike and Angelus arguing. Knowing it was probably a bad idea, he got out of bed with a sigh.

He asked with a groan, “What’s wrong now?”

Not wanting the man he was becoming attached to leave Spike said quickly, “Xander tell this lot of fucking idiots that you’re not going to leave. Tell them you don’t want to go back with them.”

“What are you talking about Fangless?” Xander asked with a muffled yawn.

Lex looked at his mate before saying, “We were going to ask you once you were properly awake, if you would consider coming back to our dimension with us. You would be treated with respect there and our family would welcome you openly.”

Shocked Xander could only whisper, “Can I have some time to think about it? It’s a big move and I wouldn’t be able to come back.”

Angelus nodded, “Of course, Alex. We are leaving at 11 p.m. We need your answer by 9 p.m. tonight so we can prepare everything.”

“You will have it.” Xander promised honestly.

Angel paced around the mansion for a couple of minutes before deciding to make sure Xander didn’t leave him. Thankfully he could pretty much get everywhere thanks to the sewers running under the town. All he had to do was make sure he ended up close to the mortal’s location.

Looking at his watch the vampire noticed that it was almost noon, meaning it was too dangerous for him to move now. He would have to wait and bide his time, just as Angel had finished practising what he was going to say there was a loud knock on the door.

“Angel?” Cordelia questioned as she walked inside the dark mansion worried because she hadn’t heard from the vampire.

“I’m here. What’s wrong?”

Cordelia said with an arched eyebrow at his depressed tone, “Nothing but we’re a little worried about you. What’s happened?”

“Xander might be leaving.” Angel said gently.

“He’s going on another road trip?”

Angel said with a wry laugh, “Not quite. He’s been invited to go to the other dimension, apparently Lex and Angelus want him to join them.”

“We have to stop them from taking him.”

Angel nodded, “That’s what I’m thinking about. He’s got nothing to keep him here really, and he cares for Angelus.”

“When is he leaving?”

The vampire shrugged, “No idea but I’m going to stop him. He’s not leaving me.”

“What did you mean by that? You sound like a jilted lover.” Cordelia said with a laugh.

Angel smiled, “Not too far from the truth, actually. I love him.”

Cordelia backed up in worry, “Oh. Should I worry about Angelus getting lose?”

Angel shook his head, “No. There’s so much I have done in the past that I’ll never achieve total happiness.”

Angelus questioned with a smile, “Have you come to a decision?”

“Yes. I’ll come with you.” Xander said with a small nod.

Lex nodded having suspected the decision the mortal would make, “Okay, I’ll let the others know. You won’t regret this, we will make sure you are truly happy. You might even take a liking to one of the people we’ve recently brought into our family.”

“You’re setting me up already?” Xander said in amazement.

Lex grinned, “Why not? You are more than welcome to join Lus and I, if you want. We honestly care for you, we wouldn’t ask you to come with us if we didn’t. Why would we ask someone to come with us that we hate?”

Xander smiled, “I know that you care about me, but it wouldn’t feel right to interfere in your relationship. I can see you two belong together. I only wish I had someone who loved me as much as you love each other.”

“We might have to move the little plan up, unless you want to explain everything to the rest of the White Hats.”

Xander said thoughtfully, “They wouldn’t understand. Spike is going to take it hard, that’s why I’m not telling him. I’ll leave a note for everyone.” Angelus nodded in understanding, “That’s your choice. We’ll leave at exactly one hour after.”

Looking at his bedroom where Spike was currently sulking with Sex Pistols playing loudly Xander nodded, “I’ll be ready. Can I take some bags with me? I’ll ask Spike to go out and pick up some blood for you so he’s out the way.”

“Only one and it can’t be too heavy.” Wesley said as he walked into the room.

Xander nodded before disappearing to pack his bag, there wasn’t much he wanted to take with him but he wanted to be ready. They couldn’t afford to be late, he didn’t want to have to explain his decision to the others. It would take too long and he wasn’t sure they would believe he had made the decision to leave of his own free will.

“Everyone stand in the circle.” Wesley instructed before he stepped inside himself. They were holding the ritual in Xander’s bedroom which they had locked as a precaution. If the spell was interrupted it could kill all of them, so they had to be careful.

Xander picked up his bag and placed a box of letters on his bed. He felt a little sad at what he was doing to the others but he honestly felt it was the right thing to do. He had no real ties in this reality, there was no significant other and most of his friends would ignore him.

The only problem was that Spike could get dusted so Xander had left a letter detailing how to remove the chip, along with an address for Spike to go to. He was sure that his ex-lover could make sure Spike would be safe, Lindsey had promised to always do anything Xander asked of him. Just as Wesley started the spell there was the unmistakable sound of howling just outside the bedroom door. Xander stiffened when the door flew open to reveal a very angry large demon covered in fur with an eye on its forehead.

As the demon spotted him it spoke, “Xander Harris, you are the one I seek. You are the one who I must return to my master.”

Realising the others wouldn’t be able to leave if the demon broke the circle, Xander jumped out of the circle just before Wesley started chanting. His double held out a hand towards him but Xander ignored it as he battled the demon, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck go up as the vampires in the circle disappeared in a flash of light.

Remembering the demon could only be killed by iron piercing its heart, which was located just above its stomach in its side, Xander reached out and grabbed the nearest sword. Seeing him the demon jumped on top of him, sensing the end was near Xander moved so that the knife was sticking in the demon’s side just as the creature ripped into his stomach.

It was to this scene that Angel walked in, blood pooling underneath Xander and the demon. Without having to look the vampire knew who most of the blood belonged to, just as he knew Xander was dying.

Kneeling next to the mortal he said, “Oh god, Xander. I don’t want you to leave, that’s why I came over.”

“T…turn me.” Xander pleaded, eyes shining.

Angel shouted in a mix of anger and shock that Xander could ask that of him, “NO!”

“Demon’s master will open Hellmouth.”

“That’s no reason for me to turn you.”

“I need to tell the others. You turn me and I can.”

Angel said desperately, “Xander, I can’t. I’m not going to condemn you to an existence like mine. You don’t deserve it.”

Xander shook his head his voice trailing off, “Have to tell them. Its my duty. I have to save my Pack.”

Angel could understand where Xander was coming from as both a friend and a fellow fighter for the forces of good. The only problem was that he knew he wouldn’t be able to stake Xander, just as he knew what kind of vampire the man could become, thanks to Lex’s visit from the other dimension.

“There’s no time to explain everything. Turn me.”

Angel nodded reluctantly before gently kissing the mortal, taking in Xander’s life’s blood. When Xander reached the threshold between life and death, the vampire bit into his wrist and offered it to Xander. For a second he thought the human was one of those few who resisted at the last minute, who died in slow agony.

Suddenly he felt it, the unmistakable feeling of Xander sucking hungrily at his wrist, taking his blood and accepting the inevitable change. When Xander had taken enough to turn him the vampire pulled his wrist from Xander’s mouth. He sat waiting in a mixture of fear and anxiety for the mortal Alexander Harris to die and the immortal life of Xander Harris to begin.

Almost an hour later, Angel felt it. The hum along his spine that spoke of his childe awakening, he looked down at Xander in worry. He had never known of a vampire to wake so soon, it was a worrying sign. It meant that his fears were well founded, his childe was indeed going to be a very strong vampire, one who would terrify continents of mortals and demons alike if he turned to evil.

Xander opened his eyes and looked at his Sire adoringly, this was the one he belonged to, who was the beginning and end of his world. He purred as his Sire smiled at him, he tried to focus on what the older vampire was talking about but the hunger was too distracting.

“Xander, how are you feeling?” Angel asked worriedly as he searched his childe’s face for clues.

Xander smiled at the centre of his universe, “I feel good, free. I…I’m hungry.”

“I know. Come with me and we can go back to my mansion. I have blood there.”

Xander sneered, “I will not drink blood from a bag! It is below those of our line!”

“Childe! You will not contest me on this matter. You will do as I say!” Angel shouted in a mixture of shock and regret. What had he done? Xander Harris was gone, ripped away and destroyed by the demon inhabiting Xander’s body.

Xander snarled as he realised how weak his sire was, he wouldn’t allow his Sire to live in such terrible conditions. He would have to bring his Sire what he deserved, a young human to feed on and use as he choose. His Sire’s actions weren’t his own, he knew that his Sire was at the mercy of the guilt-ridden soul. If his Sire’s actions were his own, they would have gone out hunting together and shared everything as was the custom between Sire and Childe

With that thought in his mind, Xander changed into his demon visage before regretfully pushing his Sire. He was care to only use enough force to push the other vampire away. He wouldn’t hurt his Sire, when the vampire was in such a weak condition, poisoned by the soul.

“WAIT!” Angel shouted in anger as he watched the vampire get run out the door. He chased Xander as quickly as possible. He got outside just before Xander was about to turn the corner; thinking quickly Angel shouted, “Childe, come back! I order you to come back.”

“I’ll be back, Sire. I’ll make you strong again.” Xander promised his eyes flashing gold before changing into a bright green. He then ran off into the night, knowing he couldn’t return until he had the means to make his Sire how he was supposed to be.

After Xander had disappeared Angel whispered, “That’s what I’m afraid of, Xan. If only you knew how easy it would be to become what you need.”

End Part 7

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