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Part 8

Angel slowly approached the Magic Box knowing he had to tell the others what had happened. He wouldn’t blame them for dusting him in light of everything but his intentions had been good when he turned Xander, he had wanted to help everyone but most importantly help Xander. He had to make sure they cast the soul restoration spell before it was too late, before Xander made his first kill. The only problem with that particular scenario being that Willow was on a magic detox and he didn’t know if this Tara would be powerful enough to cast the spell.

“Angel, what on earth’s wrong?” Doyle asked on spying the vampire, he had never seen that expression before.

Angel swallowed before saying slowly, “It’s Xander. He….he’s been turned.”

Buffy snarled, “Who did it? I swear whoever it is will be ashes before the sunrises!”

Willow exclaimed, “Was it Puppy?”

“Is he still here?” Cordelia said wanting to know if there was any chance of him coming after them.

Doyle said quickly, “Can we cast that spell on him?”

“I was dreading something like this.” Giles said sadly.

Angel said sadly, “It wasn’t Puppy. I did it and, yes Xander’s still here.”

“Do you hate him, hate me that much?” Buffy shouted at her ex in outrage.

“I don’t hate him or you. I went to his place to try and convince him to stay.”

“What do you mean?”

Cordelia explained, “He was leaving, going to the other dimension with the others.”

Angel nodded saying, “When I got there it was too late. He begged me to turn him, saying he had to give you information. He said it was his duty and there wouldn’t be enough time for him to tell me everything. The master of the demon that attacked him is planning on opening the Hellmouth. I refused but he begged and I gave in.”

“It was amazing, the relief that came from him when I agreed. I drank his blood, when he reached the point between life and death I cut open my wrist and placed it at his mouth. Nothing happened, I thought he was one of the ones who refuse at the last minute but then I felt his mouth sucking at me hungrily. Then he died.”

“A hour later he woke. He looked at me as if I was everything to him. He said he was hungry, I told him that I had blood. He growled saying it was unfitting for someone of our line to drink from a bag, I agree with him. Xander pushed me away but even then he was careful;. I could see he didn’t want to hurt me. No, it was more like he couldn’t hurt me. He ran out onto the street so I ran after him. I called for him to come back and he grinned promising that he would come back to me.”

Giles snarled, “How could you do that? Didn’t you realise what he would become?”

“I knew but if I turned him there was a 75% chance he would keep his soul and I was desperate. Can you cast the soul restoration spell, Tara? It must be done before he kills. If he does then I don’t know what will happen when he regains his soul.”

“He would kill himself. He couldn’t live with that guilt.” Willow said her voice sure and solemn.

“You’re right. I should go and get him back.” Buffy said reaching for her coat.

“Buffy, he’ll kill you.” Willow said seriously as she grabbed the blonde’s shoulder.

“What? He’s only just been turned! There’s no way he would be that strong!”

Giles explained angrily, “Buffy you don’t understand. The council ordered me to kill Xander if there was any chance of him being turned. He woke in less than an hour, have you got any idea what that means?”

“He’s stronger than a normal childe, right?” Buffy said looking at the other occupants of the room in confusion.

Angel said sharply, “It took The Master two hours and took Angelus four.”

“Shit. We’re sitting ducks then.” Doyle said accurately summing up the situation.

“Maybe not. He doesn’t seem to be bothered about killing you, if he was then he would be here.”

“How do you suggest we stop him?”

Hoping he didn’t sound as worried as he felt Giles said, “We do the soul restoration spell, I haven’t got an orb here. You will have to go LA to get one, Tara.”

“Have we got that long?” Willow asked biting her lip.

“We don’t have any choice, Willow.”

“Giles, something strange happened when I turned him.” Angel said hesitantly unsure as to whether or not he would listen.

“What do you mean by strange?”

“His eyes, they glowed green. I remember them flashing as he pushed me out the way and again when he ran away from me.”

Giles cursed, “The Hyena, I’ve always suspected it wasn’t completely removed.”

“I think I can distract him. He’s not going to hurt me.” Angel said seriously knowing he was right.

“Angel, don’t be ridiculous! He’s a vampire, a hungry vampire. He’s not going to listen to reason.”

“If he wanted to kill me then he could have when I was in his bedroom. He never, in fact he was careful not to hurt me.”

Buffy said angrily, “Fine. We’ll let the message get out that we want to make you dust because you killed Xander. He should come and rescue you then, if he truly cares.”

“He’ll help me.” Angel said seriously knowing it was true.

Two hours later Angel froze as his face changed to his true visage, the demon was clamouring for control knowing that his wanted was waiting. On instinct both his friends and colleagues moved back somehow recognising the inner battle. Angel was still trying to subdue the demon when he felt Xander nearby.

Xander’s voice whispered into his ears, “What is wrong, Sire?”

Hearing the worry and anxiety Angel grinned, “Your friends aren’t too happy with me right now. They want to dust me because I turned you.”

“I’ll take care of it, Sire.” Xander purred soothingly.

Minutes later the occupants in the room gasped when Xander walked in. Xander grinned and allowed them to take a close look at him. Dressed completely in back leather, he carried a sword on one side and a gun on the other.

Xander smiled cruelly, “Now because we were once friends I’m going to give you one warning, let my Sire go and you shall live. If you don’t release him then you will die in torment.”

“XANDER, it’s me! You don’t want to hurt me.” Willow said looking the newly turned vampire in the eyes refusing to believe the man she loved was gone.

Xander smirked, “Wrong answer! Now I’ll teach you what happens when someone attacks my Pack.”

“NOW, Giles!” Buffy shouted as she launched into her attack kicking Xander in the chest twice.

Smiling Xander grabbed the hand heading to his throat commenting, “You really shouldn’t have done that. Now, I’m a little pissed off, Buff. ”

Xander then traced an obscure sign in the air grinning when the living occupants in the room where frozen in place. Casually he walked over to his Sire and smiled before casting a spell causing the chains on the older vampire to break apart saying, “Want to get out of here?”

“What did you do to them?”

Xander said reassuringly, “Nothing serious just as paralysis spell. They’ll be fine once it wears off.”

“When will that be?”

“Around four hours, I think. It depends on the individual.” Xander said with a shrug. He had more important matters on his mind and had already set it up so that no one with hostile intent would be able to enter once he and Angel left.

Angel accepted the answer realising Xander didn’t intend hurting them, “How long have you known magic?”

“I’ve known for years. I’ve only started focusing on the offensive stuff since I spent the summer with Lindsey. He wanted me to be able to protect myself.”

Angel question in disbelief, “Lindsey? Didn’t you see how evil he is?”

“He’s not evil. We had a good time, he found me another teacher when I came back.”

“How did you manage to leave him and live?” Angel asked in shock, he had never expected anyone to survive such an encounter.

Xander shrugged, “He knew all along I wasn’t going to stay with him. It wasn’t the right for us.”

“So what’s your plan now?”

Xander grinned, “Simple, we’re going to see him. I’m sure he’ll have something that can help. I’m going to get you to him no matter what I have to do. If I have to hurt you then I will but I’ll try not to cause too much damage.”

Angel said nervously, “What about that demon’s master? I thought he was going to open the Hellmouth?”

“It’s not happening. The master is dead, it would have wrecked my plans if he had control over delightful old Sunnyhell.”

Xander grabbed hold of his Sire’s arm and pulled him out of the store to his waiting motorcycle. Angel followed knowing he couldn’t fight a vampire as skilled in magic as his Childe. With his demon screaming for his childe, Angel knew he wouldn’t have the concentration and stamina to win the fight.

Spike was frantic, having arrived at Xander’s home only to find a pool of Xander’s blood and no body. On the slim chance that one of the man’s friends might know where Xander was the vampire had decided to check out the Magic Box. If that failed, he might have to resort to asking his pushy Sire.

The uneasy silence hit him the moment he walked inside the store, something had happened. Something had happened to the mortals! He could hear their heartbeats but they sounded slow, as if the humans were all asleep.

“Slayer, what’s happened to Xander?” Spike shouted angrily as he walked inside the back room.

He stopped in shock at the sight of the humans frozen in place, he could tell they were alive because of their heartbeats but couldn’t see a way of getting them to move. Spike kicked the nearest object with a growl, which turned out to be a table that smashed into pieces. Spike jumped back quickly as the shards of wood went flying in all directions.

Spike snarled as he looked around muttering, “Magic, should have known this would be behind everything. Looks like I’ll have to find some way of getting you active again or I’ll never find out where the boy’s got to.”

“Let’s see….paralysis. Where’s the index in these fucking books? What’s it doing at the front. Okay, it wares off in about 3-6 hours. Not much help, maybe an undo spell? Here we go, pets. You’re lucky I know French.”

Spike said the spell carefully not wanting to make a mistake because he wouldn’t know how to fix it, “Sur ce six un charme à paralyser a été placé,

Je demande à eux être libre,

Permettre le charme de ne pas être.”

It was a rather short reversal spell, which made a change since normally they were difficult to cast. As he said it Spike translated the spell, thankful for Angelus’ determination to give his favourite Childe an education. Roughly translated the spell read,

“On this six a charm to paralyse has been placed,

I ask for them to be free,

Allow the charm not to be.”

Within seconds there was a reaction from the two witches who started moving their hands. Five minutes later all the previously enchanted individuals were free and glaring at Spike.

Ignoring their angry looks Spike asked, “What happened?”

“Angel turned Xander but then Xander went evil.” Cordelia said looking at the floor.

Spike snarled as he paced the room, “How dare that Poof! The boy was supposed to be my childe!”

“You were going to turn my best friend into a vampire?”

“He knew all about my plan. Idiot made me promise only to do it if there was no chance of science saving him. Guess having Angelus after him made it a little easier to get used to.”

“ANGELUS? What’s he got to do with Xander?” Cordelia questioned in disbelief, Xander had been dating her at the time.

“He was planning on turning him. Xander’s his mate.”

Buffy said stubbornly, “No he isn’t. I’m his true love.”

“No, you were Angel’s salvation. I was talking about Angelus the demon not the soul.”

Spike explained seriously, “When the Poof lost his soul Angelus recognised just who Xander was. He’s the reincarnation of Angelus’ true love from centuries ago, apparently Darla killed him the first time. Angelus made a wizard cast a spell so that their souls would always be together, where one would be so would the other. He was waiting for a chance to get his mate back.”

“So why didn’t he turn him?” Buffy asked nervously.

The vampire ignored the interruption, “He was planning on turning the boy but he killed Rupert’s witch. Xander refused him. Angelus had killed his first teacher but my Sire didn’t know that.”

“Do you know why Jenny was teaching him?” Giles asked in shock.

Spike shrugged, “Xander said that she knew he would need his magic in the future. When my Sire killed his teacher Xander refused him, if Angelus had turned him anyway it wouldn’t have worked. You must give your consent to be made into a true childe.”

“So in turning him Angel gave Angelus what he wanted. Xander must be planning to release him, that’s why he’s gone to Lindsey.”

Spike didn’t say anything knowing it was probably true. He knew Xander had trusted the lawyer and still saw him. it would make sense seeing how Lindsey was so connected to some of the darker elements of the demonic underground.

Willow said worriedly, “We’re going to this Lindsey’s place. You think Wesley will know where it is?”

Doyle nodded, “Of course he will. Are we taking the Not So Big Bad with us?”

“Yeah, he might be useful.” Buffy said seconds before everyone headed out to the waiting vehicles.

Xander stopped his motorcycle and manhandled his Sire taking care not to cause any serious harm. He was going to get his true Sire back, this was just a shell of his Sire and Xander wanted the older vampire strong again.

Angel didn’t react to being dragged towards the apartment, he knew who lived there even if he had no idea exactly why he was there. There wasn’t any way to remove his soul, he had already checked all his sources out because he was afraid of it happening. He really didn’t want to know what Xander would do if his plan failed.

“Why are we here? He hates me, he’ll dust me.”

Hearing the frustration in Angel’s voice Xander grinned, “Really? Well, he doesn’t hate me. He will help you if I ask him to, I know he will.”

Opening the door of the apartment Xander walked inside with a grin. He didn’t need an invitation because Lindsey had assured him that his home was there home for as long as Xander needed it.

“Linds? I need your help.” Xander said calmly before turning to his Sire and saying, “Come in Angel.”

Angel stepped inside and shivered slightly as Xander grabbed hold of his waist again. The older vampire knew that his Childe would know about his feelings now, the pheromones he was sending in Xander’s direction would make sure of that.

“What’s up Xan?” Lindsey asked as he walked out of the bedroom.

“I’ll let you know when you’ve got rid of whoever’s in your room.”

Lindsey nodded before yelling behind him, “Get out of here, Eric.”

Seconds later a tall blonde with a deceptively slight build walked out of the bedroom. He didn’t even react to the sight of a Angel with his hands bound together. Picking up his coat from the floor Eric left without a word.

“He’s gone. What are you doing with *him*?”

“The brooding one turned me. I want Angelus back to normal so we need to deal with Angel.”

Lindsey smirked at his enemy before smiling at his ex, “I can do that for you, Xan. An old friend of mine came by a couple of days ago with some ancient spell books. One of them has a ritual to return control to a demon that’s cursed. The only problem is that we need Angelus’ true love. We’ll have to find out. I know its someone with dark hair and dark eyes.”

Xander smirked, “Look no further, I am he. I figured it out from some things Angelus said and from my dreams. What do I have to do?”

Lindsey didn’t react to the revelation saying calmly, “You must drink from Angel four times, each time calling for Angelus. On the fourth time you have to give him your blood. Angelus will remain free as long as you living or undead as in this situation.”

“I can do that. Just the normal cleansing?”

“Yeah. I’ll set everything up for you. You have two hours.” Lindsey said seriously before heading to the phone.

Xander smiled as he looked at his Sire, he would not rest until the older vampire was strong again. It was how everything was supposed to be, Angelus was meant to be strong and free. Now Xander understood just how much was taken from Angelus when the older vampire was cursed.

“Can you keep watch for us? Buffy and the others are probably coming to kill me.”

“I’ll stand guard. Just be careful, I know you’re skilled but if this goes wrong I can’t predict the consequences.”

“I know. We’ll be okay.” Xander said with a grin as he took his place inside the circle next to Angel.

The two vampires were now completely naked sitting inside the circle Lindsey had drawn for them. Arranged in a pentagram were black candles, the lighting highlighting the beauty of both the silent vampires. Angel hadn’t spoken a single word since hearing about the ritual, privately hoping someone would appear before the ritual could be performed.

“Angel, before we do this I want to tell you something. Its honestly nothing personal. The curse was twisted. This spell will restore the balance of power between the two halves demon and soul.”

“You want to destroy me and its nothing personal (!)” Angel spat out in disbelief.

Xander said passionately, “I don’t want to destroy you, I want to return you to how you should be. Demons can live in harmony with the soul, it is normally something that’s only realised with age, but Jenny Calendar told me the truth. She foresaw my death and rebirth, it was her who cast a spell on me to make sure that I can’t be overtaken by a demon. Please don’t disrupt the spell, it could destroy both of us or worse if it is interrupted.”

Angel nodded not seeing any way of escaping without hurting Xander and he didn’t want to do that. Xander was his love and his Childe, he couldn’t hurt hum. He listened in silence as Xander started the ritual.

Xander said seriously, “I, Alexander Harris call for the help of Hades, God of the Dead and the Netherworld. I ask for his help in restoring one of his vampires, I ask for his help in removing the curse on Angelus.”

He then gently bit down into Angel’s neck swallowing the intoxicating blood quickly. He could taste the power, desire, anger and love. He had never felt so connected to another being before and probably never would again, the one time a vampire ever truly felt complete was when drinking the blood of their Sire.

“Hear me, Hades! Grant my plea and help return Angelus to his true self!” Xander grinned reassuringly before letting his fangs descend into Angel’s neck. He could feel the power burning through him, reassuring him that something was happening even if he didn’t what.

Lindsey looked at the door anxiously, a quick look at the circle informed him that Xander was just about to perform the most dangerous stage of the spell. If someone interfered now it could kill both of the vampires, with this in mind Lindsey took out his gun and knives ready to meet any intruders head on.

“My Lord, I ask for Angelus to be free. I give him my blood and take his as a sign of my promise and devotion.” Xander shouted seconds before he bit down into his wrist and placed it into the older vampire’s mouth knowing Angel’s instincts would do the rest.

As he felt Angel feed Xander gently took his Sire’s wrist and bit into the tender the flesh. The blood flowed between them making the pair forget everything but each other. Time seemed to still as they drank their surroundings disappeared as the pair clutched each other desperately.

Xander asked hesitantly, “Angelus, are you free?”

“Yes, my boy. I’m finally with you again.” Angelus said with a grin seconds before he attacked Xander’s mouth with his own.

The kiss was hungry, desperate and passionate. They kissed as if trying to make up for all the time spent apart, all the years they had been searching for each other without realising it. The vampires both started purring sub-vocally as they broke apart to just look at each other before falling into each others arms again.

“I guess the spell worked, Xan?” Lindsey said in amusement as he turned to look at the obviously tired pair.

“I guess so.” Xander said with a shrug before turning to his Sire and asking, “Do you feel a little more in control now? I figured out that the curse amplified the negative traits in both you and Angel. In you it increased your hunting and predatory instincts with your soul it strengthened the guilt and insecurities Angel felt.”

“I feel a lot better, now I feel just whole. Instead of feeling like I was missing something I feel whole, I never realised it was the soul I was lacking.”

“Neither part of you is angry with me, are you? I was only doing my best to make you back to normal. I didn’t hurt either of you, did I?”

“I’m not angry at you, Xan.” Angelus said seriously his posture and voice becoming less arrogant as Angel said, “I’m not angry with you either, Xander. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me.”

Xander grinned not really knowing what to say now, he wanted nothing more than to just bury himself in the arms of the older vampire but he didn’t know how his intentions would be interpreted. The relationship between Childe and Sire was sexual but Xander didn’t want to sleep with Angelus or Angel because the vampire was his Sire, he wanted to sleep with both parts of the vampire’s psyche because he loved him. He loved Angelus and Angel equally somehow he would have to show it.

Lindsey smiled at them saying, “I’m sorry for interrupting your little domestic scene but it sounds like we have trouble coming.”

“Okay. You may as well let them in. I need to explain everything to them.” Xander said quickly.

Just as Lindsey was opening the door Angel growled as he pushed the other vampire to the floor smudging the paint that marked the circle. He kissed Xander trying to reassure himself that now he truly had the one he had wanted for years, that HIS Xander still existed and wasn’t ruled by the demon.

Buffy approached the apartment warily not knowing what she would find there, surely Xander must know she would come after him. She smiled as she looked at the six other people who had agreed to help her with this fight. Willow and Tara were standing next to her holding hands a determined look on their faces. Giles and Wesley were both carrying crossbows staring straight ahead intent on winning this battle. Doyle was expressionless as he mentally prepared himself for the battle knowing they couldn’t lose.

It was Cordelia who shocked the Slayer the most, the ex-cheerleader was carrying a stake and a gun but the look on her face was pure anger. Buffy couldn’t help but wonder why the brunette was angry was it because Xander had kept so much of his life secret or because Angel had turned her ex-boyfriend?

When they reached the door the band of fighters were shocked when it was opened for them by a smiling Lindsey, "We’ve been expecting you. Xan was going to let you in but he’s getting mauled right now so you’ll have to make do with me.”

“Getting mauled what’s happened?”

“Come and see for yourself, I’ll even let you keep your weapons.” Lindsey said with a smirk as he held the door open waiting for them to walk inside.

The friends couldn’t make any forms out at first the only light came from three candles sitting on the floor in the centre of the room. Slowly their eyes adjusted causing them to gasp in shock.

In the middle of the room Xander was lying on the floor arching into the touch of Angel who was straddling the younger vampire. Xander’s whispered something causing the other vampire to smirk before savagely biting into Xander’s bared neck.

Xander howled at the feeling seconds before he changed into his vampire visage and bit down into Angel’s neck. The pair stayed like still blissfully exchanging blood until Buffy moved forward causing the vampires to break away from each other and snarl at her.

“Buffy. To what do we owe this pleasure?” Angelus questioned with a smirk as he stood reaching down to help Xander up.

“I’m here to take both of you back to Sunnydale so I can perform the soul restoration.”

Xander shook his head, “There’s no need to do that, Buff. We have our souls. If we didn’t then you would be dead by now. Believe me there’s nothing more my demon would want than to kill you but I’m holding him in line for now.”

“That’s not possible,” Giles said seriously looking at the vampires in disbelief and anger.

“Jenny cast a spell years ago to make sure my soul would never be removed completely if I was possessed. It is because of the spell that my soul and demon are balanced. Most vampires with both a soul and a demon try to help humans and only feed on the criminal element.”

“You can’t have your soul. If you did you would never take Angel away from me!” Buffy said seriously as she gripped the stake even tighter.

Xander said annoyed, “Linds, I’ll call when everything has settled down.”

“Just call and I’ll give you anything you need.” Lindsey said seriously understanding their reasons, why stay when your friends thought you were a monster?

Angelus nodded, “We know. We’re going away, Buffy. Don’t try and stop us.”

Xander nodded at his Sire wrapping one arm around the older vampire’s waist seconds before smoke filled the room. When the smoke cleared the two vampires had disappeared in the spot where they had been standing was a note.

Willow picked up the letter and looked at it in shock. It was written in Xander’s slanting script.

Guys, I’m sorry you couldn’t open your eyes to the truth. Neither of us want to hurt you. We’ll be thinking of you.


Xander and Angel.

Breaking the shocked silence Lindsey said, “Now that you’ve alienated two of your friends, there isn’t really anything left for you here. If he wanted to hurt you Xander could have destroyed you all in a second, he’s a warlock. You have no idea of the power he has but instead he let you live and tried to explain the truth to you. Your hatred and your ignorance has cost you your best friend.”

The seven walked out in silence not believing what had happened, if Xander and Angel really were on the side of good they had just made a massive mistake. What was stopping the pair from turning evil now they had been betrayed by their friends? The force of good had lost two fighters but more importantly seven people had lost their friends all because of their stubbornness.

Dru laughed manically as she watched the scene in her crystal ball. The stars had been right, by calling for her Daddy from the other dimension she had helped make her Daddy strong again.

Looking down at her doll she said with a grin, “Come Miss Edith. We have to go and greet our new family. We’ve got two strong Daddies now, we should thank Anya for that spell. It was very nice of her wasn’t it? She made us a family again!”

“It was a gift child. Xander got his happiness.” Anya said with a grin as she flashed in.

Anya had given the spell to the vampiress because she had honestly cared about Xander. She was only a demon again because he had blackmailed the Powers she owed him so she had given him what he had always wanted true love. She had suspected the other dimension Angelus would make Angel realise his feelings and go after Xander. It had happened even if everything went a little weird.

Three Months Later

Spike took one last look at the Sunnydale and walked over to his car. His life in Sunnydale was over now. There was no reason to stay Buffy didn’t care about him, Dawn wasn’t allowed to get within five feet of him but most importantly Xander wasn’t there.

The beautiful boy was the one that had caused Spike to reconsider his plans to skip town months ago. Now he was going to move onto the next stage of his life, and woe betide anyone who tried to get into his way.

As a present Xander had sent the blonde vampire, a spell he had created designed to disable the chip giving Spike the chance to reclaim his position within Supernatural society. He would become someone to be respected and feared again even if it took the rest of his life. Once he had achieved that he would return to Xander.

Spike was all to aware of the infatuation and love every Childe felt towards their Sire but he also knew the feelings faded once the pair got out of the honeymoon stage. He hoped that Xander would someday return his feelings, the blonde cared about Xander. No, it was more than that, Spike may lie to others but never to himself. He loved Xander and he would find some way to get the brunette even if he had to kill his Sire to do so.

“Watch out world! I’m back and I’m hungry.” Spike said with a small chuckle as he got into his waiting black hearse. Throwing a cigarette behind him the vampire started the car and left Sunnydale for good.

“NO!!” Cordelia screamed in a mixture of denial and anger. It couldn’t be true! Why would the Powers send her a vision of death? It was the first vision she had received since Angel and Xander had disappeared in a haze of smoke.

Wesley asked anxiously, “What did you see?”

“Death is coming. The wrong choice was made and now the world shall pay.” Cordelia declared emotionlessly, as words came through her not from her.