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Title: A Mistake or Fate? 4

Author: Stephanie M

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters featured in the story. The Buffy characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB Network.

Summary: The gang get an unexpected visitor.

Pairings: A/X, X/?

Part 4

“How are you feeling, Angelus?” Xander asked worriedly as he locked the door of his apartment.

Spike arched his eyebrows at the human’s tone. He had never heard Xander sound so loving and worried at the same time, not even with the ex-demon. It appeared that Xander truly cared for Angelus, confusing as that may be.

“Angry, anxious and aroused.” Angelus replied honestly.

Xander smiled noticing the vampire had told the complete truth without hesitating, “Thank you for telling me. We’ll do something about that later.”

“Sit down, Spike. Angelus isn’t going to bite.” Xander said with a grin as he sprawled out on the sofa, reaching up to pull Angelus down next to him.

“What did you want to talk to me about, Angelus?” Spike drawled to the older vampire not commenting on the fact that Xander was running one hand up and down Angelus’ arm. It was safer that way, even if he did want to rip off Angelus’ arm and hit him with it.

Angelus smiled, “Alex told me what happened. I wanted to tell you that I consider you my childe and that I’ll always be here for you.”

“Whatever (!) Now tell me about my alternate.” Spike said ignoring the glare from Xander at the hurt look on his sire’s face.

Angelus smiled fondly, “Will came to Sunnydale when he heard I was with Lex. He was worried Lex would take advantage of me.”

“What happened when Will met Lex?” Xander asked with a grin, knowing his alternate’s first instinct would be to destroy anything that threatened his chosen.

Angelus shrugged, “He tried to kill Lex, and I stopped him. I think Will was a little shocked when I did, he didn’t think I would do that to him.”

“You mean Lex went to save Will after that?” Spike commented arching an eyebrow.

“We are *family*. I love both of them but Lex will always come first.” Angelus said knowing the pair would understand.

Spike smirked, “Do they know that Lex is more important to you than Will?”

“Yeah, they understand. Will is with Faith so I don’t have to worry about him being alone.” Angelus said smiling widely.

“What about Dru?” Xander asked confused that she hadn’t been mentioned.

Angelus said sadly, “She took a walk in the sun. She told Faith that the stars told her she had to die so that her family could be together and that Faith had to look after Will.”

Xander said quickly realising a change of subject was needed, “How did Faith know Dru? In this dimension they know of each other but they aren’t close.”

Feeling like he had let his master down with his explanation Angelus said, “She is Dru’s child. Dru found Faith after the stars told her to turn the Slayer. She makes a great vampire, and is very powerful.”

“Thanks for explaining everything, Angelus. Anything you want Spike?” Xander said grinning.

“Why did you attack Slutty earlier? That’s not like you, pet.” Spike said confused as he had always felt Xander would never attack his friends.

Xander snarled, “No one is allowed to hurt what’s mine! She broke the rules so I had to deal with her.”

“You staying tonight, Spike?” Xander asked changing the subject.

Spike smirked, “If you want, pet.”

“You can sleep on the couch.” Xander said leaving the room to get the some bedding.

“Don’t even try to take him from me!” Angelus snarled to his childe a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

Spike gasped out, “He’s not yours. I’m just going to show him what I have to offer.”

“He is mine as much as I am his.” Angelus replied calmly letting go of the blonde when he heard Xander approaching.



Lex sighed as he looked over at his childe who was angrily pacing around the room. His beloved had disappeared from the room, and no one had any idea how to get him back. All Will wanted was to go and destroy whoever had taken his sire. Lex wanted to kill whoever it was but right now that wouldn’t help.

“Have you found anything yet?” Lex asked looking up at the blonde.

Tara looked up, “Yes, sire. He is in an alternate dimension.”

“How did he get there?” Spike snarled in confusion and anger.

Tara said seriously, “I think there was some kind of spell on him.” Smiling she continued, “You want me to get him for you, sire?”

“No. Faith and I will go, if he has been captured we might need her skills.” Lex said with a small growl of anger.

“There may be some other spells on him. I will accompany you, Sire. If I may,” Wesley said looking at the ground.

Lex nodded and started giving out orders, “Will and Tara are to stay here and look after everything. I need you to find out who put the spell on Lus. Do anything you want to them. Don’t kill him, that’s my job.”

“Of course.” Will said with a bloodthirsty smirk.

“Let’s get going.” Lex ordered.

Tara started creating a circle, the spell would simple transport them to the same plain as Puppy. She would have to take care not to accidentally send them to the wrong dimension. She waited for the three to enter the circle and started chanting, feeling the power course through her.

There was a flash and the three disappeared. The remaining occupants of the room simply smiled and started on their duties.


Lex growled as he took in his surroundings, he was in Sunnydale Park. He knew immediately that he was in another dimension from the absence of the vampires and demons that were present in his own world.

Lex asked looking at his family, “Is everyone okay?”

“Five by five.” Faith said with a smirk.

Wesley said quickly, “Yes. The hellmouth is closed, there must be a Slayer here.”

“If she has hurt him, I will make her beg for death.” Lex said growling at the idea of someone hurting his love.

Lex froze when familiar feeling flowed through his body, “The Slayer is coming. You two get out the way, I can deal with her.”

“Are you sure we should leave you, Sire?” Wesley asked nervously.

Lex nodded, “Go to the white hats. If they have Lus, they will kill him. I’ll meet you at the mansion in two hours.”

Faith quickly pulled Wesley in the direction of the high school ready to find her grandsire and bring him home. She nodded respectfully at Lex as she left, knowing he was risking his life in the hope that they could save Puppy.


Buffy said angrily, “Xander, I hope you are going to apologise! Why did you attack me over him? He should be dust.”

Lex stayed silent figuring he should let the Slayer talk, figuring he might be able to find out something from her.

“I hope you’ve tied him up! Angel said if we don’t stake him, Puppy will hurt you!” Buffy ranted oblivious to the growls from Lex.

“Where is Puppy?” Lex snarled grabbing the Slayer by her throat and squeezing.

Buffy gasped in horror, “You’re a vampire! Don’t worry we will do the soul restoration for you! I will save you, Xander!”

“My name is Lex, not Xander. Where is my mate?” Lex said throwing her across the park.

Buffy smiled seeing the chance to get rid of Puppy get everything back to normal. Standing she said sweetly, “If you let me live, I can take you to him. I just want you to take him back where he belongs.”

“Fine but if you betray me, I will kill you.” Lex said with a shrug. He would kill her once Lus was safe, no matter what she did.

End Part 4

Part 5