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A Mistake or Fate? Part 5

Lex allowed the Slayer to lead him to a small apartment block; he inhaled and immediately detected the scent of his mate and Will’s alternate. Hidden from sigh the vampire watched amused as the Slayer paced up and down before stopping at a door.

As she banged on Xander’s front door Buffy shouted, “Open up, Xander! I need to talk to you!”

There was silence before a growling Xander opened the door, a sword in his hand. He looked at her expectantly, scenting the air he glared at Buffy as he realised just what he was detecting.

Xander froze saying, “I know you’re here, Lex. You may as well show yourself.”

Lex turned the corner and looked at his double with a smirk, noticing the Slayer looked shocked at the behaviour of his alternate.

“How did you know he was there, Xander?” Buffy shouted shrilly both worried and angry.

Xander silenced her with a look and spoke to his alternate, “I guess you are looking for Angelus. He’s inside. If you even look at him wrong, I’ll stake you.”

Lex’s judgement of his alternate changed, he was impressed that the man would treat him in such a way. He knew his alternate would know exactly what he was capable of. Maybe he should turn his alternate before leaving?

Knowing how hurt his mate had been before his disappearance Lex asked anxiously, “Is he okay?”

“He’s healing, Buffy attacked him earlier.” Xander answered opening the door for his double to enter.

Lex roared in outrage, “She WHAT?”

Xander smirked, “I’ve dealt with it. Come inside, Lex.”

Lex walked inside, kicking the door shut. He waited to see what the situation was, knowing it wouldn’t be safe to attack without knowing about the enemy. This Xander had said Lus was safe and that was all that mattered.

Angelus ran out intending on ensuring Xander was safe and gaped at the pair. Now that both Lex and Alex where here, how could he chose which one to be with? He loved both of them, and didn’t want Alex to be lonely.

“Are you okay, Lus? I’ve been so worried about you!” Lus shouted as he tightly hugged his vampire. He growled when he realised that Angelus wasn’t returning the embrace, breaking the hold he looked at the vampire.

“Who else has come here?” Angelus asked trying to delay the inevitable.

Lex narrowed his eyes recognising the tactic for what it was as he answered, “Faith and my new childe, Wesley. He’s still a little clingy so I couldn’t leave him behind.”

“Slutty the Vampire Layer will bloody kill them!” Spike exclaimed walking into the room.

“Not if we go and save them.” Xander countered, it would give his alternate and Angelus the chance to talk.

Knowing what his double was up to Lex grinned, “Thank you. Tell them you are there to retrieve them on behalf of Lex the Master of North America, they will listen to you then.”

“Master of North America? You did good, pet!” Spike said admiringly.

“Thanks, Spike.” Lex said seriously as the pair started to leave.

“How are you?” Lex asked his mate once the others had left.

Fearing Lex’s reaction Angelus answered, “Alex has been taking good care of me. I’m fine. How did you get here?”

“Tara did a spell and Wes is going to cast another spell so we can go home.”

“I don’t want to go back yet.” Angel answered looking at the floor.

“Why not?” Lex questioned, thinking that if someone had taken his lover away from him, he would kill them.

Angelus shrugged, “I like it here. Can we stay for a couple of days? I want to make sure Alex is okay before I leave.”

Lex grinned. “We’ll have to find somewhere to stay. I’ll talk to my alternate about it when they get back.”

The pair fell into a comfortable silence too caught up in their thoughts to speak. They spent days without talking to each other; they didn’t need to talk. A look was normally enough to convey their thoughts and feelings.

Xander sighed knowing Buffy had followed them. He hadn’t reacted simply because he wanted her to see that there was a whole family of vampires willing to destroy her if she hurt one of their members. He was sure Wes and Faith would want to kill Buffy after they found out what she had done to Angelus, vampire clans were close that way.

Xander whispered, “Stay close, Fangless. Buffy’s not too happy with either of us at the moment.”

“Nice to know you’re worried about me, pet.” Spike retorted with a grin, thinking that maybe Xander did have feelings for him.

Xander shrugged, “Who else would listen to me rant about Buffy?”

Buffy waited until they entered the mansion before leaving to tell Angel and Giles what she had found out. They would be so happy that she had managed to get rid of Puppy and that she had managed to find out where some vampires were hiding.

Silence descended as they entered the dark mansion, both immediately detecting the two vampires hiding. Xander always knew when a vampire was nearby; the scent of death clung to them.

Stopping Spike with a look Xander held his hands up in the air to show he wasn’t armed as he said, “I’ve come to retrieve you on the behalf of Lex, Master of North America. I know you are here Faith and Wesley. Angelus or Lus is with us. He’s safe with Lex now but the Slayer is on the rampage and I want you to come with us to safety. Lex and Lus are staying with us.”

Faith walked out from the shadows one arm around Wesley, the four slowly assessed each other as they waited for someone to make the first move. Getting tired of the posturing Xander started to walk out with Spike at his side, leaving the others with no choice but to follow.

“Have you fed recently or do we need to go hunting?” Xander asked as they walked down the street.

‘I like this human,’ Faith thought with a grin as she answered, “We had a bite on the way here. Is Lus okay?”

Xander nodded, “He was injured when he first came here but the cuts have healed. It was only that bad because he hadn’t fed for a couple of days.”

“What is the Slayer like?” Wesley asked Spike, not wanting to talk to the human.

“Very gung-ho about killing vamps. She still slept with two of us though,” Spike said with a shrug.

Xander commented, “Maybe she just has a thing for dead guys?”

“Sounds like an interesting girl.” Faith observed before the four stopped at an apartment block.

Xander laughed, “That’s one way to describe her.”

Opening the door of his apartment Xander said, “I invite you inside, Faith and Wesley. We’re home, everything okay?”

“Hi Alex.” Angelus said hugging Xander with a wide grin, not noticing the murderous rage in Lex’s face.

Xander broke the hold and placing his jacket on a coat hook he said, “Hi Angelus. Have you fed yet?”

Angelus shook his head, “No, I was about to heat some blood.”

“I told you to drink to make sure the cuts heal properly. I guess you should heat enough for everyone.” Xander said as he walked into the kitchen taking a raw bloody pigs heart and eating it calmly.

“Why are you eating that?” Angelus asked stirring the pan of blood heating on the stove.

“Oh, my hyena likes to eat raw bleeding hearts. Actually its better if you can eat them fresh out of a corpse but I don’t kill. My soul wouldn’t let me, this will do.”

Angelus nodded in understanding, “Don’t you miss it? The thrill of the hunt? Chasing and catching your prey?”

“I hunt the vampires and demons who attack my Pack. I just kill them, not experiment on them like the Initiative.”

Angelus nodded and asked the group of vampires watching them closely, “Anyone want some heated blood? We couldn’t go hunting in case the Slayer found us. She’s already out for my blood.”

The vampires all shook their head while Lex voiced the question the alternate dimension vampires wanted answering, “Why is she trying to kill you?”

“The Angel in this world lost his soul and the Angelus that emerged was insane.”

Xander smirked, “She thinks he is going to be like this version of Angelus and try to kill us all. She even said Angelus would kill me.”

“She never has been clever, pet.” Spike said with a laugh.

“What makes you say that?” Faith questioned confused at their reactions.

Xander explained with a grin, “He was going to turn me, not kill me. Apparently he thinks I’m capable of true evil, I took it as a complement.”

Spike nodded, “He wanted to turn you because he’s wanted you since he first saw you. He always said he was going to make you into one of us so that he could have a mate as cruel as him.”

“Why are you not with this Angel then?” Wesley asked knowing how great Lus and Lex were together; he would have thought their alternates would be the same.

Xander shrugged, “He’s so broody, it’s annoying. He’s always so serious and maudlin.”

An idea forming in his mind Angelus answered, “Maybe he just needs the right person to make him see how great life can be.”

End Part 5

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