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A Mistake Or Fate? Part 3

Giles said calmly, “We have to find a way to send Puppy back and Xander will be safe.”

“What’s wrong?” Buffy asked as she ran into the room.

Angel answered her, “Puppy is going to attack, and possibly kill Xander. We need to save him.”

“I’ll stake him and that’ll take care of the problem,” Buffy said with a happy grin.

Remembering Xander’s reaction to the vampire Willow said, “I don’t think there’s any need to kill him. All we have to do is send him back to his own dimension.”

“We have to kill him. That way he can’t hurt Xander.” Angel said reasonably.

“I fear it won’t be that easy. Xander won’t hurt him and Puppy has a soul.” Giles interjected used to being the voice of reason.

Buffy said moodily, “Okay, no staking but if Puppy even looks at Xander wrong, he’s dust.”

It was then that Spike strolled in wanting to watch Xander, the whelp was always fun to watch and the way he had reacted to Puppy was interesting. It made Spike think that he might have a chance with the mortal, something he had wanted since he had seen Xander as a soldier on Halloween.

“Peaches, what are you doing here?” Spike snarled at his sire.

Angel said quickly, “I’m here for Xander.” Seeing the anger on Spike’s face he continued, “Doyle had a vision that a vampire, apparently Puppy is going to bite him. I’m not going to let someone hurt Xander.”

Spike laughed, “Puppy bite Xander? That’ll never happen.”

“I’ve told them that already but they didn’t listen.” Xander said causing everyone to look at him.

Xander was at the doorway, Angelus at his side. The gang looked at Xander in alarm when they realised that he had one arm around the vampire’s waist. The room gaped as they took in Puppy’s appearance. The vampire was wearing black jeans and a tight black mesh top and a black leather jacket. On his neck was a black spiked dog-collar, his whole appearance radiated submissiveness. The vampire was just looking at Xander not caring about their audience.

“Hello Pet. How’s Puppy?” Spike asked as he walked over to them.

Xander smiled cruelly, “Spike, he’s mine and you will treat him with respect.”

Angelus just smirked at his master’s attitude, it felt good to see Xander defending him. It felt as if Xander really cared. He liked it.

Seeing that the others wanted to speak to him Xander ordered, “Go and discuss what we were talking about with Spike. Get something to eat, I’m here if you need me.”

“As you wish.” Angelus said before moving away, and letting Spike show him to someplace a little more private.

Willow asked as soon as the pair had left the room, “What was that about Xander?”

“I’m looking out for him. He won’t hurt me and he doesn’t deserve to get treated like a rabid dog.”

“Puppy attacked me, or have you forgotten that?” Buffy shouted outraged.

Xander said seriously, “I haven’t but he was just doing what he was told to do. Protect me.”

“No, protect your alternate.” Giles countered seeing Xander could have an identity crisis if the situation lasted much longer.

Xander said angrily, “He’s in this dimension now so he’s automatically accepted me in place of my alternate. Can you just accept him? He’s not going to hurt me, he knows not to.”

Angelus quickly ran into the room, detecting the increase in his master’s heartbeat. He searched the room for any possible threat, growling at the closeness of Willow towards *his* master.

Hearing the growling Xander said, “Angelus!”

“Yes, Alex?” Angelus questioned noticing the way the others had adopted a defensive stance.

Willow said fearfully, “Angelus? But he’s going to kill us all!”

Xander looked at Willow saying, “He won’t kill you, unless I tell him to.” He grinned at Angelus, “She’s not a threat. Have you talked to Spike?”

Angelus answered honestly, “No master. We have just finished eating.”

“Do you want to stay here or go and talk to Spike?” Xander questioned, he would prefer to keep the vampire close to him.

“I would like to stay with you.” Angelus answered waiting for orders.

“Okay, you can stay.” Xander said smiling.

As Angelus was walking over to Xander, Buffy attacked him. She kicked the vampire in the stomach before punching him in the face. Angelus flew across the room and hit the wall with a thud.

Xander howled in anger.

Xander entered the fight, intending to protect his vampire and mate. No one was allowed to hurt what was his. He quickly hit Buffy across the face, causing her to fall to the ground. She quickly jumped back up and Angelus delivered a kick to her chest, while Xander kicked her legs. Buffy fell to the floor, her head hitting the floor twice.

Willow immediately ran over to Buffy. Giles simply raised an eyebrow at the pair wondering just how close Xander was to the vampire.

“Angelus, come here!” Xander said praying the fight hadn’t hurt the vampire.

Angelus did as asked and sat down next to his master. At Xander’s request he took off his shirt, already knowing he had reopened the wounds.

Xander hissed seeing the blood pouring down his vampire’s back. He said annoyed, “Fuck! You’ve opened them again. I’ll clean them up.”

“I’ll get the first aid kit, pet.” Spike said going to the other side of the room.

“Thanks.” Xander said taking the first aid kit, he looked up in surprise when Angel gave him some hot water.

Seeing the wounds Angel asked his counterpart, “How did you do this?”

Angelus looked at Xander wanting to know if he should answer. Xander said, “Tell the truth.”

“I didn’t do them. I was punished,” Angelus said with a shrug.

“By Xander?” Spike asked confused by how the vampire could let Xander attend his wounds if they had been inflicted by his doppelganger.

Angry at the accusation against his master Angelus said, “No by Willow.”

“Were you trying to escape?” Giles asked seriously, seeing a chance to get the vampire away from Xander.

Angelus laughed at the very idea, “Why would I want to escape? I love my master.”

“So why did Willow punish you?” Spike asked annoyed at Angelus evasiveness.

Angelus explained, “My master, Lex, threw her across the room when she tried to feed from me. She was angry with Lex, as she couldn’t attack him she attacked me. It was the quickest way to hurt him.”

“Why would it hurt him? You’re only a pet.” Angel said scornfully.

Angelus smiled. “He loves me, has done for about two years. When he first captured me it was about control, power and prestige. Then something changed and he started telling me things about him and just spent time with me.”

“Lex had gone to save Spike who had been captured by a demon hunter called Wesley when Willow had some minions deliver me to her room. She whipped me for about two hours, then she poured holy water on me.”

“Did Lex find out?” Spike said excitedly imagining the bloodshed.

Angelus nodded, “He came in when she was about to beat me up. He staked her, then he unfastened my chains and took me to my cell.”

Giles questioned, “You were hurt and he dumped you in a cell?”

“My cell was like a normal room. The only thing that made it a cell was that I wasn’t allowed to leave unless my master was with me.”

“What happened then?” Spike asked wanting the story to be finished.

Smirking cruelly Angelus answered, “He set the minions who had helped Willow on fire. He carried me to his room, he left to get the first aid kit and then I ended up here.”

Xander smiled at the vampire in his arms, “Angelus, I’ve finished cleaning you up. I’ll get some more blood and we can leave.”

“I’ll get it.” Angel asked as he left the room.

“Why aren’t you trying to kill us all if you’ve lost your soul?” Giles asked confused.

Xander growled at Giles, “He hasn’t lost his soul. No more questions, he’s hurt.”

Angel gave the blood to his counterpart noticing the way Xander would growl at anyone who looked at the vampire. He started to realise he might have been a little hasty in his assessment of the relationship between the pair.

“We’re going. Coming with us, Spike?” Xander asked as he stood up, ignoring the way Angelus had placed an arm around his waist.

“Yeah. Still have to hear about my double don’t I?” Spike said with a smirk.

The three walked out the room Angelus as close to Xander as possible while Spike walked on the other side of the mortal. The vampires looked at each other, both communicating the idea that Xander was to be protected at any cost.

Angel watched them leave, jealousy burning in his veins. The worrying part was that he didn’t know if he was jealous of Angelus’ relationship with Xander or because his childe was with Angelus not him.

As the trio left, Giles realised that if he did kill Angelus he would have Xander after him. He was sure that Xander would kill anyone that hurt the dark vampire. Xander had publicly claimed the vampire as his so he would protect Angelus with his life. Giles was just concerned that Xander would embrace the dark side of his nature to become the master Angelus needed and expected.

End Part 3

Part 4