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Gertrude Flora Starling

b. 20 February 1885, Willingham, Cambridge
m. 29 January 1907, Linton
d. 6 April 1974
Father: John Starling; Mother: Sarah Ann Ellwood
Spouse: Albert Wakefield
Children: Vivien, Flora (Kath), Eric, Audrey, Bernard, Philip.

Gertrude Starling 1967Gertrude was born in Willingham in 1885 the eldest of three children to John Starling and Sarah (nee Ellwood). The other two children were Ernest and Frank and sadly neither of the two boys were to make it to adulthood. Although Sarah and John lived in John's village of Linton where he had a coachbuilding business with his father, Sarah chose to go home to Willingham for the birth of her first baby, something which was commonplace at this time.

Gertrude next appears on the 1901 census returns living with her parents in Bartlow Road, Linton, aged 16. A few years later she was to meet Albert Wakefield and the couple married in 1907 at Linton Meeting House.

Albert and Gertrude were to have 6 children themselves. Unfortunately Audrey was to be tragically killed in a motor car accident aged 26 and Philip was killed in the second world war aged 22.