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A Historical Journey of POTHIMALA     

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POTHIMALA  : A Brief Introduction
Pothimala Building Pothimala Building  is situated at Guruharsahai in Firozpur Distt. of Punjab India. The foundation of this building was laid by Guru Jiwan Mal  ( 7th Direct Descendent of    Guru Ram Das-4th Sikh Guru) in 1745 A.D.

This is the photograph of the Book & Beads (POTHI & MALA) which originally belonged to Guru Nanak Dev Ji The 1st Sikh Guru. Also seen are the PADAM Sahib and the Saligram which also belonged to Guru Nanak and have Descended in the Family since generations.


GURU JASWANT SINGH: ( Born- 1898   Died -1971)
Guru Jaswant Singh was 14th in Direct Descent from the Celebrated 4th Sikh Guru i.e. Guru Ram Das. He was born in 1898. He was educated in Atichens Chiefs College Lahore. He got  married to the daughter of Late Sir Baba Khem Singh Bedi (K.C.I.E)  (who was the Direct Descendant of Guru Nanak Dev ji) -The 1st Sikh Guru and The founder of the SIKH religion .He remained as the active member of the  Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee of the S.G.P.C. Also, he was a  member of the Punjab Legislative council and a member of the Punjab Legislative assembly in 1962. He did a lot to build Gurudwaras in Faridabad, Rampur and different cities in Punjab. 
MELA: A Glimpse of Mela
Mela at Pothimala Guru Yuvraj Singh is 17th in Direct Descent from Guru Ram Das The 4th Sikh Guru and was born on 25th of May 1994 and Ascended  The GADDI on 1st of April 1995 at the age of ten months & five days only, as his father Guru Haresh Singh Abdicated The GADDI during his lifetime. Now Guru Yuvraj Singh is the Present GADDI NASHIN of Pothimala and the head of the Guru Har Sahai Sodhi Family. The Annual Mela of Pothimala is held on the New SAMMAT day every year when worshipers from all over India and as far as from Kabul & Kandhar come to visit the shrine and give their offerings to the Guru. Guru Yuvraj Singh manages the Mela on his own even at this young age.
The main objective of building a website of Pothimala is to provide the true facts and their values in the origin of Sikh religion.
MELA :Each year POTHIMALA hosts a Mela which serve the sole occasion for the Devotees to see the glimpse of Padam, Pothi, Mala, Topi & take the blessing of their Guru.
Woodwork :  At Pothimala all the Wood-work was done during the historical period of Sikh Religion.
Ceilings: At Pothimala all the Ceilings works done during the historical period of Sikh Religion.  


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