Pontian Org - Pontian Omospondia in Greece Web Page (Grk + Eng)

Another Pontian web page - Pontos.GR Web Page from Greece (Grk + Eng)

Pontian web page - "Temeteron" Pontian Web Page from Greece (Grk + Eng)

Greeks of Pontos - Pontian Web Page from The Hellenic Resources Network (Grk + Eng)

Trapezounta - Pontian Web Page from the USA now with FORUM (Eng)

Greek Pontian Web page - Pontian site from Greece "PONTOS" (Grk)

Pontian Research - Pontian Research Centre "EPM" (Eng + Grk)

Karalahana - Turkish Web site about Pontos (Eng + Trk)

Pontian web Page - Another page of Pondos to add to the list (Grk)

Karadeniz - Turkish site about Black Sea area (Trk)

MACKA - Turkish Web site from Matsouuuka (Eng + Trk)

Black Sea Gazet - Turkish Gazet (Mag) from the “Black Sea”( Trk)

Pontos History - General History of Pontos(Grk)

Black Sea - Turkish Web site from the Black Sea – Dancing Group (Trk)

Pontian Things - General stuff about Pontians (Grk)

Pontian Edesmatologion - Pontian Edesmatologion (Grk)

DOWN - Pontian culture page - Pontian history and culture web page, good forum (Eng + Grk + Trk)

DOWN - Pontian Mythology - Ancient Greek – Pontian Mythology (Eng)

DOWN - Lazika - Turkish Trabzon site (Trk, Eng)

DOWN - Yet Another Pontian web page - Boaring Pontian Web Page from Greece (Grk)



Pontian Federation of Australia - Pontian Associations of Australia (Eng)

Pontian Organisation of Whittlesea - Panagia Soumela (Eng)

Pontian Foundation Panagia Soumela of Aust and NZ - Panagia Soumela (Eng)

Pontian Brotherhood of West Aust - The Pontian Association "St.George" of Western Australia - Perth (Eng)

DOWN - Pontian Brotherhoud of Sth Australia - South Australian Home page(Eng)


Pontian Youth Organisation of Europe - Pontian Youth of Europe (Grk)

Frankfurt - Pontian Association of Frankfurt Germany (Ger)

Schorndorf - Pontian Association of Schorndorf, Germany(Ger)

Stuttgart - Pontian Association of Stuttgart - Germany (Ger)

Wiesbaden Pontian club - Club web site (Grk)

DOWN - Kolonia - Pontian Association of Germany(Eng)

DOWN - Pontian Youth of EU - Home page of the German youth (Grk + Grm)


Southern Greek Federation Of Pontian Ass. - OPSNE Sth Grk Fed of Pont Ass. (Grk)

Euxinos Lesxi Thessaloniki - Pontian Association of Thessaloniki(Grk)

Euxinos Lesxi Verias - Pontian Association of Veria(Grk)

Euxinos Lesxi Serres - Euxino Lesxi of the Serres area (Grk)

Krometes Kalamarias - Pontian Association of Kalamaria(Grk)

Rodopolitis - Pontian Association of Rodopoli in Serres (Grk)

Pierias - Pontian Association of Pieria (Grk)

Akrites tou Pontou - The Pontian LIVE Radio & Club "Akrites" (Grk)

Akrites Polikastrou - The Pontian club of the Polikastro area (Grk)

Kalamaria - Kalamaria club on its History (Grk)

Serra Home page - Serra club in Greece with Mr Nickos Zournatzidis (Grk)

Enosi Pontion Polichni - Pontian organisation of Polichni - Thessaloniki (Grk + Eng)

Euxinos Lesxi of Serres - Euxino Lesxi of the Serres area (Grk)

Pontian club of Katerinis - "Panagia Soumela" Club of Katerini, Greece (Grk + Eng)

Serres club “Efksinos Pontos” - Pontian Club of the epi-state Serres (1 page) (Grk)

- Pontian Youth of Attiki - Youth of Attiki (EPONA) main site (Grk)

Agios Dimitrios Riakioy Club - Pontian Club Riaki St. Dimitrios Momoeria (Grk)

DOWN - ARGO - The Pontian Association "Argo" (Eng )

DOWN - Club of Evro Alex Komninos - Club web page (Grk)

DOWN - Elefteriou Kordelio - The Pontian Association "Elefteriou Kordelio" (Grk)

DOWN - Panagia Soumela - Panagia Soumela Church of Veria, Greece (Grk + Eng)


Pontian Society "Pontos" - Pontian Society of Norwalk USA (Eng)

Panagia Soumela - Boston Pontian Club web page (Eng)

Xeniteas Club - Chicago Pontian Club web page (Grk)


Efxinos Pontos Canada - Pontian Association of Montreal,CANADA (Grk + Eng)


Efxinos Pontos of Sweden - Pontian Association of Stockholm (Eng + Swedish)


Russian Pontians - Pontians From The village Stavroupoly in Russia (Eng)


DOWN - Espie Home page - Page on Espie in Ponto (Trk)


Pontian Genocide - Prof. Kostas Fotiadis Web page (Grk)

The Forgotten - Genocide against the Armenians (Eng)

Genocide Research - Pontian Genocide Research unit (Eng )

Human Rights - Pontian Genocide (Eng)

Diaspora - Pontian Genocide Q&A (Eng)

Kostas Fotiadis page - Pontian Genocide page (Grk)

Greek World Wide Forum - Pontian Genocide and Turkish Crimes (Eng)

Mr V. N. DADRIAN - Genocide Scholar (Eng)

Hellenic Genocide - Please sign the petition (Eng)

Armenian Genocide -(Eng)

Genocide Reserch - The University of Memphis and the Pennsylvanian State University (Eng)

19th OF MAY - Page on Pontian Genocide (Grk)

Macedonian Press Agency - Site dedicated to the Pontian Genocide (Grk)

GENOCIDE NEWSLETTER - Page on Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides (Eng)

Pontian Genocide Project - Pontian Genocide page with pics (Grk)

Holocaust Studies - Australian Inst. Of Holocaust and Genocide studies (Eng)

Holocaust of Greeks - Page on Pontian Genocide as part of Sydney's research unit (Eng)

Discover the Rep of Turkey - Interesting Site on Turkey and its doings (Eng)

Genocide Research Unit - Official web site of the research unit (Eng)

Turkish Crimes - Page on Inhumane atrocities done by the Turks (Eng)

Kurdish Genocide - Human Rights Violations against the Kurds (Eng)

Holocaust Studies - Brookdale Community College Site(Eng)

Holocaust Studies - Ramapo College Site(Eng)

Holocaust Studies - Drew University Center Site(Eng)

Holocaust & Genocide Studies - Minnesota University Site(Eng)

ISG & IAGS - Institute for the study of Genocide & Int. Association of Genocide Scholars (Eng)

World Genocide - Human Rights Violations all around the world, also by Turks (Eng)


Pontian King Mithridates - Article a Coin (Money) of the Pontian king (Eng)

Ancient History Sourcebook- The Vast Power of Mithridates. Pontic King (Eng)

Pontian Genocide Media Watch- Lobby for Cyprus pages (Eng)

Pontus- The 1911 edition Encyclopedia on Pontos (Eng)

Panagia Soumela Pics- Pictures of "Panagia Soumela" in Pontos (Eng)

Pontos Mythology- Pontos in Greek Mythology (Eng)

Pontian Coins- Tasmanian Numismatist on Coins from Pontos (Eng)

Digital Freedom Network- The Silenced Voice: Ímer Asan "Pontos Culture" Book (Eng)

Pontos Culture Book- The Pontian muslims at the target of Turkey (Eng)

International herald tribune 25 April 2000 (Kathimerini) - Omer Asan: Greek-speaking writer from Turkey (Eng)

The Roman Empire- The The Roman Empire : 18 centuries in 19 maps (Eng)

The Black Sea - Article on the Black Sea (Eng)

AIM Press - Article on Greeks in Istanbul (Eng)

School Project - Article on Pontos from a student of Serres (Grk)

Pontos - Article on Pontian History (Grk)

Caucasica - Laz - Article on The Laz speaking area within Turkey (Eng)

Bir Damla Su- Trabzon Weaved Bracelets (Eng)

Black Sea Trip- Someones tour of the Black Sea Coast area (Eng)

Bibliography - List of Books about Asia Minor (Eng)

Orthadox Turks - Article on Recognition of Christian Turks (Eng)

Journal of Mod. Greek - Article on Pontian Theatre (Eng)

The last Greeks - Article of Pontians (Grk)

A Region of Death - Article on Pontos 1921 -22 (Eng)

Armenians under the Ottamons - Book on the Armenians By Viscount Bryce (Eng)

Treaty of Lausanne - The Unfair treaty that was the end of many things (Eng)

Greeks in Turkey - Interesting article about Asia minor History (Eng)

AMBASSADOR MORGENTHAU - American Ambassador true life encounters in Turkey (Eng)

News Times - Pontians in the US article (Eng)

Mitropolitis Chrisanthos - Life of Chrisanthos (Eng)

George of Trabzon - A article of Georges work in italy (Eng)

THE Black SEA - Page on the Black Sea (Eng)

Greeks in Turkey today - Greeks in Turkey (Eng)

Asia Minor - Site on Greeks in Asia Minor (Grk)

Set the record straight - A Miss guided insight to who the Pontians are by Turkish Gov (Eng)

Treaty of Serves - Never adopted, superseded byt the treaty of Lausanne (Eng)

Christian Monuments - Monuments and sites in Turkey (Eng)

Russian Pontian - Interesting article on the Pontian Dialect (Grk)

Pontos and Religion - The importance of Religion to Pontians (Grk)

Pontos Archaeology - Archaeological excavations (Eng)

The Historical sites of the Black Sea Region - Turkish Tour guide information of the Black Sea region (Eng)

BIGG Travel site - Another Turkish Tour guide information on the Black Sea region (Eng)

Soumela Book - Book on the Monks of Soumela for Sale (Eng)

Greek Pontian Theater - Story of the Pontians and their Theater / Life (Eng)

Music and Dance Sites

XENOS Band - Music from the Balkans (Eng)

Pontian Music - Pan Music page, very informative (Eng)

Kemence-Great Kemence Site and Player (Trk)

OCEAN RADIO- Listen to Pontian music from Turkey stream (Trk)

Folk Dance Association -Pontian Dance and Music (Eng)

Fortune City Music - Download Pontian Songs (Eng + Grk)

Pan Event Entertainment -Make your next Function an Unforgettable one (Eng)

Stelios Kazanzidis-Stelios Kazanzidis web page, mad(Grk)

Greek Music-Greek Musical Instruments (Eng)

Giorgos Orfanidis - Pontian Singers web site dedicated to him (Grk)

Lazaros Filipidis- Pontian music lyrics and music (Eng)

Giannis Korosidis- Pontian dance instructor Giannis Korsidis site (Germ)

DOWN - Dora Stratou-Greek Dance school and more (Grk + Eng)

DOWN - Paraskevas.net- Pontian Singer Paraskevas Lavasas web site (Grk)

OTHER interesting sites

Pontian Freak- Not a Pontin but a Pontian Freak (at Heart) (Germ)

Antiquity of Black Sea - Collection of items from ancient towns of the Black sea (Eng)

New Byzantium- The Living Kings of Pontos today(Eng)

Center for Black Sea Studies- The Danish National Research Foundation (Eng)

Peace- Turkish Greek Peace and Friendship Site (Eng)

Great St. Theodoros Gavras- Site about the Duke of Trebizond (Eng)

Mursal Area - Mursal area web site (Turk + Eng)

Armenian National Institute- Dedicated to research of the Armenian genocide (Turk + Eng)

Armenian Heritage - Informative web site(Eng)

ANCA - Armenian National Committee of America (Eng)

ATOUR - Assyrian web page (Eng)

PAINTMOBILE- My boss made me put this one(Eng)

CIA facts - Turkey-CIA web site on World (Eng)

Dimokratiki Periferiaki Enosi-Haralambidis political web page (Grk)

Greek White Pages-Phone Directory of Greece (Grk)

APSALOS-Apsalos City web page (Grk)

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