A little look into the world of a world of nature thru the eyes of one who sometimes wanders into some unique outdoor situations. I seldom leave home without my camera, and I am quick to use it..... and throughout this project you will see some of the results....... as well as other cool stuff!

As you look thru these pages, you will see me pretty much as I am, and you will get a good look into my life. I say a special "Welcome" to anyone who visits my page, including visitors from Cordaphone, or Streamside.

At the nature center.....

...... with my pettable "Possumettes"! This was taken at the Streamside Nature Center - truly one of my favorite places in all the world to be a part of! People and groups of all ages and diversities come to visit, and here they have a hands-on experience with animals, as well as exploration of the surrounding area of the Pocono region, where all six senses are used - including the "spiritual".

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