Updates (Dating back to 2006, older posts have been moved here to make more space on "Current Events").

Older Updates! These date back to 2006. NOTE! Some months may be missing prior to 2009, since I was on the move a lot, and sometimes didn't have Internet connection.

(May 2006)

After a totally warm and delightful time in Quebec, I'm settling into my new summer home! I got here in late April this year, and things are looking really good here, and my time in Quebec was truly wonderful, and many cool updates are now on my Northwoods Journey page!

(August 2006)

Here at camp, this is turning out to be the very best year EVER here at camp!! Just recently I was very blessed with my beloved Church Of The Saviour group! I will just say nobody has ever been that nice to me before..... and they are so much fun to be around! Wow I miss them! In fact the entire SUMMER here has been richly blessed, including our 42-day summer Kid's Camp, and we had a truly great summer staff!

(September 2006)

Hello dear readers, and I'll soon be Northbound :-)

I'm in N. Carolina now, and things here are very strange and lonely.... and I can't find work. Also there's noplace here to put my animals. Even though I'm on a farm here in the middle of nowhere.... the whole thing is grass, and I'm not to harm a single blade, so me and the animals are once again heading out of here.

I'll be stopping off in the Northeast to hibernate my turtles, then off thru Ohio to drop off my rats, tarantula, and snake..... then I'll be going to Indiana where a great workplace eagerly awaits me! I'll be close to cool friends, big carp (Uhh.... that's a fish), beautiful woods I can enjoy (without being sucked dry by mosquitoes), White Castle hamburgers, and Michigan :-)

I'll have more updates after my long journey! Please stay tuned......

(October 2006)

...... After a l...o...n...g journey, I finally got here!

I'm in Indiana now, and am blessed with a great workplace with some of the nicest people in all the WORLD, and believe me, a great workplace makes all of LIFE seem better!

On the home-front, things are well here too (except the people here all smoke cigarettes indoors, and it smells like I'm living in an ashtray!), but it's nice to have a little $$$ coming in, especially after three weeks of starvation while trying to survive in mosquito-infested N. Carolina! I feel good living here close to the great Northwoods, and plan to "adopt" Michigan whenever I can afford to get there! It's surely one of my favorite places to wander!

My long-term plans look like this - I plan on staying here in the great Midwest until Saturday, April 21, and that's the date of Thunder Over Louisville (A totally cool event, all FREE! - Featuring an all-day air show, followed by what they claim to be "The largest fireworks display in the world", and after seeing it last year.... I have no doubts!

Immediately after that, I long to see beautiful Michigan, and afterwards it'll be off to camp! I'll simply be there long enough to set things up, then it'll be off to Quebec! I plan on staying 8 - 10 days there before returning to camp for the summer.

This is subject to change of course, but that's what I'm hoping for, and I wanted to update you, my dear readers, of my future travel plans.

(November 2006)

Nearly a year since Florida.... but I'm surviving here quite happily! I have "adopted" my little "family" at work, and they have been there for me, and me for them.... and things are GREAT there. The homefront here looks good also.... and my computer-time has been very little since I've been here, and have many updates coming for many of my pages... and new pictures are already starting to appear, and hopefully in the springtime, Michigan pictures will appear here!

December quickly approaches... and for me it's always a really strange month..... and sometimes I wish I could just crawl and hide under a rock until January! Strangely all the bad things that have ever happened to me have happened in December.... and if I can survive the coming month happily.... I will have much to be thankful for come the new year!

(January 2007)

I made it thru a good December.... with very few strange events :-) It's finally January now..... but I did very clearly see the hand of Satan upon my paradise-like workplace, by causing three different people on three different situations to curse the name of Jesus with a tight fist against Heaven (including "Santa Claus". No big suprise HERE!)..... Something never before heard in our store! On a BRIGHT note, it was really nice to see Christ back in Christmas here, rather than liberal Florida, where the mere mention of the word "Christmas" will bring a law suit! Anyways with the new year here now..... things look really GOOD.... as I look toward camp, Quebec, Chicago.... and Michigan :-) Also I've had great difficulty getting here to update my pages.... and many updates are needed! Hopefully I'll get a lot done here this month on my pages.

(May 2007)

Wow what a winter it was!
I am in beautiful Quebec as I write this, at the home of my good friend Sylvain Lacroix, and this is the first real Internet time in a long time..... as you can see from my sadly-outdated pages! Anyways the winter came late this year.... with several feet of snow! The cold was not a factor though, as the time was spent while living and working in Indiana working on the music program for work! A very fun project indeed! "Forgotten Favorites" is what we called it, and it was just THAT - Family-friendly forgotten favorites for all generations, with "Disco Madness" every Friday!
Doing this is a huge responsibility, since an entire business is at stake..... but the customers loved it, and I hope the door is still open to return there after camp! I had to "make every song COUNT" when this was put together every night, and with great joy the tunes aired constantly within! Anyways I hope to return there, despite the many unexpected and unusual changes that took place shortly before I left there!
Now I am in Quebec, preparing for the summer at camp be de-programming myself of the events of the winter..... and in a few days I will be returning to camp (which has ALSO gone thru some very unexpected and unusual changes!), and HOPEFULLY I will have Internet when I get there.... since I have a LOT of Website editing to do, and Emails to catch up on! Anyways I hope to have some more updates very soon..... with a very longed-for Internet connection at camp!

Finally..... CAMP!

I made it here just in time for Memorial day weekend.... and my first mountain climb with a really cool group! For the next few days I'll be getting things gathered and ready for the nature center, and already it looks like another really great summer! I'm looking forward to seeing just what God has in store for us here at camp, as we already have some really great people here with us.... including the three really great guys that kept everything healthy and happy here at the nature center while I was in Quebec!
Now that I have Internet here, there will be MANY new and cool changes happening with my Web pages, including some major changes coming to Cruisin' Tunes, with songs even more enjoyable than ever BEFORE...... with new and higher bit-rates!

(June 2007)

So far..... starting off with a great month! Things are going great here at camp.... and finally.... after a l-o-n-g wait...... the new and improved Cruisin' Tunes is up and running! Check it out! You can get to it by clicking on the speaker from most of my pages! Eventually ALL the Cruisin' Tunes pages will be updated - with crisper, clearer songs! As of right NOW.... All the tunes on the main Cruisin' Tunes page have all been improved and updated!

(July 2007)

A GREAT month! Wow.... camp is better than EVER this year! The goodness of God is visible here in many ways this year, and camp is under new management, and is going better than I dreamed possible! It's too soon to tell what the future may hold after camp for me this year, but I'm anxious to see just where I'll end up! All I know is I'm learning to take things one day at a time... and after our August groups, I'll be eagerly looking for something! Right now I'm looking forward to Church Of The Saviour coming here in August.... followed by an "unscheduled" trip to Florida to finalize some "legal" stuff... then to return here for a bit, then to once again to visit Quebec! After that I have NO IDEA where I'll finally end up! Please stay tuned......

(August 2007)

A great month! Wow.... rather "bitter-sweet" this week though, since my much-adored group Church Of The Saviour left here just today, and it's always hard to see them go! Left behind are the many precious memories of their week here..... wishing it could be longer! I long to see them in November, and am trusting I'll be safely nestled into the area where they'll be close at hand! Also it's confirmed that I'll be going to Florida, which is a potentially dangerous trip for me that I am certainly not looking forward to! Also I will need prayer for guidance as I return here afterwards concerning a place to stay when camp closes for the season. All I know is September looks like an exciting month as I prepare to venture out into the unknown..... so I'll really need your prayers here!

Warm August memories!

Here's me and a dear friend during a really great week in August here at camp!

(September 2007)

Pennyless in the Poconos.

Indeed a most unusual month! The month started with the end of camp, when I'm usually far AWAY from here..... but the door to Indiana looks closed from here...... but I just came back from Florida. I spent a week there, and the court-situation there worked out perfectly-well, and the job-door there looks open! Over all, things there were better than expected... and even brought back some Cuban Treefrogs :-)

My transmission went out on the return trip....... but oh-so-thankfully it held until I returned safely back to camp! It cost $1444 to fix it, and now I have a transmission and a truck.... and thanks to my much-loved friend in Quebec, I had enough to fix it.... and to go to beautiful Quebec, to see my beloved Georges and Sylvain! I will be leaving here tomorrow morning to go up there!

Once I get back here, I will need to sell some baby turtles to get enough $$$'s to get me out of here! My pay ended a month ago, and the truck repair took what was left.... but I learned long ago not to worry, as God has taken perfect care of me now since 1980...... and I can't imagine Him failing me NOW! Anyways this will be my last "update" until I get back, somewhere close to October.

(October 2007)

A wonderful October!

A "split" month, with the first part being spent waiting on money promised to me from selling hatchling turtles..... and it seemed like it'd never get here! However mid-month brought financial blessing! Not only did the money come, I also got a job here! Not at camp, but at McDonald's in Wind Gap, which is close by! This is year 21 for me at the Golden Arches, and I'm starting to fit in there now, and things are looking GOOD! The store itself is a 50's/60's theme, with a jukebox, and even a piece of the white belt worn by Buddy Holly, among other neat stuff! The tunes they play there are perfect for the setting (and how I wish we could hear the music in the kitchen! After 20 years of lively, "musical" kitchens..... it's rather a bummer to suddenly find myself working in a quiet kitchen!). Anyways before turtle-money, and the blessing of the new McWorkplace, I was down to my last $9!

Even with all this, I'm not sure where I will eventually end up! All is well here though.... and for now I'm enjoying a very beautiful, unseasonably-warm Autumn here in the Poconos!

(November 2007)

A month of travel...... and settling in!

A most unusual month! It started with me living at camp, and working at McD's at Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. A great store (a little "whinier" than most, but for most part, the food quality was very good there, and we had a great management team!), with the only real bummer being the total lack of music in the work area..... which is hard to live without after many years of musical kitchens!

The Autumn was beautiful, and it lasted a long time.... and I even got to see a little snow! Now however things are a lot different! After months of wondering where "home" will be for me..... I'm once again in Florida! Less than 5 miles from St. Augustine, and am blessed with Canada-free calling! Also I'll start work here by month's end, at McD's at Rte. 16 at I-95 - a nice busy freeway-store by the outlet mall...... busy just like I like it! The doors to Michigan and Indiana were closed this year.... so I'm settling here in the warm subtropics to bring in the new year!

(December 2007)

Adjusting to a new life.

I've been here for more than a month now, and am s-l-o-w-l-y adjusting to the new workplace. I dearly miss my Indiana McD's, but am not there because of internal changes within the McSystem there...... and besides God had other plans for me! The music here is great, and it's nice to have it back after two years without! It's nice to have stability back again, and the full freedom to call my beloved friends in Quebec, who have become a big part of my life since the two year journey began!

It's early January as I write this, and even though most of the country has already experienced a rather severe winter already..... but it has totally passed by here so far! In the 70's most every day here, and the pines are pollinating, and the Red Maples are in full bloom, and some spring birdsong can be heard, and it's a shock to the system to see a beautiful autumn followed immediately by spring! Wow! Where did the winter go?? :-)

(January 2008)

Trusting God.......

..... that I can financially survive here! Back in 2004 I "maxed out" the amount my workplace can afford to pay their crew members in my situation ($8.00 per hour), and when I first got that amount I was living quite well..... but now I watch inflation race to record highs all about me, and I'm quickly falling behind! Here it is four years later, and I'm standing in the need of prayer that God will open some sort of door after camp, to give me something that pays at least a dollar more, that is enjoyable and fun..... with the freedom to return to camp each year. I would never request to be RICH.... but to simply SURVIVE. Under the current situation, the only way I could get more from McD's is to shave my head, sport a shirt and tie, be on-call 24 hours, working 50-hour work-weeks at all hours, and abandon all hopes of going to camp ever again, thus ceasing forever in being "Nature Joe", but to remain hidden behind the scenes at some McD's somewhere - known and hated by countless lazy crew members who don't like their job, all for 50 cents on the hour?? I don't THINK so!

Anyways I look very forward to my much-anticipated return to Quebec once again, to spend time with my beloved friend there, and exploring the beauty of this far-away place, which will erase the reality of McD's, as I soon settle into the peaceful life at camp after that, to once again assume the role of "Nature Joe" for the summer.

(February 2008)

"I'm a dirty rotten CHEATER"......

..... in the workplace anyway! Since 1886 I have been with McD's, and have always strived to do it right, thus the proper way. I'm now in a very busy location, and finding myself cooking way more than the prescribed amount just to keep up with the rush. A note to my McCustomers: The quality of my food products exceeds sheer PERFECTION, and is and forever will be the very best your hard-earned money could ever BUY....... but I'm a "cheater" in the amounts I cook just to survive there. I WILL NOT PRODUCE BAD FOOD, but only in counting-violations have I broke every rule there, and I would be a SHAME to my Indiana and Wind Gap co-workers if they were to see me here! Again the food quality is PERFECT..... but I guilt-trip every night about cooking huge amounts that breaks all the rules..... knowing I'll be in there tomorrow doing it all over again..... and it's not even the "busy season" yet - with the Daytona race, Bike Week, and Spring Break yet to come!

Moving onto a much BRIGHTER note, here it is February already, and so far the winter has passed me by! There has been no freeze here yet, perhaps just a few very light frosts, with no real plant damage. Butterflies and dragonflies are flying, and flowers are blooming, and every night I enjoy the sounds of the crickets and katydids, and by day the Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, and Mockingbirds fill the air with song....... as I daydream about my soon-coming Northward journey!

(March 2008)

Counting down the weeks......

..... before my return to the great Northwoods in four weeks! As I write this, spring has sprung here, and we went the entire winter here without a freeze! Things are as green and lush now as they were when I got here last November.

On the work-front, they came up with a BUMMER of a new rule! Appearantly their long-standing rule against cursing and swearing in the workplace at McD's has been DROPPED, and I was told by Ownership there the only way people there can mention the name of God is as a curse word! I was told by them just recently that folks there can freely curse His name with a tight fist raised against Heaven..... but to say even the smallest of GOOD things mentioning His name is strict violation of their code! Some people choose to live below poverty to be in a family-friendly environment such as it used to be there, but they said they didn't know of ANY businesses that were "Family-friendly" in that aspect any more! Thankfully I work with a nice crew, and with nice managers, where cursing is seldom heard....... but the day some "BAD-mouth" comes along to work there..... we will be defenseless against him! In the meantime though, I will treasure the days of peace that remain..... and long for camp, and spending warm and wonderful times in Quebec!

For me, returning to the warmth and affection I feel in Quebec is exactly what I NEED to "de-program" my thoughts away from McD's.... and focus on the calm peacefulness of camp for the summer!

(April 2008)

A month of travel.

The month started pretty much as normal, with work, and with some fishing (Bass are hitting purple plastic worms), and as I write this, it's April 27, and tomorrow I will be off to N. Carolina! Only one day there, then I'll be off toward camp! I will only be there a few days before going up to beautiful Quebec! The only thing working against me are the horrible gas prices..... but otherwise it looks to be a warm and wonderful time :-)

Afterwards I'll be headed back to camp, and if all works out, I'll be on the payroll again as soon as I get there, and will be ready for a blessed summer, watching God at work, and waiting for the arrival of our summer staff there, and to get my critters out of their long winter slumber! Hopefully there'll be a mini insect zoo there this year, with butterflies and moths mostly, and an outdoor exhibit area at the nature center.

I'll update you in May :-) ..........

(May 2008)

Finally at camp!

Wow..... after the most wonderful time EVER in Quebec, I'm back here at camp, and am getting ready for the summer! The only bummer are the gas prices, and I had to cut out my trip to Ohio and Indiana, where in past years I picked up some animals for the nature program. Anyways I know where God leads, He fully provides...... so now I trust Him for the camp critters :-)

Even as I add this text here, there are many new and updated pictures coming to my pages, thanks to my wonderful Quebec-friend Georges. He has been there for me in tough times, and I don't know where I would be without him! Anyways my days have been for setting up the program, and by night, I have been eagerly working on my pages, including my very NEWEST - Ghetto Paint!

(June 2008)

Summer camp begins!

After a frigid, wintery-like May, Just started off right from the very beginning to be quite warm! I had a good scare near the beginning of the month in New York City when I was stuck in a nearly two hour traffic jam. The temps were in the mid-90's, the sun was beating down, and I was in a Dodge Caravan with no air conditioner, and with only two windows that would roll down, it was like roasting in a 4-wheel oven! Anyways I was contemplating calling 911.... but how would the get to me??! All I know is I had to get myself out of there.... and by a miracle the traffic started moving again...... but my head throbbed for two days after that, and I even feared long-term complications from that tortuous drive...... but thankfully I'm OK now :-). Anyways some of my turtles didn't fare the cold May weather too well, since after coming here from Florida, they were exposed to a month of cold and clouds.... and I had some losses, and this year egg-production is way down as well.

After staff training, we're now into a wonderful year of camp, and God is working his will here.... and it can be seen in the changed lives of the people! The nature program has been richly blessed with some really nice animals - including 8 Possums! I have never had Connecticut Possums before..... but they're as pettably-Possum as EVER :-). Anyways the turtles are doing fine now.... and over all the climate here has been nearly PERFECT since those hot few days back at the beginning, and June was over all a very good month!

(July 2008)

A nearly-perfect month at camp!

July was one of those months that flew by, and it was a "great" month for many reasons, including a good staff this year, and the wonderfully-cool summer so far has made life a little easier at the nature center! Since the reptilian life-forms that live over there are all designed to "speed up" or "slow down" according to temperature, they have eaten less so far, and that has definitely saved some money :-)

On a spiritual-note, the greatest joy in all of life is to be in the will of God, with the very-satisfying feeling that "There's no place in the whole world I would rather be than right HERE"! I also look for that same experience wherever I feel led to go..... as I long for Adventure Camp...... and beautiful Quebec :-)

(August 2008)

Adventure Camp..... and BEYOND!

As I write this, August is only half over with, but what a great month it has been so far! My dearly-beloved group "Church of the Saviour" was here..... and so sad it was when the week with them ended...... knowing when they were here I could always go downstairs below the dining hall for a big ol' much-needed hug! Also we had great kids here, and I will miss them dearly as well, as well as the other staff that has been like "family" to me (Nurse Bonnie I sure MISSED you this year!!), and soon there will be an "Adventure Camp 2008" Web page coming! Please stay tuned, as I work tirelessly late into the night to get it done! It will be chock full of pictures and videos from A.C, and on a tech-note concerning the beautiful people that will be posted there - no names will be given (concerning minors here) for security reasons. Anyways when this project is completed, it will be announced here in "Current Events", as well as on Facebook, and on my "Links" page.

For those of us that have looked skyward this summer, those of us who live here in the Northeast have been richly blessed by some truly Awesome skies, with rich and vividly-beautiful clouds! Soon there will be a Website showing some of the best views, in the new "Skies of 2008" page coming SOON...... to a computer near YOU! Also will be the late-summer addition of yet another page showing pictures of my soon-coming trip to beautiful Quebec!

Also sometime around the very end of the month will be my return trip to Florida, and there will be plenty of "Subtropical snapshots" coming your way as well!

(September 2008)

Life in the Subtropics!

I arrived here in early September, and immediately returned to work, and I'm so thankful they were waiting for me! Since I've been back, the lobby has been completely remodeled, and went "Feng Shui", and now has a very Asian look, and we now have a McCafe! The only "fatality" was when we lost our music in the front part of our lobby, thus leaving those who work front counter with nothing to listen to :-(

Otherwise things are going quite well (work and otherwise!), and the Largemouth bass fishing is really good here, and have caught some nice ones every time I have been out! I have returned all fish immediately back into the lake, since I mainly fish just for the sport of it :-). Also no new turtles have been collected, since I have plenty here with me already! Also you'll see my notes concerning the 2008 election under the "Reality Bytes" section on this page!

(October 2008)

A truly great month!

Finally.... cooler weather has arrived! October started hot and humid here, but the past week or so has been more fall-like, and it really feels GOOD out there! Otherwise things at work (with our newly-remodeled lobby) are going very well, and we got our main lobby speaker working again.... and people are really liking our new McCafe! I only ended up with 7 baby turtles though, but the adults are all doing well, and my newest Web-project is finally ready! Skies Of 2008 is now ready, and here you'll see some of the grandeur of the sky, which was so beautiful this year. A MUST-SEE page! Also major changes were done to Ghetto Paint! Here you will encounter some stunningly-beautiful artwork that has to be seen to be believed! It has been expanded, and all photos have been updated, and are crisper and clearer than ever before..... and oh-so beautiful!

(November 2008)

Another great month!

A great month is winding down, and it's Thanksgiving night as I update this, and the cool weather that has been in place has been most welcome! I have had some great times at work, and the McD's page is finally updated, and on other Web-related things, I have pretty much drifted away from almost-worthless MySpace, with all its spam and profanity, and have spent more time with my Facebook account lately, but have been working on my own pages quite a bit as well. There'll soon be a page showing beautiful pictures from France, where Georges is at right now. He is missed by me, since telephone communication between us is seldom and expensive from there (we usually talk several times a week when he's at home in Quebec)..... but the pictures being sent are beautiful, and the link will soon be posted here on "Current Events" as soon as it is ready!

(December 2008 - The Year In Review)

For ME, 2008 was the best year EVER! A totally great year in every way!

In 2008 I have experienced unlimited warmth and affection, as well as being blessed with a totally great workplace, and the best-ever season at camp, and thus it seems rather hard to improve the "perfection" of this past year...... but I'll be trusting God's goodness will continue upon me in 2009! December itself was one of the BEST (December is often a month where the Devil seems to be "loosed" for a little while in past years!), but this year, it has been a great ending on this truly great year!

On a 2009 Web-note, I'll be doing some major changes and will be deleting (or at least removing from the "Grand Tour") pages that are more than several years old, and pages dedicated to people that have all but fallen off the earth will be removed, and will be replaced with some new projects, including some beautiful pictures from France, and a "Florida" page will be created as well, showing Florida close-up! Both of these will feature big, bright, vivid photographs! Also there are presently many new (Uhh.... really "old"!) forgotten favorites being added to my pages, and this will continue into the new year as well.

As I write I type this, there are 38 minutes remaining of this great year...... and as I now prepare now to release this beautiful year into the past....... I'll now pause to pray for another beautiful year to come, as 2009 fast approaches!

(January 2009)

A great beginning to the new year!

Saying "goodbye" to the old year (Image changed on 5/22/09)

Even though the picture above has changed, the song remains! Thanks for your Emails concerning this song, as I was going to remove it altogether..... but only the picture has been changed.... and clicking on the above image will still open this hauntingly-beautiful tune! I was told that it is quite beautiful in headphones. I don't know much about the song, but it was done by Steven Force, and it's from the "Beautiful Voices" #30. This will open the entire album, and is a large (WMA) file..... but will be well worth it once it arrives!

In other news, we had a killer freeze here (actually SEVERAL of them!) here in Florida, which made the news, and the death of the tropical plantlife if quite horrific..... and all the grass is now a lovely shade of brown..... and a fire hazard??! Anyways my McFamily is doing well, and things are quite excellent on the work-front..... and it's also nice to hear the frogs calling recently...... as I have sweet dreams of returning to beautiful Quebec, and all the warm wonders that await me there....... and to return to camp! Anyways January was a wonderful one.... and I'll have another update in February!

(February 2009)

Wow what a fast (and great!) month!

My life during February revolved mostly around McDonald's, and the great time we have all had there, and there are moments of great happiness and contentment there, among the fast-past activity..... and for me, much of that joy comes from daydreaming about camp.... and Quebec! While eagerly and diligently performing my daily McDuties there..... the time fast-approaches when I'll be heading Northward for the summer..... and while I am here in Florida, I know beyond a doubt I am right where I belong..... until I become "Nature Joe" again...... in the peaceful, beautiful mountains of the Northeast!

On a Web-note, my "fiscal" year on this page begins and ends in March, which is my last "normal" month before camp...... so at the beginning of April, all the info above will be shuffled into my "Archives", which will appear in the link below. Also an update here, clicking on the above picture will open a WMA file, and not a JPG which was originally posted..... which only shows that things on the Internet don't last forever in most cases..... but Internet miracles DO happen from time to time!

(March 2009)

A "mixed" month

Starting off here with a fresh new beginning, my "fiscal" year begins here in April, since this the month I leave to go North! Everything since last April has been stashed into the "Archives" page (below), as I now look forward........ to Quebec, and camp!

This has been perhaps the best year ever at McD's, as I have been blessed with a busy yet happy and fun store! Life here in Florida has been made quite pleasant by having such a wonderful workplace, a place I look forward to going into each morning, thus making life a real joy :-). Also there's a new McD's under construction practically walking distance away...... and it will be of great interest to me if it is blessed with the cool tunes in the kitchen like my current store has!

As for my travel plans, my last workday looks like Saturday, April 25, and I'll be leaving for Charlotte, N. Carolina shortly after that. Anyways I'll have the full update in the April report. Also on a Web-note, my newest page "Florida Froggage" will be coming soon! It will be a must-see page showing Florida frogs and toads in their natural habitat, and some of the pictures are quite incredible!

(April 2009)

A month of travel!

After a great month at McD's, it's time to move on! I'm writing this on April 25th, which was my last day at McD's for awhile..... and from here I'm off to Charlotte, N. Carolina for a few days to pick up some cool stuff for the nature program, and after that I'll be going to camp! I'll only be there a few days to unpack everything, and to re-pack what I'll be taking with me to beautiful Quebec. It promises to be a very warm and wonderful time there, as I'll be with some cool friends in a "postcard-perfect" place..... and the month of May will find me far above the top of Maine! The Temiscouata region has produced some of my most-treasured memories of a lifetime.... and I'll be so happy to be there again :-) I'll be back to update this in May...... once I'm finally settled into camp for the summer..... in a bright and happy long-awaited place in the mountains.

(May 2009)

Like trying to grab onto water with my hands!

What a strange month...... ending just as it began! After trekking the long journey Northward with the animals on-board..... I found out too late my pay was cut by half! I couldn't stay at those prices...... so I prayerfully-wondered what to do at the last minute! I was financially-safe for my very-much-needed getaway to beautiful Quebec, and it was everything I ever dreamed it would be, and thankfully that part of the journey was unaffected by the "reality" of things that awaited back at camp! It was a major part of my life since 1987, and walked its green fields and even had some of Sarah's chocolate chip cookies (the BEST!) when I was there.... saw the alligator and big tortoise again while I was there in May...... but I saw it slipping quickly away from me.... even as I stood in its very midst! Nothing I could do could hold onto it, almost like grabbing onto water with my bare hands!

Anyways I'm back in Florida now, and McD's was overjoyed to have me back..... and how thankful I was to have a nice job that I could so quickly return to! My money-situation was running very thin..... and now things are returning to normal finally, and on a Web-note, the "Fabulous Froggage" page is now up-and-running.... with new pictures being added to it regularly, and now you can see Nature Joe on Facebook (This will open in a new window). The last time I was in Florida for the summer was in 1992.

(June 2009)

A very "froggy" month!

Well here I am....... in the hot tropics for the summer! The chance of returning to camp this year looks nearly-impossible, so I'm making things happen here happily - as God wills :-)

Since I've been here, June has been quite hot, so my times outdoors have been mainly at night, out taking pictures of frogs for my newest Web-project! Fabulous Froggage had made the time pass by rather quickly, and joyfully! With each passing rain I find myself out there in various habitats with my flashlight and camera, and from anyone who knows these frogs will know the types of interesting places I wander through to collect these rather bizarre and profound pictures! I like to film them in habitat, right up-close, and right in their very business, showing the world the very things frogs like to do! There are plenty of Web pages out there that have different frog calls, and I like to go one step further by going right up to the frogs so you can both SEE as well as HEAR them calling - right where they are! Also one of the very few times I ever felt like interfering with things was on June 30, when I saw a Leopard frog in the death-grip of a Giant Waterbug, and after the picture was taken, I pulled the frog away from its would-be killer, so it could live another day! Also I was in good company during most of these frogging-ventures, since I was talking with my friend (Georges) in Quebec throughout the picture-taking part of this incredible project, which is turning out to be my most fun, as well as most time-consuming Web-project..... but very well-worth the time it takes to create perhaps the most incredible gallery of its kind on all the Internet!

As of the end of June, I had 22 different species on there, with stunningly-beautiful photographs of each species, and will continue this project into July, and as the season allows!

(July 2009)

Summertime in Florida!

Well after some major froggage in June, they have been given a little break in July..... even though I'm still out there every other night or so! It has stormed almost daily here this month, and with so much rain the frogs are mostly "bred-out", and they have slowed down..... just a bit! Also I completed Froggy Facts, which is the newest frog project sharing some personal insights concerning the project, concerning the "real" project, as I wander in the dark seeking out these amazing creatures doing just what they do out there on a nightly basis, and bringing it into plain view to YOU - my viewers! This new page has some new additions coming to it as well, and it has a few really neat videos. Over-all, the entire project now hosts 23 species, with the addition of a new one this month!

Otherwise camp is pretty much OVER for the year..... even though I never made it there this year. Adventure Camp I missed ESPECIALLY, as I love them very dearly..... and I can honestly say there's an "empty spot" in me from not being with them this year! Also I won the Bronze trophy from the big McDonald's All-American competition, where many stores (from N.E. Florida, including Jacksonville, and coastal Georgia) all met for the annual "fry cook games", and thanks be to Jesus Himself for placing me in the top-three for this event, by giving me the love, joy, strength, and wisdom for this :-). also on a personal-note, what I did at the competition was no different than what I do in there every day while on the job, serving the best of the very BEST, since I see Jesus as my #1 customer "Whenever you do it for the least of these........".

The "big move" in August?? Please stay tuned!

(August 2009)


..... to a little place! I am still getting adjusted to living here, and only moved in just a few days ago! I'm updating this from inside my little metal "box", and am living much like I did back in 2003 when I was at the farm in Ohio. The cool thing is there's a great bass lake only a 30-second walk from my front door, and right here next to the building is a canoe, and permission to use it! Also it's nice to see the sky again, which was all but impossible while living in the "jungle"! I'm still in St. Augustine, and happy to be here near this lake, and from here I have seen some stunning clouds and sunsets, not to mention some incredible thunderstorms!

On a weather-note, it's been cooler than normal for Florida in August..... while at the same time the rest of the country seemed to warm-up a little, and here's a little glimpse of one of our glorious sunsets from over the lake, which is literally right out my back door!

Also with great anticipation I am looking forward to my vacation in November, and there should be plenty of pictures :-)

(September 2009)

The summer in review

As October arrives...... I look back over this past summer in wonderment, and am thankful for all the froggage! This has been a good summer over-all....... shrouded by the haunting mystery of why I was led away from camp! I stood upon its very ground, and walked its paths, and arrived there fully-ready for another summer of service...... but for some reason, which is still a mystery to me, God removed my presence from there this summer. Maybe for good, or maybe for 2009, since perhaps there was something there He had me to avoid...... or perhaps He wanted me here?? All I know is I had fun here, and even though I missed camp this year, this summer was somehow strangely fulfilling!

On a September-note, it's hard to believe the month is GONE..... and October snuck-up so quickly! Also I'm still working on adjusting to the new place I'm living in, my little "tin box" in the swamp. For me, the hardest part about living here is adjusting socially, since most of my human contact is with my co-workers under the Golden Arches, but this is a good thing I guess, since it makes it a joy to be there...... but the GREATEST joy comes after-hours, when I get free minutes on my phone..... and of course, my off-days, when I spend a lot of time at the lake in my back yard...... filled with tame fish and turtles :-)

This helps me to keep occupied as I eagerly look forward to my vacation in November :-)

(October 2009)

Thankfully rather uneventful month :-)

October was a rather HOT month here, and not much different from our hot, muggy summer..... however there were a few nice periods of cool weather that crept-in several times during the month. Also not much rain. A perfect "beach month".... even though I never made it over there! I've been quite happy with my lake, which is getting very tame.... with loads of action each evening as I toss food in. Even the wild turtles are coming up to be fed while I feed mine in their enclosure, and I feed the wild ones right through the fence. Pretty cool!

On a work-note, we got our new Frappe machine in, and have never really liked coffee-flavored stuff, I can honestly say these are really yummy :-). Also things there are going quite well..... and at the same time I am very eagerly looking forward to my November vacation! There will be plenty of pictures of the event.... and more froggage??! All-in-all it will be a warm and wonderful time!

(November 2009)

VACATION...... and looking forward to the Holidays!

November flew-by rather quickly it seemed, and the main highlight being my much-anticipated vacation! A great time, with perfect weather, and Georges got to experience Florida for the first time...... and yes, lots of froggage :-). Many new images have been added to Fabulous Froggage from frogs seen during my vacation, and "Froggy Facts" has also been expanded. We also gathered some Prickly Ash and some Passiflora vines for my soon-to-be butterfly garden, which is coming along nicely! Who knows...... I may even have a page coming in the future concerning this garden..... and the results! Also vacation '09 pictures are online, with the link just below.

Otherwise November brought the passing of Jan Parham, who will be missed by all who knew him, but even with this (after fighting a battle with cancer), Thanksgiving went very well..... and now I'm all set for Christmas and the New Year........ and the hopeful anticipation of returning to camp - which I miss very DEARLY this year :-)

(December 2009)


It's New Year's Eve as I update, and I learned from past experience not to update even a day too soon, since things can change in a moment - in an instant - so as of now, I just saw some incredible fireworks, and in fact some of the very BEST!

Otherwise 2009 began right from the very first day with a unique and "musical" friendship with someone in New Orleans, but that died-out rather quickly, and by March much of the attention had been focused on collecting some rather incredible images of frogs and toads, and thus "Fabulous Froggage" was created - with 23 species as the new year begins! This page has been the most fun to create, as well as the most time consuming..... and I am still adding to it as time (and frogs!) allow! Also this is the first summer since 1992 where I haven't been to camp, except for 2003 when I stayed at a farm in Ohio for the summer, which was a unique experience in itself, caring for 5000 rats! Anyway this year was very fulfilling, and many dreams did come true, including the best-EVER time in Quebec, as well as my first-ever real Florida vacation, and pictures are now online! Now I'm longing to return to camp, and am trusting Streamside will work out, since years' worth of my belongings are all there, since I was promised "I would always have a home there"..... but this year didn't work out.

The summer was a very "froggy" one, and images were taken that would have otherwise been missed if I wasn't here to get them! Also I long for 2010, and a return to camp, and to beautiful Quebec! Also the Autumn months were filled with more froggage.... and things at McWork are going really fine, and my little "home" here is finally insulated from the heat and the cold, and am happy to be here..... longing for the Northwoods.... which has captured my fondest dreams long ago, with longings for Montreal and Northern Michigan especially...... and of course camp :-)

Over all, 2009 has been a really great year, with much joy and affection, and few regrets, and now I look forward to 2010! Happy New Year everybody!

(January 2010)

A new year..... and daydreaming of Ohio??! :-)

Right from the very beginning of the year I found out the door to Streamside - the camp I have been going to for many years now is CLOSED, and I know this is God's way of moving me on to someplace very unique....... and do I see horses in my future?? :-)

Also on a computer-note, I got hit by some really nasty viruses called Trojan horse SHeur2 and Trojan horse Hiloti that installed a bogus program called "Windows Internet Security 2010" and totally took over the entire computer, and it even blocked everything that attempted to destroy them, and they slipped right past Norton! The program called AVG got it though, and when all was said and done I had to restore Windows, and the virus was still there, but after a few more scans I think it's finally gone! One BAD thing is that many of my programs were destroyed (but thankfully my files were safe!), and I lost ZoomBrowser, and I'm at a standstill concerning Fabulous Froggage, and have a new species to add as soon as I get it restored!

On a weather-note, it's been quite a cold winter here for Florida, and there's a lot of freeze damage..... but each day I daydream of summer camp, and will keep you posted on what happens!

(February 2010)

A "split" month.

After an almost paradise-like work-experience since my unexpected return back to Florida last May, by mid-February there was a major managerial change that brought some frustration and minor(?) discomfort there, which has even prompted me to look elsewhere....... and prior to this shaking event, going elsewhere never even entered my wildest imagination! Perhaps God is "shaking things up" a little.... and always for His good purpose, even though things have seemed dreadful in there at times these past two weeks! All I know is that God always knows exactly what He's doing, and also losing our beloved Alex (transferring him to another store) makes things tough in there..... but on a much-BRIGHTER note, I'm trusting and praying for a new Summer home! A camp...... perhaps in Ohio??! A lot of things still must happen first, but I visited this camp a number of years ago, and it was BEAUTIFUL...... and I heard just recently they are looking for someone to fill the Summer nature position :-). I applied there, and I'll keep you posted on what happens with the new camp in my March update!
(March 2010)

Camp limbo??!

Still waiting for a decision from the prospective camp...... waiting.... waiting..... as the 2010 season slips fast-away! It's exactly 50/50 right now for the camp I'm longing for..... with little time to look elsewhere if this flopppps! This is where I can really use your prayers! The day I hear a "Yes" from this camp, I will put it on Facebook, as well as here, as I can then set a date, and prepare my life and plans for the next few months...... but for now..... I still wait by a silent telephone and empty Email box!

On a work-note, things are going quite well there now, and I thank you for your prayers :-). Also I still plan on going to beautiful Quebec this Spring.... and on a frogging-note, the season has begun, and new pictures and videos are coming in, and will be appearing on "Fabulous Froggage" soon! Also I'll update my readers at once, when I get a confirmation from the new camp!

On a reality-note, my so-called "year" begins in April, so at the April update, all the above monthly updates will be shuffled into the "Archives" page (below).

(April 2010)

A month of "unexpecteds".

Weatherwise - PERFECT!! Every day was sunny and 75, and it only rained once the entire month. The Florida winter was long and cold, with freezes galore, but in the beginning of April, it became perfect, and I spent a lot of time in the garden, and am featuring watermelons this year :-)

Now for the "unexpected" part! Early in the month Sharon was making a routine short trip to WalMart.... but never made it there! As she was going thru an intersection a car turned right in front of her, and the impact rolled her car..... and now after a helicopter ride to the hospital and several broken bones, she's back and doing much better! Here's a look at the car, which was nearly cut in two when a large utility pole nearly cut it in two after the initial impact! God is good!! Now concerning camp?? As of now it's been canceled..... but there's a slight chance I'll be able to do Adventure Camp in early-August?? Way too soon to tell yet, but whenever I DO break-away for awhile (before McD's drives me batty! I dearly LOVE my job..... but I need to "get away" for awhile!), I plan on going to beautiful Quebec, and possibly New Brunswick?? After that it looks like Michigan :-). Again with the recent accident, there's no "getaway" date set yet..... so until I hear something, I'm here working, feeding the "tame" lake, daydreaming of Northern places....... and watching the garden grow :-)

(May 2010)

A true last-minute camp MIRACLE!

The dream was fading concerning camps, as the season was rapidly rushing to a close for any chances of ever getting into one........... and at the last minute things took a surprising turn for the BETTER!! Camp had my spot open and waiting, and on THIS end, Sharon has been healing INCREDIBLY well following her accident! She's up and around pretty much as normal (Wow..... after looking at the car she was in, it's a wonder she's even ALIVE!), and with everything in place, I got my contract from camp, and I'll be returning to my much-missed, beloved Streamside! I have missed being "Nature Joe", and in 2009 here in Florida, I have been working on my frog project - Fabulous Froggage, and that will continue-on at camp!

I'll be leaving here in very early June for N. Carolina for a few days, then it's "Off I goes to the Poconos"! There will be many pictures and other cool stuff happening once I get there :-). What about Quebec?? I'm still going, but I'm going after camp! It will be a lovely end to a great Summer :-)

(June 2010)


Greetings from the Poconos! I made it here in very early June, and what a great season! We have a great Staff, as well as campers.... and food! Also the weather has been perfect the entire month, and the nature center is thriving..... and this year we have lots of really cool snakes! At no time have I said "I'm going out hunting for snakes"..... but they keep on coming otherwise! Also I have been keeping busy on Facebook, with constant updates and such, as well as cool pictures and such, and in the future I plan on creating a new and exciting "Poconos" Website - filled with pictures from around the area, and a "Pohoqualine" page, showing one of the most beautiful and scenic trails in the entire area! I also had a great time in North Carolina, and added some new Froggage, including two new species :-)

I'll update you again in July, and in the meantime, please pray that God have His way here at Streamside, that all may flourish in the joy within, as we seek to do His will :-)

(July 2010)

A perfect month of CAMP!

Wow....... after missing a year, I missed camp more than EVER, and am so happy to be here once again! As the month draws to a close, I am so thankful for Katie for sharing my table with me in the dining hall. Together we had a great time at table #6, with the greatest kids! In fact the whole summer went beautifully, and had a "miracle" adoption, where a rat with new babies adopted and raised three Meadow Voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) as her own, and they're very tame, as well as amusing! Also on a Web-note, the Pohoqualine page is now ready, and is filled with some beautiful pictures, captured by the same camera that brought you Fabulous Froggage!

As July draws to a close, I now start to look forward to my beloved group Church of the Saviour, and they'll be here in early-August, followed my a much-awaited venture to beautiful Quebec! Afterward it'll either be Florida or Michigan........ but is looking more like Florida at the moment, but there'll definitely be some interesting updates in August!

Here's the beautiful sunset that closed-out the month of July

(August 2010)

A wonderful, adventuresome month, and it went by all-too quickly!

Wow..... what a wonderful month August was! Perhaps a little strange right at the very end, but over-all, quite wonderful! Right from the very beginning it was Adventure camp! After a year without them, I really missed them, and was so happy for their arrival! Also while they were there, I was preparing for my venture to Quebec, and was literally on the road before they even left camp! My time in Quebec was the very best EVER, and even added two new species to "Fabulous Froggage"! A truly warm, wonderful, and an amazing time..... then after a rush back to camp to pack/clean-up the nature center..... almost like a whirlwind I was off to Florida!

It worked out great, since after a long, hot, and very dry summer here.... the rains came just in time! Cool froggage EVERYWHERE..... and a shocker came when I found out I was told I'm being transferred at work! As the last day of August fades into the history books..... it looks like I'll be working practically right next door! That'll save me nearly 20 miles per-day! Also my turtles are right there, and I'll be able to stop by and feed/visit them regularly! I'm sure there'll be many cool things happening in September...... as I already find myself daydreaming about camp, in 2011!

(September 2010)

Settling in..... to someplace new!

A great new workplace! Like so many "new beginnings", this one is an answered prayer! God in His goodness orchestrated many things (some of which didn't make sense at the time!) to lead me to the place I feel He may have wanted me to be, perhaps for a number of years now! Sometimes when a person gets into a "rut", it takes the hand of God to reach down, stir things up a little..... with the end-result being just what He wants for you..... with the end result being joyful happiness...... and it's been a long time since I've been to a workplace I look forward to going into, to both give and receive joy, and to truly have great FUN doing the job, and as I daydream of "Camp 2011" this is the perfect place to pass the time! I totally "blended in" with this new "McFamily" within the first day or so...... and it's only a 7-minute walk from my front door, with the strangely-good feeling of having the McKitchen right outside my door!

On a reality-note, I'm eagerly-daydreaming of my November vacation, when my beloved Georges comes down here from Quebec! This will be a wonderful and adventuresome time, and a time I really look forward to! Also my newest Web project is nearly complete, and Journey to Quebec is now online! Even more will be added to it in October, 2010. Also new froggage is being added, including "Every picture tells a story" - a Website showing what goes on behind the scenes, with every single picture, and here you will see "frogging in action"! This page was taken entirely in Quebec, and can be found in Fabulous Froggage!

(October 2010)

A great new workplace..... and daydreaming of my November vacation!

Weatherwise, after a steamy-hot September, October turned quite cool right from day-one, and not a drop of rain! This drove the frogs to the remaining water, and Rana sphenocephala (Leopard frogs) especially have been abundant, and quite a few new ones have recently appeared on "Fabulous Froggage" during this month, as well as some other species, and on a work-note, things are going GREAT there, and in this happy, family-like atmosphere I have fit-in very well..... and it even makes me wonder "what took so long" to get me here! It was the Will of God to lead me to this little happy musical, and fun place :-). Also I am very blessed to have the hours I have always longed-for, and I walk to work! Only several minutes away on foot, and I'm ready to start my day, and after six weeks of working there, I have finally met the new owners, and they are very cool!

I'm totally excited about my November vacation as well, and Georges and I will be camping in Western Florida, and going to cool and different places..... and nowhere even CLOSE to Disney and all that! We will be out by day and night in "wild" Florida, checking out the neat stuff that lives here! Pictures coming next month :-)

(November 2010)

The best vacation..... and Diagnosis: Unknown!

The time of vacation was the very best-EVER, and we had a great time, and the weather was nine days of glorious sunshine and perfect temperatures, and the frogging was excellent, and the pictures are already posted there! Here's a picture of Georges and I at Applebee's, and this was among the best of times!

Now for the STRANGE part! On November 4th I was at work and felt a fever coming on. "No problem" I thought, but it came and went almost like clockwork - hitting every third day. It did this on three separate occasions, and when "round #4" hit, the fever was constant, and it came with sudden back pain........ and even as December arrives I'm still fighting this thing! I have been to several doctors and laboratories, and still no results. Thankfully the back pain didn't hit til the very last day of vacation, and vacation itself was interrupted several times by the fever, which had me "flat on my back" several days during this time, but between the fevers, vacation was much-needed and wonderful!

(December 2010)

2010 - The year in review.

The year started off cold and blustery, and was so cold in Florida the ground even froze, and was living in the "doghouse" (a storage shed in someone's back yard), and lived somewhat primitively, and am thankful for electricity, my computer, and Amber (a co-worker) for giving me two little heaters and some fiberglas insulation to get me thru the winter! Afterward came Sharon's accident in April..... and God quickly healed her, and after much wonderment, the door to camp opened at literally the very last minute, and was blessed with a PERFECT summer there, in fact one of the best-EVER! Afterward it was off to beautiful Quebec, where I spent some totally-great times there! After that I returned to Florida, since Michigan "went silent" for three weeks at an important time of planning winter-plans!

Lewis Point McDonald's, St. Augustine, Florida.

Wow...... on a work-note, it was truly the hand of God which placed me in my new workplace! It was almost "love at first sight" even from the very first day I walked in there, and felt right at home in an instant, and am blessed to have a workplace that offers the perfect hours, and everything else! I really look forward to going in there, and have the best boss, and in fact EVERYBODY! Also I WALK to work, and it's only 7 minutes away on-foot, and feel quite at home there, and am thankful for the much-needed hugs I get in there, and the only McD's I ever liked BETTER than this one was the one I worked at in Indiana!

My November vacation with Georges was all I ever dreamed-of, even though I was hit with a dreaded fever on-and-off during the whole event..... and the fever lasted for nearly a month! After thousands of dollars, the medical team never DID figure out what it was, but they diagnosed the pain in my back as being from "overwork"! After 25 years of doing the same thing it's literally starting to deform my lower back, and now I find myself working less hours, and am thankful for working the great breakfasts they have there! Anyways I was off-work from November 4th til December 19th about, and am mighty glad to be back, as it will take a lifetime to pay-off the medical bills! Otherwise as December draws to a close, the year is ending just as cold and as blustery as it all began, and I'm eagerly-awaiting camp, and beautiful Quebec!

(January 2011)

Settling in.......

........ after my unknown illness! Work has been quite a blessing, and an easy walk from my front door! Even though my back still hurts a bit, it doesn't hinder me noticeably, and I'm blessed to be there! Otherwise there isn't a whole lot to report, with the exception of our unusual weather! This January (as well as December) has been dominated by below-freezing nights! February will hopefully bring forth the froggage..... as I daydream about being outdoors again! Also the turtles have hibernated very soundly this winter, which is unusual for Florida! The McD's I work in is on U.S. Hwy 1, next to Wal*Mart, in St. Augustine, in case you want to stop in and say hello :-)

(February 2011)

Florida winter!

January was cold...... and so was February! A few warm days came near the end of the month...... and so did some much-needed rain! Also we're in for an early springtime! Things are greening as the month ends, and the Spring Peepers are abundant! Also things are looking good for camp! Otherwise February has been rather uneventful...... and that's actually a GOOD thing! :-)

(March 2011)

Spring has sprung!

After a frigid winter lasting from November onward...... the warm weather looks like it's here to STAY! Frogging has been excellent, and the trees are green, and I'm already seeing butterflies! Rainfall has been normal, and over all..... a perfect month to be in Florida!

The shocking news this month is on the work-front! We're losing Shawn, which is the nicest and friendliest manager since Yvonne at the beautiful Indiana store I worked in back in 2007! The news came right at the end of the month, as there are rumors of "a young guy from Jacksonville" coming to our store. No details yet..... and it would be answered prayer if some of the "lazy" folks there would hang up their telephones, put out their cigarettes...... and come in and try a little WORK for a change :-). Otherwise this has been the best store yet, with me getting the perfect hours, and working with great people!

(April 2011)

A very dry Springtime, new "McManagement", and the big move!

A hot, dry Spring here! Despite the dryness though, I have been getting some nice frog photos, as well as other stuff, as I eagerly await camp, and Quebec! Also on the work-front this month, greetings to Zack! He's our great new manager, and many changes are happening...... all for the GOOD! Quality has IMPROVED in our already-high-quality store, and he's a great "coach" to lead us into higher heights, and the month of May brings great new McPromise :-)

For the BIG news here, I moved! God is good, and this "door" opened suddenly! The apartment was nice, and walking to work from there was a big plus, but now I have the perfect little place to store my stuff, and keep the animals, with the turtle pen right outside the door, and a special room to keep the snakes! Also there's a perfect amount of sun (despite all the trees) for my plants!

(May 2011)

A very dry Springtime, new "McManagement", and the big move!

A wonderful (and hot!) month!

A lot happened this month! May started with some cool new changes on the work-front, with our new manager (Zack) blending-in perfectly, and on my last day before my travel came our big inspection there, and we scored a 96! A team effort by ALL of us got it, and thank you Lord for such a cool "send-off" for my travels..... and North Carolina was GREAT, as I arrived there in the pouring rain..... and oh the froggage!! Two new species will shortly be added to Fabulous Froggage, and the people I stayed there were VERY cool..... and I wish I could go there more than just once each year!

I made a great arrival at camp, and the Vincent family has been here for me with open arms...... and I am so THANKFUL for them, and as June arrives, my truck is in the shop, as something is wrong with the transmission, and am so thankful it got me here!! On a critter-note, five baby chicks and a turtle were here waiting for me when I arrived, and now as the new month arrives....... I'm daydreaming of beautiful Quebec!

(June 2011)

Beautiful Quebec....... and camp!!

A perfect month!

I got my truck back, and thankfully it wasn't too expensive...... and it was off for the DREAM VACATION in Quebec! Everything there was so good....... and it MORE than made up for my "fevery" November vacation, when a strange illness sorta took control. Anyways this time was PERFECT....... and so-needed!!

Around mid-month I arrived at camp, after taking a little detour thru New York, and picked up some really nice N. Leopard frogs for our new interactive "Froggatorium" at camp (Pictures coming soon!), and we have a wonderful, original, and very-well-liked staff here this summer, and I am truly happy for all the kids who come here to experience the great folks we have been blessed with! The first week of camp brought perfect weather, while the monsoon-like rains made everything beautifully lush and green just before the kids arrived! The strangest thing that happened was when my other computer got hit by lightning (R.I.P.)..... and now I have a new Toshiba laptop, and I like it better anyhow! :-). Of course I'm thankful for Internet here, and I will be posting lots of goodies throughout the summer..... and be sure to catch me on Facebook!

(July 2011)

Camp...... and a busy month!

This has been the best-EVER year at camp! The Froggatorium has been a big hit, and the whole program has gone very well, and we have a great staff! Also it's been a very beautiful warm and rainy month, but at the same time the abundant rain has not really hindered any camp activities! On a Facebook-note however, things have been a completely different story! The swearing has been so bad this month that I have had to unfriend quite a few people...... people that even a year ago you would never DREAM of allowing such a thing to happen on their page! It has been truly heartbreaking to me to see this happen, as good friendships have been crushed because of this, and the month has ended-up a bit hurt and lonely..... even changing churches over it! I feel really blessed though, as the month draws to a close, since I have been led to a NEW church - like a new sky for this lonely, wandering "star" to shine in!

(August 2011)

A great month, and a lot of driving!

A great month..... and a lot of miles! The elusive Michigan is still so..... but Quebec was GREAT....... following perhaps the best-ever summer at camp! The month started with our wonderful Adventure Camp, and Sharon came by for a visit that week as well, and after that, it was followed by a warm and oh-so wonderful time in beautiful Quebec, and after that, by picking up some more Leopard frogs for the camp Froggatorium! I also have one here in Florida! Anyways after Quebec, it was back to camp for Bay Ridge camp at Streamside....... then it was off to Florida - where I am NOW, and eager to see what happens with McD's! Also a lot of cool new pictures have been taken this month, and am eager to share them soon!

(September 2011)

Re-adjusting to the heat, humidity, and work!

Following a wonderful August, I'm returning to the "new" place I'm living in, which I just moved into shortly before camp! Thankfully here I am able to keep all the critters, and raise butterflies, and this a remote area surrounded by "jungle", and things are adjusting well, and on the work-front, they are all glad to see me come back! Also on a Facebook-note, I totally stopped accepting "friends" on there, and now folks can subscribe directly to my page instead!

(October 2011)


Wow..... what a wonderful time it was! Georges came down from Quebec, and everything was perfect just as we dreamed (and prayed!) it would be - remembering a year ago when I got hit by the "six-week fever" during vacation. What a blessing it is to have good health, to enjoy things to the fullest! Also the weather in October has been PERFECT, and work is going well also..... but wonder what will happen when they go to "24 hours" in November! I will DREAD losing my perfect hours, and look forward to the coming changes with eager anxiety.....

(November 2011)

Work....... with a hopeful transfer!

Believe it or not, at my current workplace, I'm still on my "probation" period - for over a year now! Not really an employee.... and they are barely hanging onto me loosely. I'm not really "liked" there, but "merely tolerated" is more like it, as I cook-away in my own little world there.... and I am praying and trusting for something a little more stable! I have such a list of "wrongs" stacked against me there (all very TINY little things, and NOTHING to do with the excellent quality of food I strive to produce! Little things such as arriving early to get my area ready are all starting to come against me, and other tiny "behind-the-scenes" things), and if they were to review me here, I would be "gutted like a fish" by them, and not one good thing would be mentioned, and as for my much-needed raise?? It would remain in the pocket of the Corporation, rather than the hands of one who so-desperately worked for it. Again I'm trusting to be transferred to a better location soon..... and I'll let you know in my December update! Also I will share my "year in review" next month!

(December 2011)

December - The year in review.

Besides the ongoing strangeness (since November) at the workplace, this has been an otherwise-perfect year! Besides going up to experience the light, wonderment, warmth, and affection from the people in Quebec, this was the best year ever at camp! Things went incredibly-WELL there, and God moved in wondrous ways...... and the weather was perfect also! Despite this being a rainy year up there, the timing was so perfect that not a single event was cancelled or rain-delayed! Also last year ended with me being struck by a strange fever and illness that had me down for six weeks, but this year more than made up for it - with no illness! My Vacation was the best-EVER in November, and was a bit sad to see 2011 go - because of all the great memories of this year!

On a work-note, I'm still waiting for my transfer to a bright and happy musical place..... and I'm looking forward to 2012, and all the little thrills and goodies that come with it :-)

Enjoying my vacation time with Georges at Applebee's, in Inverness, Florida!

(January 2012)

Great new beginnings!

Right from the very beginning of the year, things have been GREAT, working at my NEW location - McD's at St. Augustine Beach! A nice, small, and friendly store, and I got my hours restored, and the cool tunes!! I missed that so MUCH at the other place, and there's never a dull moment there! At first I thought it would be "slow" when compared to what I was used to - but busyness-wise, it's PERFECT!

Now on a reality/prayer-note, I have a prayer request for my dear followers of this page - I took a monster pay-cut when I came to this particular chain of stores, and have been dipping into my "life savings" of money I was hoping I would never have to touch. I was making $9.50 before I came here, and took a huge loss back in 2010, and was assured by the new corporation that if I carry-out a good deed, and get normal reviews, I will be restored to my original rate of pay - in the year 2020! At the very EARLIEST it would be in the year 2018.... and this means for the first time in nearly 25 faithful years of service to McD's, I desperately need to look somewhere besides the Golden Arches for financial survival! Please pray the NEW place will be a place of fun, and they won't freak-out when I go to camp! I will remain at McD's until camp this year, and even though I have a LOT of fun at my present job....... I simply can't afford to stay there any more. Thank you for your prayers :-)

(February 2012)

A "No Winter" year!

Balmy weather has continued right thru! Only two freezes, but both were catastrophic, and the second one was perfectly-timed when temps in the teens destroyed many of the tree flowers, thus putting a quick end to allergy season! Also I had some troubles with my Web server, and am redoing some things - such as this update!

I heard from camp, and got my starting-date! I'll give the date in the near future, but am working on things that will take place BEFORE that - including a trip to beautiful Quebec! This will help me de-program myself from everything to do with "Florida" - including angry-hearted morning mgt. at McD's, and the stress of life here....... and after Quebec, it'll be a whole different world...... and I'll truly be the "Nature Joe" I believe God has truly called me to be! Also I've been here behind-the-scenes a lot working on my newest Web project - Timeline Treasures! Even if you DON'T have a Facebook page, this will be an incredible display of pictures! This page was created mainly for those who don't have a camera, and need quick access to a picture for your "cover photo" there...... or even for those who DO have a camera - and seek something a little different! :-)


I am so thankful for Pam, who has opened the door there musically for "Forgotten Favorites"! Besides an incredible mix of songs from the very edge of memory, this is a trippy, "eclectic" mix of a wide variety of music you will not hear anywhere ELSE! Stunning instrumentals, wordless, ethereal "vocals", electronica, smooth jazz, as well as "Golden Oldies" fill the place with the almost-magical gift of song - with a taste of classic rock, disco, and even some country tossed in, along with ambient, and "World" music...... and the list goes on and on! Again, the long-lost forgotten favorites are the main event here musically...... and I almost forgot to mention how great the food is! The best burger in St. Augustine, as well as a host of other goodies that literally changes day-by-day, so come on in sometime and check it out! :-)

(March 2012)

A balmy month...... and prayers are needed!

Springtime rushed in quickly this year! I have never seen a March quite like this one! Things were fully green as the month ended, and perfect temperatures dominated throughout the month - Highs from 72 - 85, with lows mostly in the 50's! On a work-note, the threat of poverty is very REAL, since I have been living on meager rations since my big pay-cut, and may have to move to "Hickville" somewhere, just to afford the rent! With nearly a hundred dollars to fill the gas tank now, and looking back to my last raise in the summer of 2009.... and losing $1.50 per hour since then, and with the prices of everything going up and up.... and me falling far behind....! I covet your prayers! Camp pays better than McD's, so camp isn't an issue financially, so when I return after camp, I'll return to McD's just long enough to find someplace else - even something OUTSIDE the restaurant business! My prayer is for a friendly workplace, and a fun place to be, and where I can survive financially - This is my prayer. I have a hard time praying for my own needs in this case, so your prayers are much-needed!


Introducing ANGELFIRE

Angelfire is perfect for someone like ME, who is all too QUICKLY running out of space over at WebTV! Angelfire is VERY WEBTV-FRIENDLY, and even though they offer a free Webpage service, it's by far way BETTER to buy space from them, and they have several plans to choose from, all very reasonable! There's also the added advantage where you can access your account and work on your pages from any computer, and unlike WebTV, you can easily transload/upload music there in addition to pictures, and add songs to your Angelfire pages! They also have many "Web goodies" to choose from to add to your pages there as well!

Angelfire is a very user-friendly service, and paid members can freely link songs, images, etc. to your WebTV pages, and to other places like Ebay or MySpace, so you can share pictures there, etc.

This will take you to Angelfire

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