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Friday, 31 December 2004
Hide and Seek
Mood:  loud
Last night, the parents could not find me. "Where is Muddy?" the father asked. "I don't see him," said the mother. They looked all over the place.

I saw the whole thing because I was right here - sitting in the middle of this cat pole. My fur color blends in with the color of the pole. Hehehe -- watching the humans scramble around was funny.

Earlier Myst and I were playing hide and seek. Myst hid somewhere I could not find him so I went into the bathroom, jumped up on the counter and meowed loudly. The mother can not understand why I would want to sit in a dark bathroom and meow with nobody around. She always comes and finds me and pets me. I love the way a bathroom sounds when I sing, but I also have learned that this is one way to entice my humans to come pet me ... works every time.

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