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Name:  Prince Muddy Paws (Muddy)
Location:  Huntsville, Alabama
Birthday:  5 June, 2002
Bio: Born on June 5, 2002, I am a male, pedigreed, seal-point, doll-faced, Himalayan Persian cat living in Huntsville, Alabama, with 2 other cats (Myst, born 25 June 2003, who is a shaded silver Persian and Dandelion, born March 9, 1989, who is an intelligent orange tabby/white mix) plus 2 humans, so I have a good-sized staff. I pretty much run things since I am the most outspoken around here. I own another domain at where a pedigree chart and more pictures of me and my two adopted brothers are posted as well as links to other cat sites, news, polls and more. For a housecat, I have quite a few adventures. I sneak over to the computer when my humans aren't looking and write in my blog here. One of my pet humans keeps a blog, too, at

Interests:  Round things, flying, crawling or hopping bugs, wiggling things on the ends of sticks and people or cats who like to run up and down the hall with me. I love fish, Purina Cat Chow, an occasional moist can of cat food and a good sniff of whatever else anyone around here is eating. I especially love to check out the sacks of groceries that my pets often bring into the house. I hate closed doors and being ignored. I talk a lot -- murmuring when I walk and when someone pets me -- even in my sleep. I am often found singing at the top of my lungs in the bathroom (the acoustics are so good in there). I have a very large vocal range. I should be a star.

More Photos: My family has a traveling webcam. I am often featured. New photos are added every day. Here is the latest image. Click on it to see pictures of the most recent events with me and my family:
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