ARCHIVES:  April 16-23, 2005

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April 23, 2005 - Saturday

What a Haircut!

Here's a good haircut. Do you think it will fool the boss at a long, boring meeting?



April 22, 2005 - Friday

It's Earth Day ...

... and the earth is making a lot of rumble about it right now. I know I shouldn't even be online with all the dark skies, rain and lightning going on, but heck, its the 35th Anniversary of Earth Day and an excuse to put up some cute photos and a colored date banner.


Here are some Earth Day recipes.

Want to feel guilty about the environment? Try this quiz. I admit that I am a meat eater and I really love eggs. I walk a lot, but it is impossible to walk or bicycle everywhere in this large city. Still, it is a good time to think of something to do to help the environment.


I am not that fanatical, but I do believe in throwing trash in a trash can and not on the street. My husband keeps a compost corner in the backyard where we throw leftovers good for those things. We recycle aluminum cans. With gas prices so high, we conserve where we can, but that is not saying much since you still need a car to get around in this city.



April 21, 2005 - Thursday

Tomorrow is Earth Day

And to end on a lighter note (and because I wanted to post some cute art here). Tomorrow is Earth Day.



Child Molesters in Your Neighborhood?

Thanks to Janice M. for this link to Type in your zip code and it will alert you to the convicted child molesters in your area. It lists them by name. Click on any name to get a description, address and crime description. This is chilling, but important to know.



Windows Messenger Stopped

Here's a site with great information. I was able to stop "The Windows Messenger" program that was driving me crazy --> How to Remove Windows Messenger. It has solutions for other problems, too. I am going to spend some time looking through this.



April 20, 2005 - Wednesday

MSN Messenger 7 is Driving Me Crazy

I have held voice conversations on MSN Messenger and AIM. Messenger does a much better job with conversations. It sounds as good as a telephone on that one while AOL's AIM produces a scratchy sound.

So, when version 7 of MSN Messenger came out, I installed it.

I do not want to be automatically logged in. I prefer to run my computer with AIM and Messenger turned off until I am ready to talk. Often, I flip on the computer, then go eat breakfast, so I am not even there to get instant messages. Thus, I do not log in until I am ready.

With the new Messenger, apparently I am logged in TWICE! Once in the .Net Messenger service and again in MSN Messenger.  I have not found a way to stop the .Net Messenger service from logging me in automatically. I hate this!


My friends on the regular Messenger service see me online even though MSN MESSENGER IS NOT LOGGED IN. Argh!



April 19, 2005 - Tuesday

New Star Wars Trailers

Thanks to for this link to the new Star Wars trailers. I hope there's someone somewhere having a happy ending in this upcoming movie.



April 18, 2005 - Monday

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary is Today

Richard has been a thoughtful, wonderful, kind and considerate husband. He has also been patient as we both learned to handle married life and a baby through the years. I am so glad we are together.  My thanks go to our family who threw a get-together for us yesterday.


The story of how we met was printed in our college newspaper. It's an amusing tale.


I met my husband after attending college for three years. I had just moved from the dorms to off-campus housing and roomed with 3 others. On a day in January 1979, one of my roommates was feeling a little depressed. Another roommate, Lynn, and I wanted to cheer her up so we decided to drive over to a florist shop nearby and have flowers sent to her anonymously. She would have fun trying to figure out her secret admirer, we hoped.

We drove to a small shop only to discover that they were closed, so with great effort, we found another one, but it did not deliver. I told Lynn that we could grab any guy walking home from class -- there were always plenty of people walking home from classes this time of day (our off campus house was near a large apartment complex) -- and ask him to play delivery boy. She agreed.

Since she was driving, I would be the one to flag down a candidate. When we came near our street, I spotted some guy I had never seen before walking just ahead of us and told Lynn to stop the car. I quickly rolled down the window and shouted at his back as loud as I could, "Hey you!" The guy turned around and saw that we were looking at him and pointed to himself quizzically. "Yes, you! Could you come here?" I hollered back out the window. He grinned and came over to our car (what guy is going to turn down two girls wanting him?!). I knew that we had found a willing cohort.

He delivered the flowers and everything worked out well. So well, in fact, that my "florist delivery person" and I were married in the spring of the following year. He graduated in 1980 as a chemical engineer. We have been very happily married now living in Huntsville, Alabama, and just celebrated our 25th anniversary on April 18, 2005.



April 17, 2005 - Sunday

Worth1000 - Hilarious Photos

These are amazing links from -- ads in strange places. Is this the wave of the future? If not, at least it is funny -- and a clever use of Photoshop. I wish I could watch some of these artists at work.

There's a new version of Photoshop coming in May, CS2. This program is worth every penny. Photoshop Elements is pretty good, too -- and much more affordable.



April 16, 2005 - Saturday

New Printer vs New Inkjet Cartridge

My old inkjet printer has been nagging me, telling me I am about to run out of ink. "You are going to DIE," it implies whenever I try to print something. So far, it is still printing fine, but I figured it was time to buy a new ink cartridge.

We went to Sam's, the home of supposedly cheaper stuff. A color cartridge for my printer was about $60 (the large capacity type). A new printer was $99. The new printer had a fancier color system (6 colors with the ability to change individual colors out), higher resolution, prints on CD and DVDs, and does seamless 4 by 6 photos as well as full sized pages.

My husband and I looked at each other. For $39 more, we get a new printer with vastly better abilities.

I know that printers are cheap because companies make more money from ink cartridges.