ARCHIVES:  February 24-28, 2005

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February 28, 2005 - Monday

Fruit Smoothie

I found a new recipe for a low-cal shake that I like using a few frozen strawberries and half of a frozen banana. Put them into a blender. Add 10 packets of Splenda, a heaping tablespoon of fiber powder and 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla. Finally, add 1 cup of skim milk and blend until smooth. Good stuff!

I am going to sound like an ad now (I should demand a commission - ha!) but I am thinking of finally getting a Vita-Mix - blender that can grind wheat -- a full 2 horsepower. I've been wanting one for years. With it, I can grind hard wheat and make bread all at once. Bread made with fresh ground wheat tastes so much better. This powerful machine can do much more, too. I am surprised that there's no infomercial for this on TV.

I was never a fan of juicers because I hated to see the important fiber wasted. A Vita-Mix can make juice and does not waste any part of the fruit, veggie, etc. It makes a good hot soup, too.



February 27, 2005 - Sunday

Johnny Carson - Jack West Skit

Jennifer C. sent a classic and hilarious Johnny Carson skit. I miss him. He was truly a comic genius. (I don't know how these guys did this with a straight face.)



February 26, 2005 - Saturday

Photoshop Tutorials

Here's a site offering many Photoshop Tutorials. This is what I made with the "eplastic" tutorial. I messed up a step in there somewhere, but it turned out passably okay, I think -- and it taught me a thing or two about using "channels."



February 25, 2005 - Friday

Search Engine Watch Blog

I found a link at for site called Search Engine Watch Blog. It's a very good site dedicated to news and tips about search engines. I didn't realize that searching Google using the plural of a word made any difference. For example, using the search word of "car" makes a big difference over using "cars." I thought Google had already lumped plurals in with singulars. There's other good news and tips here.

One person told me that folks think she is a computer genius. She explained that she got this reputation by knowing how to use a search engine - especially in situations where nobody thinks to use one, thus they conclude she is a brain because she can come up with an answer to almost anything.

Using a search engine can be easy -- just type the entire question into the search and ta-da! It may take a little time to weed through the results, but an answer is usually there.

Then, there's Wacky Stuff. See what crazy thing will be invented next -- good for a laugh (and this place has plenty of photos). For example, here is the amazing toilet car!

Blogs are getting more popular, more interesting and more sophisticated than ever -- and the best thing (or maybe the worst, depending on how you look at it) is that anyone can keep a blog (and anyone can lose a job over it, too).



February 24, 2005 - Thursday

John Cleese Ad

This link was posted in our local newsgroup. It goes to a funny ad starring John Cleese about backup storage.