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ARCHIVES: March 23-31, 2004


March 31, 2004 - Wednesday

International Blog Comment Week

Found out about this at Far from Perfect. SpangleMonkey says this is the week to post blog comments everywhere. Hehehehe.




Star Wars-Original 3 Movies on DVD - Finally!

My favorite movie of all time -- the first Star Wars is FINALLY available to order on DVD along with the other first Star Wars movies! Yay! It took long enough.


This reminds me of vinyl records and CDs. We bought all of our records on vinyl, then some on cassette tape, then repurchased them on CD. Now, we are rebuying our favorite VHS movies in DVD format.


I guess that it doesn't stop -- ever. Eventually I can see myself repurchasing my favorites in high-definition format. Shouldn't we get a discount if we already paid for something? Something like a software upgrade? Heck, in one sense, we should not pay much at all since we already purchased a license to view that movie.



March 30, 2004 - Tuesday

You Might Be from Huntsville, if ...

Got this funny one from Webgrits --> You Might Be From Huntsvile, AL, if .... I grew up and still live in Huntsville.  This cracked me up.



Covered in Yellow Dust

Our car is covered in yellow dust. This morning, the greenway was decorated with swaths of pollen and the puddles were lined with it. It looks like a yellow volcano erupted, but it is mostly pine pollen right now, I think.


By the way, Louisville, Kentucky, is the spring allergy capital of the country. (More info here -- scroll down the page to see the entire article.)


It was followed by Austin, St. Louis, Atlanta (which was once rated the "pollen capital" and might still be), then Charlotte, Hartford, and Nashville. Achoo!



AOL Awards Spoils of Spam War

In an effort to vent frustration, AOL is going to award prizes to those who report and suffer from spam ... sort of a spam lottery. Maybe I will stop merely deleting and start reporting spam, now.



March 29, 2004 - Monday

Online Slowdown

A coworker was telling me about a slowdown of visitors coming to the company site right now. From my experience, things usually slow down in the spring when the daily temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. They asked me what they could do and I said, "Change the weather to too hot or too cold."


It's a good day to be outside! I walked 8 miles last Saturday in this nearly perfect weather. I wish it would last longer before getting real hot and real humid.



March 28, 2004 - Sunday

Better than Pit Bulls

From BoingBoing.net, Nigerians are keeping hyenas and baboons as pets. One of my neighbors already keep the most vicious dogs I've had the unfortunate opportunity to see up close -- bull mastiffs. I've watched them try to kill each other, not to mention the time one of them leaned over the fence and tore a hole in my husband's shirt.


According to the article, these hyenas and baboons were being kept by money collectors. Pay up or literally lose an arm and a leg. (P.S. Congratulations to BoingBoing.net for being mentioned as the "best blog" in a newspaper article.)



Anella's Breakfast Rolls

I made these yesterday. They are so good and easy to do. (The recipe is in the comments below when the picture is clicked on.) Basically, it involves putting a package of frozen roll dough in a bundt pan, sprinkling pudding mix, sugar and nuts over it, letting it sit all night, then cooking it the next morning. Yum!



March 27, 2004 - Saturday

100 Most Mispronounced Words

Also from Beautiful Stuff comes this link --> 100 Most Mispronounced Words. I has been messing up with cardsharp, champ at the bit, and spit and image. Heck, here in the south, shouldn't we follow a different dictionary? Here's one that translates a website into Redneck. I mentioned this dialectizer before (only I spelled it horribly wrong) -- it's good for many laughs.



Online Clocks - Funny

From Cat's Clicks on Call for Help and Beautiful Stuff, look at these amusing online clocks. I had to laugh --> Online Clock. A different picture displays the time every minute on this one --> Human Clock. Here's another one --> Slide Rule Clock. Another strange clock --> Linear Clock. For preschool teachers --> Block Clock. Then, Cable Clock. Took me awhile to figure out this one --> Binary Clock.




Cute and useful -- and nonintrusive. This free program improves on the clock displayed in the bottom right taskbar on a Windows computer. It also has alarms and other options. It does not have to be installed and does not nag: TClock. I set it to display the date as well as the time.



March 26, 2004 - Friday

Quick Test for Strokes

Got this from Possumblog. It's a quick test if you suspect someone is having a stroke.


1. Tell someone to smile.

2. Tell them to raise both arms.

3. Ask them to recite a simple sentence.


More information at Snopes.com.



Stolen Bikes & Paint Sniffing

Someone is throwing bikes over the bridge where I walk. A few days ago, a nice blue bike had been tossed over the bridge. It was in good condition except a tire was dented in the toss. Last night, another bike was thrown over the bridge. That bike also seemed to be in good condition so we figure someone has too much time on their hands during the spring school break. I reported them this morning. Hopefully the owners can be found.


Another sad sight was in the park nearby. Under a bush along the walk were half a dozen paint and varnish cans next to a drainage ditch where kids like to play. From the variety of cans and the lack of any signs of paint being sprayed, we think kids were sniffing. Are kids too bored these days? Do parents neglect them? Do they need to learn the value of work? Whatever the reason, we see more things like this when school is out.



March 25, 2004 - Thursday

High-Quality Jigsaw Puzzles

Got this from Call for Help yesterday. It's a great jigsaw puzzle maker. There's a free version. It comes with 3D and sound effects. This is such high quality that its worth checking into. You can have it make a puzzle from any of your images.


Here's one that I made if you want to take a look. Click on the picture to download. "Save" then "run" the exe file from your hard drive. It does not have to install. It's made for Windows. After it is saved on the hard drive, and run, it will "build" the puzzle. Move the pieces with your mouse. They will click into place if correct. My only concern was that the pieces were already oriented correctly, making it a little too easy in this demo version.



March 24, 2004 - Wednesday

Florida Power & Light's Discovery

It's all in a day's work, I guess, but it's a real eye opener --> What Florida Power & Light Found. Whew!



March 23, 2004 - Tuesday

What Kind of Pie are You?

Okay, so these are a little silly, but cheese and pie sound real good right now. My favorite kind of pie is a Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie, but I like pumpkin, pecan, chocolate ... and well, almost every kind. That's my problem! Got these links from Webgrits:


find your inner PIE @ stvlive.com



What Kind of Cheese are You?

I am camembert!
Cheese Test: What type of cheese are you?




Matthew & Me (Photo)

In our Sunday class, I teach 1, 2 & 3 year olds. They love my cell phone camera and I often take photos of them. They do all kinds of smiley or goofy faces and then laugh to see their images. Usually, I erase the photos later, but I posted this one of Matthew & me taken last Sunday because I know his parents won't mind. He's got a cute smile.


 I love my Sunday class. The other adults and the many children in the class are fun to be with. We always have a good time. Our lesson last time was "I am Thankful for Animals." We talked about Noah's ark and then the different pets we've had or seen. I believe animals have souls and can go to heaven and be with God.


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