ARCHIVES:  May 24-31, 2006

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May 31, 2006 - Wednesday

I Bought Her Bees in SL

I saw an article about this person in SecondLife on Boing!Boing! -- I bought her bees and had a chance to IM with her. She has done an amazing job with her corner of the SecondLife world and sells copies of her system. Its amazing. I enjoy the sound of the buzzing bees and watching them land on the flowers I planted around my home there.


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May 30, 2006 - Tuesday

Great Great Great Aunt Vera

Some people use the term "grand aunt," but we use great and I had much fun calling my grandmother's sister to tell her that she was now a Great Great Great Aunt. She turns 90 later this year and is still in decent health, travels and lives alone with her cat - though across the country from us. She has friends, visitors and many people around. She is still sharp mentally and doing as well as can be expected for a ninety-year old.



May 29, 2006 - Monday

A Day to Remember

Memorial Day will never be forgotten in my family. My grandson was born this morning. He weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was 18 & 1/2 inches tall. They named him Ashton Ryan. All is well. He is a perfect baby and the cutest child in the world, of course. Here are the latest pictures of him.




May 28, 2006 - Sunday

I love this free online game and enjoy the many adventures such as meeting other avatars. In this game, I live on an island. Last night, a helicopter crashed on my island and 3 people fell to earth right over my friends and I. We introduced ourselves (each avatar represents a live person), then I gave them popcorn (we'd been watching TV) and showed them my swimming pool and home. For the most part, this game -- simulation of life -- proceeds at your own pace. There's something for everyone here.


Members of SecondLife can click on any picture and teleport to where the scene is taking place.



May 27, 2006 - Saturday

XMen 3 - Saw It

A great movie -- but so, so sad. I hate people being killed off like was done here or good people turning evil. The directing and photography style were noticeably different, too - almost annoying to have so many facial closeups. (Official Site)

But -- it was a GREAT movie! The scene where they detach the Golden Gate Bridge and use it as a transportation device was spectacular. The fight between fire and ice was spell-binding. Be SURE to stay through ALL of the closing credits because they continue the movie AFTER all of the credits run. You will miss an important plot twist if you leave.

I was lucky enough to read this warning on When most of the people were leaving during the credits, I wanted to stand up and yell, "Don't leave!! There's more!"




May 26, 2006 - Friday

New Printer

After many years of use, my HP 930c died. It was a good printer - a real workhorse. I liked how the paper loads in the front and comes out in the front. Because of that, I could fit this printer into a tight office space. I went into Best Buy and asked them what they had in stock that printed on regular paper but did photos well and they recommended either an HP 8250 or a Canon. I have plenty of HP paper around, so that would be the best choice for me. I also have a very old HP LaserJet that is still working well. It has had minor repairs, but it still cranks out documents.



Coming soon -- my review of XMen and I am still debating whether to see DaVinci Code or not.



May 25, 2006 - Thursday

Costco Bakery & Sams

Ok, my sister works at Costco so I could be biased, but there are many things to like about Costco. My birthday carrot cake came from there and was heavenly good. My husband worships their apple pies and the gas is usually cheaper there than anywhere else in town. I just regret that they do not take Mastercard or Visa -- inconvenient when buying gas at those automated places.

Sams has its benefits, too. It is closer, their gas station takes anything and they have the best pizza. I belong to both because I go in with various family members. It's hard to have to buy big quantities of everything, so I don't often do that, but it is great for vitamins, etc. (and yes, I read the recent news about vitamins possibly being worthless and hard on the kidneys.)




May 24, 2006 - Wednesday

My Daughter Got a Nano

I love my little old iPod 10G 3rd generation. I use it every day -- even eating breakfast listening to podcats downloaded onto it and using it when showering, driving long distances -- heck, everywhere.

My daughter got a Nano. I never realized these little iPods also had photo ability - so cute to see the tiny slide show she put on it. That's a picture of her flamepoint Himalayan, Rocky. (P.S. Her baby is due June 7th -- not long now and I will be a Grandma!! Yay!)





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